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Re: The Post Office

PostPosted: Oct 21, 2013 5:19 pm
by Ryadian
General Information

Character Name: Irene
Character Nicknames or Titles: None
Screen Name of Author: Ryadian

Character Information

Age: Mid-20's, she thinks
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair/Eye Colors: Light brown hair/blue eyes
Weight/Height: Fairly short (about 5’ 5” at most), average weight
Distinct Markings: None
Clothes and Other Accessories: Always wearing a light pink T-shirt, wearing a blue, light jacket over it, and jeans.
Weapons: None
Armor: None

Residence: She hides out in an abandoned store, using her abilities to make it look even more decrepit.
Occupation: A student
Mode of Transportation: Walking
Overall Personality: Irene is fairly laid-back, preferring to stay out of the way. If she does have to interact with other people, though, her eccentric nature tends to come out. At first glance, she might seem scatter-brained, but it's not really a lack of focus that's her problem--usually, it's disinterest. She rarely talks about her past, though she generally has no problem talking about herself.
Personality Flaws: Irene is generally disinterested in everything that goes on around her. When interacting with other people, she's more likely to respond with either snark or silence than anything helpful.
Hobbies: Irene plays the flute, and makes paintings... using her powers, not by actually painting.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Music and art, solitude, entertainment/distractions which don't require other people; Dislikes: Being bothered, conflict
Long-term Goals: Irene wants to understand why her memories are so disjointed and don't seem to add up....
Skills: Despite not looking it, Irene is apparently rather athletic, especially in terms of her stamina.
Magic Skills: Irene can create very realistic illusions, ranging from an entire imaginary room to an object which is almost solid and real. If she attempts to use these illusions on/against another person, disbelief hampers their effects, but does not dispel them.

Family: She doesn't talk about any family.
Friends: She does her best to avoid other people.
Enemies: The government, because they want to take her away....
Pets, Sidekicks, etc: None
Characters to whom yours is a pet, sidekick, etc.: None

Short History: Irene couldn't tell you what she was doing during the Supernova. She just remembers waking up the next morning and discovering her powers. She realized the dangers of these abilities, and quickly found an abandoned building to hide out in. She's stayed there ever since. She's had little to do in the meanwhile, other than experiment with her new abilities... and ponder some existential questions.

Stories Character has been in (Ditto Mansion roleplay, Fountain roleplay, Ditto Story numbers): Supernova

Re: The Post Office

PostPosted: Jun 10, 2014 8:09 pm
by Dernhelm_of_Rohan
Character Name: Lisette Lemarr
Character Nicknames or Titles: Ladies' maid, occasionally called by her last name
Screen Name of Author: Dernhelm_of_Rohan
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair/Eye Colors: glossy brown, hazel
Weight/Height: 5'5", 120 lbs.
Distinct Markings: slight upward tilt to her nose; a pretty, innocent face
Clothes and Other Accessories: traditional knee-length maid's black dress, white lace-edged apron, fish net stockings, low heeled black shoes, tiny amethyst stud earrings, and large floppy white hair bow.
Weapons: a sharp tongue, hot curling iron
Armor: none
Residence: Cynthia Ridley's manor house
Occupation: Lady's maid
Overall Personality: Polite and chatty to her mistress, or those of good social standing. Her one real virtue is her absolute loyalty to Cynthia. She is by turns snobby, pert, or flirtatious to all others. She can, however, behave herself in company.
Personality Flaws: She has a weakness for gossip and chocolates. Her pride causes her to treat lower servants frostily. She has very little respect for anyone who is not wealthy. She does not hesitate to dig through personal belongings if her mistress asks... And sometimes when she doesn't.
Hobbies: classical French needlepoint, mending gowns, snooping
Likes/Dislikes: a juicy bit of news, Cynthia, her job, clean clothes, a mystery, chocolates, good society / parsons, servants, being "set in her place", dirt, getting caught
Long-term Goals: to serve her mistress to the best of her ability, to move in higher social circles
Skills: intimate knowledge of how to fix ladies' clothes, expert make-up application, can move very quietly, near photographic memory
Family: Father, four sisters, two brothers, numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins
Friends: Cynthia Ridley, sort of, but the relationship is very respectful on Lisette's side.
Enemies: TBD
Sidekick of: Cynthia Ridley
Short History: Born as the sixth out of seven children, Lisette has spent her whole life determined not to be obscure. She learned how to move quickly and quietly and studied hard at school. As a teen, she began work as an under-maid in a local mansion. When she turned 20, she had the very good fortune to become Cynthia's personal maid. Since then, she has kept her duties diligently and faithfully, more from selfish desire to advance in society than a good heart. She is, nevertheless, extremely loyal to Cynthia and would not hesitate to place herself in danger to help her.
Stories Character has been in: Mystery Mansion


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PostPosted: Jun 16, 2014 3:51 pm
by Ryadian
General Information

Character Name: Jason Walker
Character Nicknames or Titles: None
Screen Name: Ryadian

Character Information

Age: 24
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair/Eye Colors: Dark brown hair/light brown (medium brown skin tone)
Weight/Height: Slightly muscular build/average height
Distinct Markings: None
Clothes and Other Accessories: Jason’s clothes tend to fall into two categories: professional and practical. He has some nicer clothes that he wears when helping tend his family’s store, but on his days off, he’s usually out in the woods hunting, and changes clothes appropriately. He’s often seen wearing a jacket.

Weapons: His family owns a few rifles, bows, and daggers, and he’s been trained in all of the above since he was young—initially for hunting purposes, but as the town has grown more threatened, he’s become more well-versed in how to use them on human(oid)s--as well as bought a pistol and learned how to use it.
Armor: None

Residence: (caves, Ditto Mansion, etc) His family owns a shop, Walker's Essentials & Prints, near the Town Square, and their home is in the upper floor of the store.
Occupation: Jason helps his family run their shop, and makes a little money off his hunting.
Mode of Transportation: Jason usually walks. His family owns a horse, Perseus, who’s supposed to be used strictly for business needs—though Jason is allowed to ride him for short trips around town, or in case of emergencies.

Overall Personality: Jason is friendly enough, and is good friends with a lot of people around town. He’s generally very well-mannered, though not very patient, and it’s easy to tell when he’s bored or agitated—much to his chagrin. Jason is a bit of an open book—he can’t usually hide what he’s thinking. He prefers to make himself useful, though he hast to admit, doing it by hunting—where he can spend hours in the woods alone with his thoughts—is a good trade-off.
Personality Flaws: Jason is not very patient; he usually doesn’t act on said impatience, but he has a hard time hiding it. Jason doesn’t become truly angry easily, but if you manage to do it, he’s not one to let it go.
Hobbies: Though he technically does it to get food for his family and to sell, Jason enjoys hunting for the experience as well. Jason tries his hands at some crafting—mainly, carpentry and painting—but does little more than dabble in it.
Likes/Dislikes: Jason likes nature and simplicity. He likes having something to do, even if it’s not inherently “important”. Jason also likes kids, though he’s kind of embarrassed to admit it. What Jason doesn’t like are events—such as certain social occasions—which exist solely for socializing, and not for any practical purpose; he feels wholly uncomfortable and out of his element. He also has a strong dislike of dishonest people, as well as anyone who is full of themselves.
Long-term Goals: At the moment, he’s not really focused on his own long-term goals, instead being more caught-up in the day-to-day of his family’s business. (In fact, at the moment, he’d prefer not to be asked about his future.)
Skills: Jason knows a lot of the basics of running his family’s business, as well as being a skilled hunter—and a good marksman. He also has some mechanical knowledge, though it’s limited to being able to patch up minor problems.
Magic Skills: None

Family: Jason lives with his parents, Fred and Meredith, and his two younger siblings—his sister Denise (19), and his brother Kyle (15). His family moved to Ditto Town when he was young, so most of his extended family lives far away.
Friends: Jason knows most of the people who live in the main part of Ditto Town, either as business contacts or just people he’s known all his life. While he’s friendly with most of them, there aren’t many people he’d specifically pick out as being friends of his.
Enemies: Jason considers any enemy of the town an enemy of his. Aside from that, he has no personal grudges—at the moment.
Pets, etc: Aside from the aforementioned Perseus, Jason nor his family own any pets.
Characters to whom yours is a pet, sidekick, etc.: None

Short History: Jason’s parents were two travelers who drifted from place to place, even after they got married and had Jason. However, after having Jason—especially as he got a little older—they began to seriously consider settling down. When Jason was about 2 years old, his parents discovered Ditto Town—and fell in love with the place. Using the various items they’d found during their travels, they were able to buy a small building near the Town Square. They converted the upper floor into a home, and the lower floor into a shop, which they have maintained since then. Jason has always known this story, but doesn’t remember life before Ditto Town. He doesn’t even remember the restless explorers his parents used to be—the most he sees of that is that his father, on occasion, wistfully talks about going on some expedition.

Jason himself wouldn’t consider his life so far to be all that interesting. The most interesting thing, he’d say, is that he’s survived all the battles and disasters that have taken place in Ditto Town over the years. Not that he minds—he finds the day-to-day more interesting than adventures. (So he’d say, anyways.)
Stories Character has been in (Ditto Mansion roleplay, Fountain
roleplay, Ditto Story numbers): Ditto Fountain (This Is Eden; native of Centreville in that story)

Re: The Post Office

PostPosted: Jun 24, 2014 9:18 am
by Captn. Peregrin
Author: Captn. Peregrin

Name: ?
Nicknames or Titles: "Milady"
Font Color: #800000

Horse Form:
Age: Somewhere between 10 and 15...probably
Gender: Mare
Mane: Relatively short, straight (when decently groomed), chestnut
Eyes: Brown
Height: 16.1 h.h.
Markings: None

Human Form:
Age: Somewhere between 25 and 50...probably
Gender: Female
Hair: Shoulder-length, straight (when decently groomed), chestnut
Eyes: Large & brown
Weight/Height: A robust 5'10"
Distinct Markings: Regal bearing & beauty, no matter the circumstances
Clothes and Other Accessories: Whatever happens to be on hand when she transforms

Residence: Typically in flux
Mode of Transportation: Her own four hooves
Personality: Standoffish (particularly toward humans)
Magical Powers: Transforms when *SPOILERS*; attracts & communicates with other horses (even in human form)

Family: *SPOILERS*
Friends: Few and far between

Short History: *SPOILERS*, then she went to this charity ball...

Stories Character has been in: Mystery Mansion

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PostPosted: Jun 25, 2014 4:05 pm
by Arwenel
General Information

Character Name: L. Lawrence Temple
Character Nicknames or Titles: Dr. (and if you forget it, he'll remind you) Those who know him well may call him Lawrence; everyone else calls him Dr. Temple.
Screen Name of Author: Arwenel

Character Information

Age: 40
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair/Eye Colors: Black, green
Weight/Height: 5'8", thin (@125lbs)
Distinct Markings: None.
Clothes and Other Accessories: Usually wears dressier clothes - black or khaki pants (not jeans), long-sleeved button-up shirts, suits. For work, black pants, navy-blue shirt, white lab coat. Wears black wire-frame glasses.
Weapons: He owns a gun, but he can't shoot with a darn.
Armor: None

Residence: Just moved into a large house in Centreville
Occupation: Neuroscientist
Mode of Transportation: Car (one of those electric-gas hybrids)
Overall Personality: Calm, controlled, arrogant. He has a nasty temper if pushed hard enough.
Personality Flaws: Apart from his arrogance, he can be very impatient with those he perceives as less-intelligent than himself (which is pretty much everyone).
Hobbies: Work.
Likes: Work, computer programs, orderly work station, being left to his own devices
Dislikes: Orders, getting interrupted, stupid people
Long-term Goals: Win accolades for his work as a scientist
Skills: Brilliant scientist, also good with computers
Magic Skills: None

Family: Except for his daughter, has no contact with any living family (if any). Wife, Allison, deceased. Daughter, Christine, 18 years old.
Friends: A few, but not many.
Enemies: Made a few, some through his work, others through his personality
Pets, Sidekicks, etc: None
Characters to whom yours is a pet, sidekick, etc.: N/A

Short History: Considered a genius from a young age, Lawrence Temple came from a wealthy family that provided him with the best education possible. While working toward his first degree, Lawrence met Allison Lance - a young woman entering the military after a childhood spent in orphan homes and detention facilities - and fell head-over-heels in love. After several months of fighting with his parents over the relationship, Lawrence graduated, cut off all contact with his parents, married Allison, and got a job.

Two years later, he and Allison had a daughter they named Christine. Six years later, Allison died while on a military mission. Her death broke something in Lawrence, and he became much colder and much more focused on his work.

Stories Character has been in (Ditto Mansion roleplay, Fountain
roleplay, Ditto Story numbers): This is Eden

General Information

Character Name: Christine Temple
Character Nicknames or Titles: Chrissy
Screen Name of Author: Arwenel

Character Information

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair/Eye Colors: Red (dyed, natural blonde) hair, green eyes
Weight/Height: 5'1", 100lbs
Distinct Markings: None.
Clothes and Other Accessories: Jeans, t-shirts. Has a teal jacket she wears in just about any weather.
Weapons: Has a collection of throwing knives, but she usually leaves these at home.
Armor: None.

Residence: Lives with her dad.
Occupation: College student.
Mode of Transportation: Feet, primarily.
Overall Personality: Very intense, goal-oriented person.
Personality Flaws: Sometimes gets so dedicated to a goal that she loses track of or ignores those she might be hurting with her determination.
Hobbies: Most sports except volleyball and basketball.
Likes: Sports
Dislikes: Being bested
Long-term Goals: Not sure yet
Skills: She's taken lessons in self-defense and martial arts since she was a kid, can also throw knives really well. Can run fast.
Magic Skills: None

Family: Father (see above), mother is deceased
Friends: Just moved to town
Enemies: Just moved to town
Pets, Sidekicks, etc: None
Characters to whom yours is a pet, sidekick, etc.: N/A
Short History: Christine grew up hearing stories, first from her mother then from her father, about her mother's time in the military. She's always intended on following in her footsteps (though her father insists she go to college first).
Stories Character has been in (Ditto Mansion roleplay, Fountain
roleplay, Ditto Story numbers): This is Eden

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PostPosted: Jun 27, 2015 6:23 pm
by PrinceCor004
**Updated and changed from original bio used for Unilluminated**

General Information

Character Name: Neal
Character Nicknames or Titles: "The Man in Black"
Screen Name of Author: PrinceCor004

Character Information

Age: Looks 30 (is actually 38)
Gender: Male
Species: Darkling
Hair/Eye Colors: Shoulder length black hair, Green eyes.
Weight/Height: 150/ 6'2"
Distinct Markings: None
Clothes and Other Accessories: Black boots, black pants, black long sleeve shirt, black leather duster, black fedora.
Weapons: Long hunters knife and revolver.
Armor: leather gloves.

Residence: (caves, Ditto Mansion, etc) Currently unavailable
Occupation: Ex-bounty-hunter
Mode of Transportation: Walking, teleportation
Overall Personality: Strong, keeps to himself for the most part. Has a dry and sometimes dark sense of humor that can seem unnerving to some.
Personality Flaws: Gets angry quickly, seems to pick the wrong side most of the time.
Hobbies: Music, History, playing cards
Likes/Dislikes: The dark, good drink, company of friends/ Vampires, overly emotional types
Long-term Goals: Live a long life
Skills: Extremely fast and strong, is a great card player, has extremely good hearing.
Magic Skills: Levitation, uses shadows as teleporting portals, can summon shadow dogs to help him.
Primary: Hand-to-hand combat
Secondary: Weapons proficiency

Primary: Animal handling
Secondary: Healing

Family: Serrena (dead), parents (both dead)
Friends: A select few. Several acquaintances, though.
Enemies: More than friends
Pets, Sidekicks, etc: Trio of shadow dogs

Short History: Not much is known about Neal, outside of rumours and urban legends.

Stories Character has been in (Ditto Mansion roleplay, Fountain
roleplay, Ditto Story numbers):
Mystery Mansion II

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Re: The Post Office

PostPosted: Jun 27, 2015 9:02 pm
by narnianerd
General Information

Character Name: Ainsley-Marie Kellner
Character Nicknames or Titles:
Screen Name of Author: Joe

Character Information

Age: 21
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair/Eye Colors: Red/Green
Weight/Height: 125/5’3
Clothes and Other Accessories: See picture
Weapons: AR-15, equiped with a AimDot red-dot sight, thirty-round magazine and a custom twenty inch barel and a standard vietnam-era M-16
Armor: Is known to make good use of ducttape

Residence: (caves, Ditto Mansion, etc) Typically a tent
Occupation: Exploration
Mode of Transportation: Dirtbike, Horse, SUV, anything available really.
Overall Personality: Goes about life in a hardcharging, take no prisoners manner, when she sets a goal, she’s going to achieve it no matter what.
Personality Flaws: She tends to go it alone, pushing people away.
Hobbies: Blogging about her adventures on the interwebs
Primary Strength: Wilderness Survival
Secondary Strength: Marksmanship
Primary Weakness: Hand-To-Hand combat
Secondary Weakness: Strategic Planning

Family: Deceased
Friends: ???
Enemies: None to speak of, except for poachers, those guys really tick her off

Short History: Ainsley grew up in a loving, adventurous family. Her parents loved the outdoors until they died in a horrific mountainering accident. For Ainsley, exploration isn’t just a hobby, it’s an outlet, a way to remember her parents.

Stories Character has been in (Ditto Mansion roleplay, Fountain
roleplay, Ditto Story numbers): Mystery Mansion 2


Re: The Post Office

PostPosted: Jun 28, 2015 6:39 pm
by Anhun
General Information

Character Name: Dr. Valmai Dahktur
Character Nicknames or Titles: Doc
Screen Name of Author: Anhun

Character Information

Age: 44
Gender: Female
Species: Half-human, Half-Nox
Hair/Eye Colors: Heath Purple/Brown
Weight/Height: 145 lb./5'11"
Clothes and Other Accessories: Yellow top, Purple overalls.

Occupation: Orc Psychotherapist, specializing in anger management
Mode of Transportation: Shoes with Wings On
Overall Personality: Quiet, Proud, Empathetic, Curious
Personality Flaws: Absent-minded, clumsy, uncomfortable with confrontation
Hobbies: Singing, playing piano and guitar, reading books about history or anthropology, Sketching
Likes/Dislikes: Likes nature and salty foods, Dislikes power vacuums and bubblegum pop music
Long-term Goals: Rehabilitate the orc community, which has been struggling with endemic unemployment following the collapse of the Dark Lord Domination industry.
Magic Skills: Can manipulative other peoples minds so that they can't see her. Valmai can use this selective invisibility to shield not only herself, but objects, other people/creatures, whole vessels, or even neighbourhoods. Valmai can heal people with the power of touch, although, for very serious problems, this can take a long time.
Primary Strength: Healing
Secondary Strength: Escapism
Primary Weakness: Acrobatics/Flexibility
Secondary Weakness: Cooking

Family: Her younger sister Nadrya Dakhtur, age 38, may put in an appearance if it makes sense in context. Has other family back on planet Gaia.
Friends: Rogdul is an orc whom she first treated 7 years ago. He now works as her assistant. Tynadë is an elven apothecary, and long-time coworker of Doc's.
Enemies: Has run afoul of various Orc Triads due to her efforts to rehabilitate some of their members. Shagar is her most prominent enemy.
Pets, Sidekicks, etc: A talking napsack named Valderee, although she answers to ReeRee. ReeRee is very organized, and always remembers where Doc puts things.

Short History: Valmai's father, Drystan Parry, was a human who wandered onto planet Gaia during his intergalactic travels. Why he came there, why he stayed, and what he was doing before are all mysteries. He adjusted to a huntsman's life among the Nox, married a female named Salya Dakhtur, and had 3 children. Valmai was the second child. Her human nature made her restless in the steady, slow-paced Nox lifestyle. She was eager to see the universe outside her home planet, so she left home at the age of 30 (a very young age for a half-Nox). After wandering for several years, she discovered Middle Earth, where she was instantly fascinated by the Orcs, a species completely opposite to the pacifistic Nox.

Stories Character has been in : Mystery Mansion II

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PostPosted: Jul 01, 2015 12:41 am
by Bookwyrm
General Information

Character Name: Annie Navarre
Character Nicknames or Titles: None
Screen Name of Author: Bookwyrm

Character Information

Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair/Eye Colors: Blonde/green
Weight/Height: Thin/Short
Clothes and Other Accessories: Typically dark clothing

Residence: A luxury penthouse, various hideouts
Occupation: Thief
Mode of Transportation: Cars, her feet
Overall Personality: Snarky, amoral, deceptive
Personality Flaws:
Hobbies: Art history
Likes/Dislikes: Shiny things, knives, money/Cops, security guards, quality security systems, booby traps
Long-term Goals: Become the world's greatest thief and retire to a tropical island filled with male models waiting on her every whim
Magic Skills: None
Primary Strength: Stealth
Secondary Strength: Acrobatics/Flexibility
Primary Weakness: Morality
Secondary Weakness: Cooking

Family: None she cares to speak of.
Friends: Her fence
Enemies: Everyone she's ever stolen from
Pets, Sidekicks, etc: None

Short History: Annie ran away from home because her parents were terrible. She ended up on the streets, where she taught herself pickpocketing and grifting. She worked her way up from street thief to professional art thief and is now something of a minor celebrity in the underworld. There is a significant reward for her capture.

Stories Character has been in : Mystery Mansion II

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PostPosted: Jul 02, 2015 5:55 pm
by stargazer
Character Name: Bryan Harrison
Roleplay:: Ditto Town Mystery Mansion II

Age: Early fifties
Gender: Male
Species: Plain old human
Hair/Eye Colors: Short reddish-brown hair with hints of gray. Brown eyes.
Weight/Height: Average
Distinct Markings: None
Clothes and Other Accessories:

Residence: (caves, Ditto Mansion, etc) A modest house on the edge of town
Mode of Transportation:
Overall Personality: Generally happy, though the recent death of his wife due to a degenerative disease sometimes dampens that. Takes joy in his kids and grandkids, spending time with friends, as well as a day or week in the woods.
Personality Flaws: He can be overly serious, brooding, or moody.
Hobbies: Camping, hiking, geocaching, orienteering
Long-term Goals:

Primary: Tracking
Secondary: Foraging

Primary: Hand-to-hand combat
Secondary: Strategic planning

Family: Wife Michelle (deceased); adult children Aaron and Abigail; three young grandchildren
Pets, Sidekicks, etc:

Short History:

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PostPosted: Jul 06, 2015 10:49 pm
by MountainFireflower
General Information

Character Name: Aron Gray
Character Nicknames or Titles:
Screen Name of Author: MountainFireflower

Character Information\

Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair/Eye Colors: Black/green
Weight/Height: 5'11", 130 lbs.
Distinct Markings: None
Clothes and Other Accessories: His personal style is always slightly rumpled

Residence: (caves, Ditto Mansion, etc) The hospital
Occupation: He can't remember
Mode of Transportation:
Overall Personality: Aron is quiet, reserved, and highly logical. He doesn't remember anything due to just having woken up from a coma, but he attempts to do the best he can to piece together the information he is given.
Personality Flaws: TBD
Hobbies: TBD
Likes/Dislikes: TBD
Long-term Goals: TBD
Magic Skills:

Primary strength: strategic planning
Secondary strength: photographic memory

Primary weakness: morality
Secondary strength: marksmanship

Pets, Sidekicks, etc:
Characters to whom yours is a pet, sidekick, etc.:

Short History: Aron has been hospitalized at Greenhill Community Hospital for three years, after a vehicular accident left him in a coma. Now he's woken up and is trying to figure out who he is... and why he's been invited to Ditto Mansion.

Stories Character has been in (Ditto Mansion roleplay, Fountain
roleplay, Ditto Story numbers): Mystery Mansion II


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PostPosted: Dec 17, 2017 10:09 pm
by Bob Saget
Thanks for writing with us, folks! We've got new writing threads coming out sometime soon. Stay posted in Ditto Town for further updates!