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The Census Bureau

PostPosted: Aug 20, 2009 10:03 am
by Shelly and Katy
Welcome to Ditto Town!

Our names are Katy and Shelly Freeway, postmistresses of Ditto Town. It’s our job to keep a complete list of names and addresses of the residents. The town has grown so fast that we’re changing our record-keeping a little. This is the new place for the census forms/bios for the Ditto Story characters (if your character is involved exclusively in role-playing, please continue to post census information in the Post Office). But if your character is at all involved in the Inn Between, this is the place for you! Please feel free to use or adapt this template to suit your needs – or to simply copy and paste your records from the Post Office. Include as much or as little information as you like, and add to it later, as your character develops or you wish to reveal more about your character.

Please note that double-posting (within limits) is acceptable here; if you have many characters you may want to consider separating them into multiple posts (for page loading considerations).

Census (with thanks to original developer Alenta):

General Information

Character Name:
Character Nicknames or Titles:
Screen Name of Author:

Character Information

Hair/Eye Colors:
Distinct Markings:
Clothes and Other Accessories:

Mode of Transportation:
Overall Personality:
Personality Flaws:
Long-term Goals:
Magic Skills:

Pets, Sidekicks, etc:
Characters to whom yours is a pet, sidekick, etc.:

Short History:

Ditto Stories Character has been in (you may also list role plays):

Shop Information (Optional)

Shop or Business Name:
Sells: (description of merchandise, a menu, etc)
Manager and Employee Names:

Enjoy your time posting and reading the Census Records!

~Shelly and Katy

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PostPosted: Sep 04, 2009 12:39 pm
by Rising_Star
General Information

Character Name: Caelenlenien (Kay-LEN-lee-NEE-an) Ormiel (Or-MEE-el)
Character Nicknames or Titles: Caelen
Screen Name of Author: Rising_Star

Character Information

Age: 25 (looks 8)
Gender: Male
Species: Elf
Hair/Eye Colors: black, longish hair, with loose curls around his ears and the nape of his neck/wide eyes that are a brilliantly blue-green
Weight/Height: slender/around 4’
Distinct Markings: pointed ears (naturally), is a breathtakingly beautiful child
Clothes and Other Accessories: white tunic with white pants; thin brown belt around the waist with a small sheath and dagger; golden circlet on his head which has golden leaves weaved around it; likes to go around barefoot but wears gladiator-like sandals when he has to; carries a small satchel which contains scarves, food, coins, handkerchiefs, and a sketchpad with a few pencils
Weapons: aforementioned dagger

Residence: No where in particular
Occupation: none
Mode of Transportation: feet or wherever he can hitch a ride
Overall Personality: sweet and carefree, cheerful and helpful, kind and gentle, sensitive
Personality Flaws: his innocent curiosity can get him into trouble, he has violent nightmares during which he strikes out against anyone around, his empathy for people can cause himself pain
Hobbies: sketching and watching nature, dancing, singing
Likes/Dislikes: laughing, happiness, kindness, singing, dancing/sorrow, evil, darkness
Long-term Goals: to see peace everywhere
Skills: swift runner, agile, perfect balance, perfect eyesight, excellent artist
Magic Skills: seems to have the ability to heal others

Family: dead
Friends: Jesse
Enemies: the Nine

Short History: Caelen's entire village was destroyed by underlings of the Nine. It had been rumored that the village of Elves had the power of healing and could bring back to life even plants and insects. Unbeknown to Caelen, several Elves were kidnapped by underlings of the Nine for further study several years before he was even aware of the Nine. Wanting to test the theory that even in a torched area they could bring back life, some more underlings were sent to set half the village on fire. However the fire spread too quickly to be controlled and in the entire village was burned to the ground. Caelen escaped and was found hiding in the woods by a young man named Jesse. The young man promised to care for the boy and help him find another Elf clan to live with. Unfortunately the Nine caught wind of there being one Elf alive from that village and sent an underling after the boy.

Jesse figured out they were being followed and stepped up the pace, doing his best to keep Caelen out of danger.

Stories Character has been in: Ditto Story #7-#8

General Information

Character Name: Jesse
Character Nicknames or Titles: none
Screen Name of Author: Rising_Star

Character Information

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair/Eye Colors: massively curly brown hair that hangs a centimeter or two below his ears/hazel eyes
Weight/Height: thin yet fit/5’6”
Distinct Markings: thin scar on right cheekbone, has delicate (almost feminine) features and could pass an elf himself were it not for his ears
Clothes and Other Accessories: dark green tunic, brown pants, brown belt around waist with sheath and dagger, brown shoes, dark green cloak and hood
Weapons: bow and quiver full of arrows
Armor: none

Residence: none
Occupation: Archer
Mode of Transportation: feet, or wherever he can hitch a ride
Overall Personality: guarded, harsh, angry, brooding, however he is very protective of Caelen
Personality Flaws: see above
Hobbies: practicing archery
Likes/Dislikes: archery, quiet, being alone/pretty much everything else . . .
Long-term Goals: unknown
Skills: has excellent aim and is quick with his bow and light on his feet
Magic Skills: none

Family: unknown
Friends: none
Enemies: the Nine

Short History: Not much is known about Jesse. He keeps to himself mostly. Until he found Caelen hiding in the forest he did not have much ambition in life other than roaming around, hunting game and drinking at local taverns. Now it appears he has a purpose and is determined to see Caelen safely into the hands of an Elven clan that can care for him properly. He feels a strange protection over the boy that he’s not exactly sure he understands.

Stories Character has been in: Ditto Story #7-#8


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PostPosted: Sep 04, 2009 2:47 pm
by stargazer
Erik Silvermoon

Appears in: 5 (Redemption), 6 (DisOrganization), 7 (Tangled Web). Also in role plays Real Life and New Arrivals
Species: gargoyle
Age at first story appearance: 58 (human equivalent: 29)
Current age: 59 (almost 30)
Gender: male

Description: Height: 6’4" (193 cm); slender yet muscular. His nearly shoulder-length hair is very dark red (almost black); his eyes are black. He’s generally humanoid but with some significant differences, such as lilac skin and tail, and deep purple bat-like wings. When caped about his shoulders, his wings just brush the ground; when fully unfurled, they span about twelve feet. His eyes glow bright white when he’s angry or waking from stone sleep. He has above human strength and hearing and superb night vision. His hands and feet have talons that allow him to easily climb stone or metal walls and structures. He’s very resistant to cold weather but doesn't like heat.

Weapons: Usually none, though talons and tail can be used quite effectively if necessary. He used a mace in the battle against the Organization (story 5).
Armor: none

Special notes: He possesses a magical pendant (in Redemption he learned that it can negate his need for stone sleep for a few days at a time). He also has a limited telepathic link with his mate.
Residence: Astronomical Emporium
Occupation: astronomer

Personality: Like all gargoyles, Erik is fiercely protective of his mate, home, and friends. Curious and intelligent, he is often shy around strangers but loyal once befriended. He's a natural storyteller and loves children and hatchlings. “Home” holds a special place in his heart yet he likes to explore new places. He and Abby regularly travel back and forth between their home world and the Ditto Town world.
Hobbies: astronomy; reading; exploring and researching the natural world

Family: He and Abby had been mated ten years when Erik made his first accidental visit to Ditto Town. Both eagerly await the hatching of their first child; he and Abby occasionally babysit little Verena and the Banks twins, Tom and Maidenberry. Erik was hatched and grew up in the Manhattan Clan (where his parents, Angela and Broadway, still reside); he has no siblings. Shortly after meeting Abby some twenty years ago, he was part of a small group which formed a new clan in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park.
Friends: Erik and Abby have too many friends to name here, though some are mentioned in the history section below. They range from Thundershadow and Cymru, their earliest acquaintances, to Loren and Eliana DeHond, relatively recent arrivals to town.

Abby Silvermoon

Appears in: 5 (Redemption), 6 (DisOrganization), 7 (Tangled Web). Also in role plays Real Life and New Arrivals
Species: gargoyle
Age at first story appearance: 54 (human equivalent: 27)
Current age: 55 (almost 28)
Gender: Female

Description: 5'3" (160 cm). Much smaller than Erik, her strength is belied by her petite stature. She has excellent hearing and night vision. She has jade green skin and wings; her wingspan is almost ten feet. Abby’s waist-length silver hair is often worn braided. Her eyes glow crimson when angry or waking from stone sleep. Her hands and feet have talons that allow easy climbing of stone or metal walls and structures. She’s very resistant to cold temperatures but doesn't like heat.
Weapons: Usually none, though talons and tail can be used quite effectively if necessary. She used a mace in the battle against the Organization (story 5).
Armor: none
Special notes: She has a limited telepathic link with Erik. A unicorn horn-shaped amethyst crystal pendant (a treasured gift from Thundershadow in story 5) allows her to avoid stone sleep for limited periods.
Residence: Astronomical Emporium
Personality: Originally she was quite shy around strangers (as is typical of her kind), but her experiences in Ditto Town have made her much more outgoing. Like Erik, she is intelligent and cherishes home, hearth, and kin. She is loyal to, and protective of, mate, friends and family.
Hobbies: Her interests (such as classic literature and mythology) tend to complement the scientific bent of her mate.
Family: She met Erik some twenty years ago but distance hampered their relationship at first. Eventually she saw in him a kindred spirit and chose him as her mate. She is eager to become a parent. She was raised in the Northern Cascades Clan of Washington State. Her younger brother (Alaric) and parents (Connor and Kristina) still reside there.

A short history: Gargoyles are a warrior race, usually living in small tightly knit clans; they tend to be quite secretive since most humans fear them. Gargoyles like Erik and Abby who prefer scholarly pursuits to the warrior arts are unusual – though they are battle-trained and formidable opponents should the need arise.
One night Erik stumbled across a stable (thus far) dimensional portal (see story 5, Redemption).It led to the Ditto Town world, where he immediately encountered Thundershadow the Unicorn. She was a kindred spirit – a lover of all things astronomical – and together they began designing a grand observatory called the Astronomical Emporium. The planning and construction of the building led to finding new friends in town (notably Aria, who oversaw its engineering and construction, and Cymru, who became Erik’s first human friend in Ditto Town).

Abby soon joined him; both gargoyles were impressed with the town’s residents and soon overcame their naturally shy tendencies. Thundershadow helped Erik learn that his amethyst pendant would allow him to avoid stone sleep on occasion. The tragic death of Thundershadow in Redemption was a terrible blow to both Erik and Abby – and her unexpected return in DisOrganization, a source of great joy. Abby now treasures a pendant like that of her mate; it was the last gift of the dying Thundershadow. The couple learned in story 5 that Abby was expecting their first child.

A major event in story 5 was the town’s epic battle against the Organization, during which Abby befriended Lark the fairy and Erik was wounded in combat. Abby feared for his life but Katharine Grayson helped heal him. A short time later Abby saved Katherine’s life. Abby also unsuccessfully attempted to rescue Cymru from the Organization (Cymru eventually did return to town, the battle won).

Story 6 saw the grand opening of the Emporium, the laying of Abby’s egg, the departure of Aria and Thundershadow on the StarSeeker, and other events. Abby befriended Chava of the stars and Erik met Chica the pixie. The story ended with the rescue of Angela Brecker and a baby shower for Abby and two other mothers or mothers-to-be.

Story 7 chronicles the institution of the town PATROL, the return of the StarSeeker, and adventures with Katherine and her brother Ryder. Cymru has been abducted and the absence of Giles the vampire is a mystery. But these are tales for another night…

On gargoyle biology and history: Gargoyles have a strong clan and family structure. They are fiercely loyal to friends and kin, but unpredictable and even potentially dangerous if their lairs or loved ones are threatened. They live to protect their territory and all in it; a maxim in Erik’s parents’ clan is “A gargoyle can no more stop protecting… than breathing the air.”

They are generally humanoid in appearance and intelligence, but with angular facial features, large, bat-like wings, long tails, and a wide variation in skin color. Females lay eggs which are about two feet long and always hatch the night of the winter solstice. They are lavender in color with small round dark purple spots; some say the gender of the hatchling within can be told from the pattern of these spots. Shortly after laying, the eggs’ shells become rock-hard for protection.

Gargoyles are nocturnal by nature, with excellent night vision; their hearing and strength exceed human norms. Their eyes glow when awakening or angry. They do not have fingers or toes, but rather talons, which are very strong and able to bite into hard substances like stone and metal, allowing them to climb the sides of buildings, trees, or cliffs. This is important because technically they do not fly – they only glide on currents of wind or updrafts of warm air – so they cannot launch themselves off the ground but need some height to begin flying.

Gargoyles age at about half the human rate; in ideal conditions they could live 200 years or more. But this is rare, due primarily to their most unique feature: stone sleep, in which they “sleep” as stone statues by day, becoming “alive” at night. During the day they store solar energy for later use; stone sleep also rejuvenates them and heals minor wounds and illnesses. However, these advantages are often outweighed by the sleeping gargoyle’s vulnerability to opponents armed with maces, hammers, etc.

Long ago, gargoyles and humans formed alliances for mutual protection. But over the years the two races became increasingly uneasy around each other, due in part perhaps to the gargoyles’ appearance and nocturnal habits, and many clans were destroyed in their stone sleep. But the drive to protect is so strong that some gargoyles still “anonymously” protect humans despite this history. And it is said that the memory of these past alliances lives on even today in the placement of gargoyle-like statues on cathedrals and other buildings.

Gargoyles have never been plentiful, since they reproduce slowly and are defenseless during the day. It is believed they are indigenous only to Erik and Abby’s world, and even there, only nineteen clans remain, most hidden away in seclusion from humans. Three of these have been mentioned in the story thus far: Manhattan, Grand Teton (Erik’s home), and North Cascades (Abby’s home). Their home world is much like ours, save for some more-advanced technology, a hint of magic, and, of course, gargoyles.

Re: The Census Bureau

PostPosted: Sep 04, 2009 6:33 pm
by starkat
General Information

Character Name: Katherine Grayson
Character Nicknames or Titles: The Ditto Rider/Rochil
Screen Name of Author: starkat

Character Information

Hair/Eye Colors:Long brown hair, hazel eyes
Weight/Height: 5' 10", medium build
Distinct Markings:

Clothes and Other Accessories: Typically wears dark blue or dark green outfits that blend in well with her surroundings. Doesn’t wear a cape as often as she used to. As Rochil, she wears a dark green tunic with matching leggings as well as high, soft leather boots.
Weapons: sword and elvish bow
Armor: elvish made armour

Residence: Ditto Mansion in a suite of rooms with her brother and cousins.
Occupation: Member of the Ditto Team and PATROL
Mode of Transportation: Horses (Star, Rochir, Archer)

Overall Personality: Driven, focused, but can be laid-back at times. A bit of a loner, but can have fun with everyone else
Personality Flaws: Sometimes too much of a loner
Hobbies: Horseback riding and updating the Ditto Archives
Likes/Dislikes: Like: horses, cats, dittos
Dislikes: Spinach, guns, and something threatening Ditto Town
Long-term Goals: Undetermined
Skills: Speaks Sindarin, Sword fighting, archery, horsemanship
Magic Skills: teleportation, telepathy and combined powers with her brother and cousins.

Family: Bryan and Kathleen Grayson-Parents; Ryder Knight – Brother; Lianna and Olivia and Verena - Cousins
Friends: Friend of Ditto, Ditto Kitty, Lianna, Song, Salabis, Gwanuig brother of Guin-nor, Cymru, Aria, Erik, Abby, Thundershadow, and more.
Enemies: Darth Devaricate, Manipulator of the Mundane, Nominator of Novelty, and anyone who would threaten Ditto Town
Pets, etc: None

Short History:
Born the only child of Bryan and Kathleen Grayson, Katherine was born with an unusual ability. The ability to teleport gave Katherine a fun distraction when she was young. Her best friend was her cousin. Lianna was the daughter if Katherine’s mother’s older brother, David, and his wife, Elisabeth. Just after she turned eight, she was separated from her parents in an incident involving a machine built by her Uncle David. The machine amplified her teleportation abilities and also gave her more control over them. Men came after the machine and because Katherine was the only one who could operate it she had to teleport to safety. The foster family she ended up with lived on a horse farm. Because of the trauma of the separation, Katherine repressed her memories of that day and of much of her previous life. At the farm, Katherine became an expert horsewoman. On the side, she became adept at archery and swordsmanship. Her foster mother was good with languages and taught her Sindarin. She lived with her foster family until she was seventeen and as soon as she graduated from high school began college. Katherine gained her degree (history) in two years and then began traveling. After two years, she ended up in Ditto Town. There Katherine decided to stay and put her horsemanship, archery, and swordsmanship skills to good use. To protect her real identity, Katherine took up the name Ditto Rider. She quickly settled into town life. On one of her Ditto adventures, the Ditto Rider met Gwanuig. He was a younger son of the king of the elves. Their friendship allowed her to practice her Sindarin. Recently kidnapped because of her teleportation abilities, her repressed memories have been returning. Just as she was rescued, the Ditto Rider's memories returned. Afterwards she was reunited with her cousin Lianna.

In Ditto Stories 4 – 6, Katherine spent her time working with the Ditto Team against the evils of the Anti-Ditto squad. She was reunited with a brother that she never knew she had and the aunt who had raised him. Katherine came into possession of a unique sword that was crystal clear to some, but looked like a normal blade to others. She went undercover in the Organization to attempt to figure out what they were up to by faking her own death.

In Ditto Story 7, Katherine joins the PATROL and watches as her brother is exposed to the waters that gave her and her cousins their abilities. She has to adapt rapidly to the new reality as her brother has become a target. Lianna, Olivia, and Ryder are captured and she has to go after them. Katherine and Gwanuig finally face their feelings for each other. It is revealed that as the keeper of the sword, or the ‘key keeper,’ she must take a journey through a dimensional gateway and seal it off before the Nine can use the technology to their own ends. She and Gwanuig go through together and are trapped on the other side.

Stories Character has been in: All

General Information

Character Name: Ryder Knight
Character Nicknames or Titles: Ry
Screen Name Of Author: starkat

Character Information

Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair/Eye Colors: Dark brown hair with dark green eyes
Weight/Height: 6 foot even 200lbs
Distinct Markings: None

Clothes and Other Accessories: anything that’s easily serviceable and doesn’t wear out easily.
Weapons: sword and bow
Armor: None

Residence: (caves, Ditto Mansion, etc) In the Ditto Mansion in a suite with his sister and their cousins.
Occupation: Fix-it Man. Is good at fixing machines and other mechanical devices. Currently employed by the Tireless Engineer
Mode of Transportation: Horseback (Print)

Overall Personality: Generally easygoing unless he sees someone being threatened. Can also be very protective
Personality Flaws: When he switches into protective mode he can go too far and becomes smothering
Hobbies: Riding and training horses, tinkering with new machines, and meeting new people

Likes/Dislikes: He generally likes everyone he meets except for bullies, tyrants, and evil in general

Long-term Goals: Keeping his sister out of trouble.
Skills: Fixing mechanical things and working with horses
Magic Skills: the ability to manipulate light.

Family: An elderly aunt who raised him from a very young age, Katherine Grayson – sister, Lianna and Olivia Gibson – cousins, Verena – Liv’s daughter.
Friends: Lia, Liv, Aria, and a multitude of townspeople.
Enemies: Anything that would threaten his family.
Pets, etc: Only his horse. A large bay stallion that goes by the name of Print

Short History: Ryder Knight, born as Ryder Grayson, was sent away by his parents to live with an aunt for his own protection. He grew up not knowing he had a sister or any other family members. He was reunited with his sister and cousins and has settled into life in Ditto Town. Exposed to the water combination and an electrical shock, he has developed abilities similar to his sister and cousins. He and his cousins are captured by the Hunter to draw his sister out into the open and then rescued. He accompanies his sister, cousins, and several of their friends to the location of the dimensional gateway lock that his sister must seal. After his sister and her friend Gwanuig seal the lock, he returns to town and takes a job on the Tireless Engineer’s crew.

Stories Character has been in: 5 - 7

General Information

Character Name: Lianna Gwinn Gibson

Character Nicknames or Titles: Lia

Screen Name of author(s): coralline and starkat

Character Information

Age: 24
Gender: Female
Species: Human shapeshifter
Hair/Eye Colors: usually green hair, always green eyes
Weight/Height: 130 pounds, 5'6" tall
Distinct Markings: This varies, as she is a shape-shifter.

Clothes and Other Accessories: Usually a knee-length green coat with mandarin collar, brown pants, dark green sleeveless top. Shoulder holsters.

Weapons: Retractable fingernail blades. Two guns: one with actual bullets, one with tranquilizer darts.
Armor: None.

Residence: The Ditto Mansion.
Occupation: Member of the Ditto Team and Dittotopian Apothecary.
Mode of Transportation: On foot, or on her horse Saxon.

Overall Personality: Friendly and open.
Personality Flaws: Dependant on family members.
Hobbies: Crocheting, knitting, keeping Emily out of trouble.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes good tea, well-written newspapers, and her friends. Dislikes waking early in the morning and patrolling.
Long-term Goals: To save Ditto Town from enemies and originals.
Skills: Can compound healing draughts. Can knit a sweater in one evening.
Magic Skills: Shape-shifting.

Family: parents (David and Elisabeth) dead, one sister (Olivia), one cousin (Katherine/the Ditto Rider) present in Ditto Town. Location of her aunt Kathleen and uncle Bryan unknown.

Friends: The Ditto Team (Katherine, the Friend of Ditto, the Ditto Kitty and Willow, Song/the Ditto Artist), Cymru, Aurora, any pro-ditto individuals.

Enemies: The Anti-Ditto Team (the DD, the MM, the NN)

Pets, etc: Well, Emily Dickinson Bronte is not Lianna's pet, despite being a raccoon. She's Lianna's friend. And Giles is Lianna's vampiric assistant.

Short History: Lianna's sister Olivia ran away five years ago with a roguish young man. Shortly after that, a tragic accident killed her parents and released Lianna's shapeshifting ability. She was shunned and persecuted in her hometown, so she disappeared to wander in the wilderness. Rumor has it she encountered some problems in Calormen, but no details have been released. Upon her entry in Ditto Town, she discovered that the Ditto Rider (who had been recently abducted) was truly her cousin, Katherine. After the Ditto Rider's recovery, the cousins were reunited. Currently, Lianna spends more time in the Apothecary since she used to as the town has grown. She also works shifts with the PATROL. She is also over the Ditto Team since her cousin’s disappearance.

Stories Character has been in: Since the Disappearance of the Ditto Rider

Shop Information (Optional)

Shop or Business Name: The Dittopian Apothecary and the Dittopian Thread.
Sells: The Apothecary sells medicines and herbal supplies. The Dittopian Thread is the newspaper.
Manager and Employee Names: the Apothecary's manager is Lianna, and Giles is one of the employees. Emily is the editor and sole reporter of the Dittopian Thread.
Location in Town: The Apothecary is located near the Cup&Platter, and diagonally from the Library. The Thread is located near the fountain in the center of town.

General Information

Character Name: Olivia Cayce Gibson Nix
Character Nicknames or Titles: "Liv" to Lianna and Katherine
Screen Name of authot(s): coralline and starkat

Character Information

Age: 26
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair/Eye Colors: Black hair, green eyes
Weight/Height: 150 pounds, 5' 8" (172 cm) tall
Distinct Markings: a black spiral painted below the outer corner of her right eye (not always there).
Clothes and Other Accessories: Dark, elegant clothing. She's fond of close-fitting tops and flowing skirts. Often wears a gold ankh necklace.
Weapons: None yet.
Armor: None

Residence: the Ditto Mansion in a suite of rooms shared with her sister, daughter, and cousins.
Occupation: Works in the Dittopian Apothecary with Lianna and Giles, helps Emily in the Dittopian Thread. Member of the PATROL
Mode of Transportation: Usually on foot. Does borrow Saxon from time to time.

Overall Personality: Always has her nose stuck in a book.
Personality Flaws: She's the older of the two Gibson girls, and she acts like it (around Lianna). Is a bit testy without her books.
Hobbies: Reading, reading, reading.
Likes/Dislikes: Enjoys a good cup of coffee. Loves books, her family, and originality. Dislikes copycats and dittos.
Long-term Goals: None
Skills: Can decipher many languages.
Magic Skills: Can time travel. Has a medallion created by her father to boost her ability.

Family: Sister- Lianna Gibson. Cousin- Katherine Grayson (the Ditto Rider). Parents both dead. Husband - Lance Nix. Verena - Daughter
Friends: Lianna, Katherine, and Emily
Enemies: None yet
Pets, etc: None

Short History: Olivia ran away from home 5 years ago with her boyfriend and traveled to 5 years into the future. They married, but Lance began beating Olivia. She left him up next year, and she returned to the present, only to find that her parents had died 5 years before, and Lianna had moved out of town (under duress). She has since given birth to her daughter, Verena. They have spent some time back in time and Verena is now 3 years old.
Stories Character has been in: since Redemption

Shop Information (Optional)

Shop or Business Name: Dittopian Apothecary, Dittopian Thread
Sells: Apothecary - health items. Dittopian Thread - newspapers
Manager and Employee Names: Olivia works as an assistant in the Apothecary and helps with the deliveries in the Dittopian Thread.
Location in Town: The Apothecary is located near the Cup&Platter, and diagonally from the Library. The Thread is located near the fountain in the center of town.

Here are some from the "Mini census" thread.

Name: Emily Dickinson Bronte

Titles/Pseudonyms: Editor of the Dittopian Thread

Species: Raccoon

Owner/Caretaker/Humanoid companion: Lianna Gwinn Gibson

Gender: Female

Age: 8 years old (can live to about 16)

Description: Appears to be a larger-than-normal racoon. Wears a knapsack that contains a PDA. Has golden-brown eyes.

Powers (if any): She can lie and get away with it. Not something she's proud of, but it's useful in journalism.

Overall Personality: Curious (very), cautious (with everyone but Lianna), skilled journalist.

Name: Tel

Titles/Psuedonyms: None

Species: Peregrine Falcon

Owner/Caretaker/Humaniod companion: The Ditto Rider (Katherine Grayson)

Gender: Male

Age: unkown

Description: Looks like an average peregrine falcon, but has eyes capable of expressing many emotions. Has not been seen in town since before the disappearance of the Ditto Rider.

Some of the older forms:

General Information

Character Name: Darth Devaricate, Destroyer of Dittos

Character Nicknames or Titles: Salabis

Screen Name: Shieldmaiden

Length of Time on Thread: Darth’s tenure in town has been rather long and fulfilling. She found the town early on (March 2004), and has been plaguing *the words* ever since.

Character Information

Age: 24

Gender: female

Species: human

Hair/Eye Colors: She has very long straight blondish-brown hair and eyes that change from lt. blue to gray to lt. green, depending on her mood.

Weight/Height: Darth is about 5’5” and on the slender side. She weighs approximately 130.

Distinct Markings: Darth has muscular legs (due to climbing and riding) and arms (due to her work with the sword and bow and arrows) for a woman. She has rather reddish skin due to being out in the elements.

Clothes and Other Accessories: Darth dresses mainly in earthen tones. Most of the time she will wear browns, yellows, greens, black, or blues. Occasionally she wears red, white, or pastel colors because she likes a variety. Darker colors help her blind into her surroundings better and therefore spread anti-*words* more effectively. Salabis is still a bit of a mysterious character, riding around in silvery armor and a long elven cloak (deep blue on one side and gray/brown/green on the other to blend in with her surroundings).

Weapons: Because of her precarious position as both ‘villain’ and ‘protector,’ Darth chooses not to reveal all her weaponry. However, she is a very good archer and is never far from her sword.

Armor: As Darth, she does not have much need for armor. So far no one has attacked her over the *word* disagreement. Her alter ego of Salabis does use armor. She has chain mail, sword, and shield made by her friends the dwarves.

Residence: Darth has a cave hideout

Occupation: Thwarting the advance of *that word* and protecting the citizens of the town from evil invaders are her main occupations.

Mode of Transportation: Darth owns two horses. Her favorite mount is Andur, who accompanies her on many of her missions. Nostim is her second horse. Still very young, Nostim is currently being trained to wear a saddle and hold the weight of a person. Darth has also been known to fly a helicopter, and there is no telling what other tricks may be up her sleeve.

Overall Personality: Darth is a typically quiet, yet ‘take charge’ person. She feels strongly about her convictions and works unbendingly toward her goals. Her quirky sense of humor sometimes gets her in tight spots; however, she somehow manages to escape. She still likes to play practical jokes and tease people, though. In the past, she had a raging temper, and then learned that anger got her nowhere. Darth has a ‘protecting’ personality and hates to see people abused, hurt, or misguided; thus, she is willing to fight for right and honor. Inside, she is very noble and caring—from her stay with the elves as a child.

Personality Flaws: Mostly she avoids loosing her temper, but it is a struggle.

Hobbies: Darth likes to read, practice archery, ride horseback, take long walks, and swordfight. She is trained in the area of healing plants and likes to create potions. In fact, she has her own lab in the caves.

Likes/Dislikes: Darth dislikes the word “ditto” and fights to end its spread and eventually eradicate its presence in the town. She also dislikes those who are pretentious and haughty. Evil (and those who commit it) also rank high on her list of dislikes. As far as what Darth likes, she enjoys long horseback rides, refreshing walks in the woods, enjoying the beautiful natural setting around town, exploring caves, reading good books, speaking in the Elvish tongue, visiting the Elven kingdom and her elvish friends, and knowing she has brought a smile to someone’s face or helped them on their way.

Long-term Goals: Her long-term goal is to eradicate the use of the *word* in the village. She wishes to spread originality and uniqueness to the town in hopes of making it a better place.

Skills: Fluent in the Sindarian elvish tongue, she also is an almost unfailing marksman with a bow and arrows. She has an extensive knowledge of plants and chemicals and their uses. Because of her time spent with the elves, Darth also can slip quietly and smoothly around, without alerting attention to her whereabouts. She is very practiced with the sword and stands unflinching in the fight against evil.

Magic Skills: none

Family: Darth Devaricate is single and resides alone. She was the only child of parents who live in a large city in the East. She also has an evil cousin: Oblivionator of Originality. They do not see one another much because he loves to say *the word* and to attack any original idea, and she finds this very wearisome.

Friends: For allies, Darth has a very nice fellow ‘villain’ named Manipulator of the Mundane. A new comer to the *anti-word* team, she is also friends with NN. In addition, she has an army of evil hamsters who help bring about the end of *the word.* As Salabis, her allies vary. Rochil is an important fellow protector, as well as Kitty. She has been known to work with the Spies occasionally and all who despise evil. As either persona, she enlists the aid of both the elves (mainly a young prince named Guin-nor) and the dwarves (under the command of Narka-shen and Gunder).

Enemies: As Darth, her main enemy is *the word* and keeping *the word* contained. Some would say she is an enemy of the townspeople, but they are sadly mistaken. In her alter ego of Salabis, Darth is a protector of the town and its people, whose only enemy is evil and those who spread and encourage evil.

Pets, etc: Trained evil hamsters, a stray dog, She also ‘owns’ two mischievous vampires named Merry and Pippin.

Short History:

Darth Devaricate has always disliked the idea of conforming to the normal. When she rode into “Dittopia,” she found a town that lacked in originality. She then made up her mind. (And when she makes up her mind, she makes it up to stay. Period.) She would fight this conformity, this “ditto”ing! She would do her small bit to help the originality and creativity of people stay alive! It was difficult with many people getting upset at her along the way. Darth never gave up her quest to eradicate this sameness, this “not thinking for oneself,” though the task was not always easy. They wanted to “ditto”? Alright! Let them, but Darth would be there to counteract it! Muhahahaha. <<evil laugh>> She could post for the entire world to see and, hopefully, learn that they too should be original! Her motto became “Think for yourself! Destroy the mundane!” This was when she put out a call for a sidekick. The professor of ditto was quick to respond, soon becoming Manipulator of the Mundane… but that is HER story!

Darth Devaricate then trained an evil hamster army to carry out some of her attacks. They were able to relay messages, carry food and weapons, post fliers, and otherwise terrorize the town. She taught them to understand human speech and soon they became her spies. Next, they entered into battle against Ditto Kitty and her army of cats. After 3 days, the battles ended in a draw with both sides falling back to evaluate their losses and develops new tactics.

After a few weeks of bring death to dittos, Darth Devaricate allowed herself to be captured. This would fit into her scheme, allowing her to survey the town closely and plan her next move. Unfortunately, evil soon entered the town causing Darth to reevaluate her past as a worker under Count No Dittos. Briefly abandoning her attempts to drive the word “ditto” from the town, she joined forces with good. Her knowledge of the Count and his castle proved to be useful in bringing about the Count’s defeat and to rescue the “Absolutely” man from his clutches. For a time the town was at peace, but just as she was ready to make her next move, new evil entered the town causing her to once again set aside the villain to become the protector. It is certain that when this plan is thwarted and the evil subdued, Darth will once again plot her next move against the treacherous word. What is her next move? Muhahaha! <<evil laugh>> That is still a secret. I suppose you will just have to stick around to see….

Now married to Guin-nor and traveling with her husband.

Stories Character has been in: The early stories, though she only had a minor part in the third story. Occasional cameos since.

General Information

Character Name: Cymru Llewellyn

Character Nicknames or Titles: Wart

Screen Name: Cymru

Length of Time on Thread: Since about August 04.

Character Information

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Hair/Eye Colors: Black chin length hair/violet eyes - ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; her inspiration:

Weight/Height: Height 5'3 - Weight - pardon me? - ahem - she's very petite

Distinct Markings: none - that you know of yet....

Clothes and Other Accessories: Cymru is almost always in a dress, but otherwise is fond of capris and Christian Dior. She tends to dress simple for her work hours at the pub. Enjoys linen. Loves to wear red.

Weapons: Light saber (blue) - but also good with a shot gun (who isn't) or a sword.

Armor: None

Residence: Over the pub

Occupation: Pub proprietor

Mode of Transportation: Mini Cooper Hover Craft, bicycle, and occasionally, when in battle travels by horse, though she doesn't yet own any of her own.

Overall Personality: Ridiculously romantic, slow to trust, but when she does, she's quick to love and fiercely loyal, and likewise, can be a passionate enemy, dreadfully clumsy and accident prone, but swift in battle, analytical, intellectual, quiet natured, does not enter debates - it's pointless and, from the business side of things, it could cost her a customer, very outgoing, recently, she has become prone to mood swings as a result of the many tragic events that have surrounded her

Personality Flaws: See above

Hobbies: Fond of animals - sometimes more than people, vintage films, dusty books, history, cooking, gardening, and technology, technology, technology

Likes/Dislikes: Loves accents different from her own, people who can keep a secret, justice, privacy Dislikes: sweet potatoes, black licorice, snakes, villains, the Dark Fancier, and until recently, vampires

Long-term Goals: To cope with the newfound knowledge of her immortality and the loss of the man she loved, to build a relationship with her father and Yves, to make herself useful to those around her, particularly the population of vampires that dwell at the Vampire Fancier's compound, and to find love again

Skills: Very good with a light saber, some martial arts skills, makes a good cup of coffee, and can quote classic literature in her sleep, computer saavy

Magic Skills: None

Family: Father (Iaffn), whom she til recently thought dead, Yves - though not blood related, she and Iaffn both view him as a brother to Cymru, who, in saving his life, took a bullet which she now carries permanently in her heart

Friends: Giles, Hugh, her holographic bartender, Marcus, Tara, Yves, whom she thinks of as a brother, the Gibson girls, Rock On Girl, the Tireless Engineer, Erik and Abby Silvermoon, Song, La Danseuse, from whom she takes ballet lessons, Oceana, whose beauty stuns her, Vanessa, and the Ditto Town Jester, whose behavior both troubles and amuses her. Other citizens of Ditto Town, including the mayor, intrigue her but are only just beginning to make her acquaintence.

Enemies: The Organization, the Dark Fancier, J

Pets, etc: Cymru owns and keeps chickens. Although some end up in the pub fryer, she keeps 3 as pets: Shakespeare, Mona, and Lily. She recently owned a horse named Reverie, who was actually Thundershadow in disguise, but lost her in a battle to save her life.

Short History: Cymru recently learned that she is the amalgamation of a thousand years of scientific research by a vast, powerful scientific community known as the Organization. She's genetic prototype and more importantly, she is immortal. The man who raised her, Professor Ian, turned out to be nothing more than a captor, studying her as she grew and reporting his findings. Through a concerted effort, a group of rebels who disapprove of the Organization's methods, worked to free her and find her. She had just begun to discover her past when she was taken again, this time by the Organization's male prototype known to them as Adam. It was her massive injury and death during this time of captivity that allowed them to discover that their efforts to mimic vampiric immortality in man was succesful. She was rescued (before being turned over for further experimentation) by her father, who she did not yet know was still alive, a newfound rebel named Marcus, a loyal holograph in the belly of Kidron, Yves, the Detective that she now loves as a brother, Giles, and Ethan, the man she loved and who paid for her redemption with his life. Currently being held captive with a rescue in progress.

Stories Character has been in: 4, 5, and 6

Shop Information

Shop or Business Name: The Cup & Platter

Sells: The pub menu consists of typical pub fare, virgin drinks, and coffee. Twice a month, there are used book sales. On Wednesday's, vintage films are shown on an old projector in the pub's film snug, and Friday night meals are served family style. The pub is a converted stone stable with a large fireplace, pub tables, stuffed chairs, hot spots, and solid oak bar.

Location in Town: near the apothecary

General Information

Character Name: Tara Brecker

Character Nicknames or Titles: none


Length of Time on Thread: Since February 2005

Character Information

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Hair/Eye Colors: golden brown with a few grey hairs, and brown

Weight/Height: 150 lbs., 5’4”

Distinct Markings: a brown strawberry-shaped birthmark on her left shoulder blade

Clothes and Other Accessories: Whatever’s comfortable and appropriate to the situation. She prefers earth tones.

Weapons: Throwing knife, others if needed

Armor: Kevlar vest

Residence: (caves, Ditto Mansion, etc): Wherever her assignments take her, usually in a tent

Occupation: Mercenary soldier, hunter

Mode of Transportation: Walking. She rides when necessary, but she’s not skilled enough on horseback to feel comfortable.

Overall Personality: Practical, no-nonsense, fiercely loyal. She has a kind heart.

Personality Flaws: Her loyalty, narrow focus, and will to survive can blind her to the faults of others and the big picture.

Hobbies: Whittling.

Likes/Dislikes: She likes the woods, and peace and quiet. She doesn’t like noisy gatherings of people or formal social affairs.

Long-term Goals: She wants to make enough money for herself and her family to live on comfortably, so she can return home. She’d like to be married someday.

Skills: Hunting, tracking, knife and sword fighting. She can throw her knife and hit a spot the size of a fingertip at 30 yards. She can survive in the woods indefinitely and “disappear” at will among trees.

Magic Skills: None.

Family: Father (Wesley), a woodsman; Mother (Scarlett) a housewife; sisters Gloria (30), Esther (18), and Angela (16)

Friends: She’s very close to her sisters, but doesn’t make other friends easily.

Enemies:She avoids making enemies, as this interferes with her goals.

Pets, etc: As a hunter, she avoids sentimental attachment to animals. They secretly appeal to her nonetheless. But she has no room in her life for a pet.

Short History: Tara grew up in her parents’ cottage deep in the pine woods, far to the south of Ditto Town. Her father made his living by harvesting and selling the products of the woods: lumber, pine cones, decorative plants, and wild game. Tara grew up knowing all about hunting, tracking, and outdoors survival. Two years ago, Tara’s father was badly injured by a wild boar and hasn’t been able to do much work since then. The girls tried to keep his businesses going, but they had a tough time of it. One year ago, Tara was out stalking a deer when her exceptional tracking skills caught the attention of another person in the woods. She was offered a job with The Organization as a woods-woman and soldier. She didn’t know much about what it stood for, but her generous paycheck allowed her to send much-needed cash home to cover her family’s needs and her father’s medical bills.

Her sisters know that she may boss them around, but she’d do anything for them. She is very practical and common-sense, though she has emotional depths few have ever seen. She’d like to fall in love someday, but she’s never met the right man.

She is in charge of the PATROL and organizes shifts of townspeople to ride sentry and protect the town.

Stories Character has been in: Story 5, story 6 &7

General Information

Character Name: Gwanuig
Character Nicknames or Titles: Prince of the Elves
Screen Name of Author: starkat

Character Information

Age: unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Elf
Hair/Eye Colors: Brown/Gray
Weight/Height: 6 foot 2 in
Distinct Markings: none
Clothes and Other Accessories: elvish clothing
Weapons: sword, bow
Armor: elvish

Residence: currently undetermined
Occupation: Prince of the Elves
Mode of Transportation: horseback
Overall Personality: laid back, but passionate, fierce warrior
Personality Flaws: can be overprotective
Hobbies: horseback riding and protecting the Ditto Rider
Likes/Dislikes: Dislikes arrogance in humans, people who think too much of themselves, dittos, and anyone attacking the Ditto Rider and her family.
Long-term Goals: unknown
Skills: works well with animals, skilled swordsman and archer.
Magic Skills: none

Family: Father (King of the Elves), Guin-nor (older brother), the rest is unknown
Friends: Darth Devericate/Salabis, Lianna, Ryder, Olivia, Tara, Cymru, Emily
Enemies: Anyone who would threaten his family or his friends
Pets, Sidekicks, etc: None

Short History: Prince of the Elves, Gwanuig comes from a people who are committed to protecting the Wand of Originality. Initially, he met the Ditto Rider when she returned the wand to his people. He got to know her better through various adventures. Both Gwanuig and the Ditto Rider had deeper feelings for each other, but because she was a ‘dittoist’ and he an ‘originalist,’ they buried their feelings. From time to time, cracks in their emotional armor would show and at the Christmas Party, Gwanuig gave Katherine a small stone on a string that warmed her when someone was thinking of her. It saved her life. In recent months, he and Katherine have acknowledged their feelings for each other and have determined to make it work. Gwanuig went through the portal with Katherine and is trapped with her on the other side.

Ditto Stories Character has been in (you may also list role plays): All or at least since #2.

General Information

Character Name: Verena Gibson
Character Nicknames or Titles: Rena
Screen Name of Author: coralline/starkat

Character Information

Age: 3
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair/Eye Colors: black hair, green eyes
Weight/Height: a shade under 3 feet tall
Distinct Markings: none
Clothes and Other Accessories: none
Weapons: none
Armor: none

Residence: wherever her mother lives
Occupation: none
Mode of Transportation: on foot or by whatever transportation her mother is on
Overall Personality: bubbly and bright. She is surprisingly smart for one so young and has a higher vocabulary than many her age.
Personality Flaws: to be discovered
Hobbies: playing with her toys and wrapping her Uncle Ryder around her finger
Likes/Dislikes: Dislikes: Anything scary
Long-term Goals: to grow up
Skills: unknown
Magic Skills: unknown

Family: Olivia Gibson (Mother), Lianna Gibson (Aunt and Godmother), Katherine Grayson (Aunt), Ryder Knight (Uncle)
Friends: Anyone who isn’t scary
Enemies: Anyone scary
Pets, Sidekicks, etc: Anything furry

Short History: Daughter of Olivia and Lance Nix. Vereena has grown from infant to three years of age in an abnormally short time due to her time traveling with her mother. As the daughter of a woman with special abilities, she has shown no sign of powers… or has she?

Ditto Stories Character has been in (you may also list role plays): 5-7

Re: The Census Bureau

PostPosted: Sep 04, 2009 7:09 pm
by Earel Alquawen
General Information

Character Name: Formerly, the Proffesor of Dittotopia, now the Manipulator of the Mundane (MUAHAHAHAHA)
Character Nicknames or Titles: MM
Screen Name of Author: Earel Alquawen

Character Information

Age: Mysteriously Unknown, but youngish
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair/Eye Colors: Blue
Weight/Height: Average
Distinct Markings:
Clothes and Other Accessories: Changes with the seasons
Weapons: The Evil Hamsters (please highlight to view --> ;)) )

Residence: Nobody really knows, not even MM
Occupation: Fighter against *THE WORD*
Mode of Transportation: Horse
Overall Personality: Good, not inherently evil, but definitely hates *the WORD*
Personality Flaws:
Hobbies: Running amuk through D-Town and leaving pieces of originality on any surface viewed
Likes/Dislikes: Loves originality, but dislikes *the WORD*
Long-term Goals:
Magic Skills:

Family: None
Friends: Darth Devaricate and the Evil Hamsters
Enemies: Anyone who wields *the WORD*
Pets, Sidekicks, etc:
Characters to whom yours is a pet, sidekick, etc.:
Connor, the slightly tempramentaly and fallen vampire (author: Shawna)
Evil Hamster army (author: Shieldmaiden, Earel Alquawen)

Short History:
The Professor of Dittotopia wrote the first short-story on the town and its inhabitants, chronicling the start of Dittotown. Not long after, Darth Devaricate showed up and began infusing the world with Originality. The Professor answered one of DD's many ads for help and so became the Manipulator of the Mundane.
MM then joined DD and created her own evil hamster army to assist in bringing originality to all the citizens of D-town.
As much as she dislikes *the WORD,* MM can also not bear to see anyone attempt to crush her beloved town and so has joined with the denziens of the village many times to ward off greater evils and enemies.

Ditto Stories Character has been in (you may also list role plays):
First Short Story
Ditto Stories 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 (perhaps more, but I'm not sure)

Shop Information (Optional)

Re: The Census Bureau

PostPosted: Sep 20, 2009 8:25 pm
by stargazer
Molly Silvermoon

First appearance: Inn Between Story 8
Species: gargoyle (For more information on gargoyles in general, see her parents’ entry).

Age at first story appearance: newly hatched
Current age: < 1 year
Gender: female
Description: Molly is Erik and Abby’s first hatchling. She is about 25 inches (63 cm) long and has features typical of her kind: talons, bat-like wings, and tail. She has light green skin, deep purple wings, black eyes, and straight auburn hair. Her eyes glow bright crimson when waking from stone sleep. While she has above human hearing and superb night vision, she is unable to walk, fly, or speak at the moment, and is as dependent upon her parents for care and protection as any human infant.
Weapons and Armor: Her parents ;)
Special abilities: Since Molly is so young, any unique, non-species related skills or talents she may possess are yet to be discovered.
Special notes: Molly is subject to her race’s need to sleep as stone during the day, and its accompanying vulnerability to attack. While she is the fortunate recipient of two gifts that allow her to avoid stone sleep on occasion – a special crystal from Greya the elf and an amethyst pendant (like those her parents wear) from Thundershadow the unicorn – her parents have (upon the recommendation of experts at home) arranged for her to sleep most days, in order to absorb the solar energy critical for good health and childhood growth. But Erik and Abby are happy to keep her awake a few days each week; they are grateful for these gifts and have no doubt they will be even more helpful in the future.
Residence: Home is where the parents are
Occupation: Looking cute and growing up
Personality: Stay tuned…

Family: Parents, Erik and Abby (see their entry, above). There are also grandparents and other relatives back in her parents’ clans at home as well as playmates and numerous “honorary” aunts and uncles in Ditto Town.

Short History: Abby learned in story 5 that she was expecting the couple’s first child; Molly’s egg was delivered in story 6. The parents knew their child’s gender but rather mischievously kept it a secret until she hatched. From the first they were eager to assume parenthood, and they’re probably spoiling her a bit.

Re: The Census Bureau

PostPosted: Nov 28, 2009 8:52 pm
by starkat
Thought I would bring this back up since we were getting a few new ditto story members :) .

Re: The Census Bureau

PostPosted: Dec 12, 2009 2:13 am
by stardf29
Character Name: Isaac Nemesis
Screen Name of Author: stardf29

Character Information

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Human, from a different universe
Hair/Eye Colors: Light blue/slightly darker blue
Weight/Height: Thin build, 5'7"
Distinct Markings: none
Clothes and Other Accessories: Standard "civilian" clothing
Weapons: Elementa, his sword of element-converting powers, designed for use with pure "elements" harnessed in a containable form (usually cards). Also has an assortment of other weapons.
Armor: A special, Star Defender-designed invisible body shield which protects him from injuries to the skin and internal organs, until the shield's hit points are depleted. (This body shield was designed to simulate the HP systems used in many video games.)

Residence: The Star Defender base in Ditto Town
Occupation: Star Defender; also the manager of the Welcome Center in the Emporium and the PATROL team
Mode of Transportation: Feet, spaceship, other assorted vehicles

Overall Personality: Likes to help others out. Very quick-thinking.
Personality Flaws: Although issues with his brother are resolved, he still struggles with shyness and insecurity about his own abilities. Also, he can sometimes be too quick to act without thinking.
Skills: Has unmatched speed, stamina, and reaction time. Also, can combine elements without the assistance of an elemental sword (his elemental sword amplifies this innate ability). Has an innate Electric element affinity.
Battle Profile: With his speed, stamina, and reaction time, Isaac is well-known for taking down enemies with several weak-but-fast strikes, while dodging strikes from the enemy at the same time. His major weakness is his relatively low defensive abilities; while his reaction time and speed allows him to dodge most hits, attacks that he cannot sense or are otherwise unavoidable can hurt him pretty badly. Works well with others; in particular, if he is battling with Nerrha by his side, the two are nearly invincible.

Family: Two loving parents who have finally been restored properly to life and now care for him to make up for the time they lost. Once had an older brother, Brandon, who caused much trouble for him and finally died on his own accord.
Friends: Nerrha, very much so. Also, other fellow Star Defenders. As for Dittotopians: Rana, Erik, Abby, Song, Tyler, Chase, Aria, the ghosts Jean and Claude, Julius the Minish, Nessa, Furry One, and other townsfolk... really, by now, if your character's been living in town already, feel free to have him/her and Isaac or Nerrha be friends already.
Enemies: The Organization and The Nine
Pets, Sidekicks, etc: Just a friendly reminder that he used to own a falcon, Reese, who turned out to be a Narnian Talking Falcon (given name Skyhunter) and has since returned to his homeland. And yes, the two do visit each other frequently, at the place where the two worlds meet.

Short History: Isaac has lived peacefully on his planet for his childhood. However, when he entered 4th grade, his older brother committed suicide, and the loss estranged him from most of his peers. Some months later, though, a classmate, Molly, reached out to him and invited him to join an organization she helped to lead: the Star Defenders. There, he found out that to be a Star Defender, he must have had special powers; when he discovered who he was, he was forever bound to the organization. After that, he has honed his skills as a Star Defender and has served well in the organization, saving his universe from many different threats. One day, he went off to explore the planets outside his galaxy on a self-assigned mission to discover other rational-thinking beings.

During this mission, he ended up somehow in Ditto Town. Adjusting to various new threats and friends, as well as meeting up with Nerrha, he soon found himself thrown right into the middle of town dealings, as he grew the garden that would serve as the setting for Song and Tyler's wedding, and even helping lead a team in an attack against the Organization that would severely cripple it.

In the midst of all that, Isaac learned the truth about his brother and his parents: Brandon had actually survived his suicide attempt (committing suicide by jumping into a fire only work if said fire doesn't inadvertently create a portal to another universe) and had been integrated into the Organization. From there, he sought revenge against his brother, first by trapping his real parents in Soul Jars and replacing them with holograms, second by drawing Isaac into Ditto Town, and third by trying to steal his Star Defender abilities to distribute to others. Isaac managed to subdue Brandon, but Brandon decided he would take his life again (by cutting himself on Nerrha's poisoned sword).

During all this chaos, Isaac also befriended a pair of eccentric sisters: Hannah and Amelia.

A side adventure during his time in Ditto Town led him to meet the Lord in His incarnate form Natanel on the planet of Taelo. However, his memories of the event were sealed off upon returning to Dittotopia.

Ditto Stories Character has been in (you may also list role plays): A recurring character since Ditto Story 5, also appeared most notably in Ditto Mansion 3 (Valentine's Day Ball) and 14 (Fellowship/Natanel).


Character Name: Nerrha Selmar
Screen Name of Author: stardf29

Character Information

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Human, from a different universe
Hair/Eye Colors: Magenta/deep violet
Weight/Height: Thin build, 5'4"
Distinct Markings: Fingernails are curved in like claws. (She files them but never cuts them.) Upper canines are pointed, like fangs.

Clothes and Other Accessories: Standard "civilian" clothing. Usually wears gloves so she doesn't inadvertently scratch (and poison) someone.
Weapons: Toxia, her poisoned sword. She can also scratch to attack, which can also poison an opponent.
Armor: Same body shield, though hers is more durable. (This is due to innate powers.)

Residence: The Star Defender base in Ditto Town
Occupation: Star Defender, where she is in charge of education; also manages the Welcome Center in the Emporium and the PATROL team with Isaac.
Mode of Transportation: Feet, spaceship, other assorted vehicles

Overall Personality: She can be cold and bitter towards strangers, but if she sees someone in need of help or protection, she devotes herself whole-heartedly to helping that person, at which point her gentle, caring side comes out. (In other words, the very definition of "tsundere".)
Personality Flaws: Is usually mean and rude towards those that are not her friends… and even so with her friends when under major stress.
Skills: Carries a variety of toxins in her blood. These can be transmitted through, in order of intensity: her claw-like nails, her fang-like teeth, kissing, and her tears. She can control which toxins she transmits, including various healing toxins that she uses to cure the sick and ailing. Has a Poison element affinity.
Battle Profile: In contrast to Isaac's fighting style, Nerrha is slower and sturdier against enemy attacks. She oftentimes ends up being Isaac's "defender", protecting him from attacks, drawing enemy attention, and taking the brunt of damage, as well as healing Isaac when he does get hit. She is also one of the strongest Star Defenders in a purely physical sense, and can take down many enemies with just her sword.

Family: At home, she lives with her adopted parents and brother. Her real family all died in a series of unfortunate events...
Friends: Isaac, very much so. Also, other fellow Star Defenders. As for Dittotopians... again, if they've been in the town a while, feel free to have her be friends with them already.
Enemies: The Organization and The Nine

Short History: In elementary school, Nerrha learned of her unusual ability to poison others through her nails when she scratched a school bully, who died a day later from “an unusual sickness”. She then learned of the story of how she accidentally killed her real mother, father, and brother in similar ways. Since then, she has refrained from scratching, biting, or kissing anyone… until middle school, when her boyfriend dumped her for another girl. In her anger, she kissed him with the intent of killing him… and infected him with a disease so horrible that it forced him to suffer while staying alive until he committed suicide. Nerrha confessed her crime and went to juvenile prison afterwards. When word of this reached the Star Defenders, some of them went to the prison, bailed her out, and trained her to control the toxins she had in her body, so that she could avoid poisoning anyone on accident or administer a healing toxin if she did. Nerrha, a Star Defender living with the guilt of her crime, resolved never to murder a human being again.

During her training as a Star Defender, she developed a close friendship with Isaac, which eventually led her to Ditto Town when, after Isaac’s disappearance, she traced a mysterious invitation to its source. There, she has accompanied Isaac as the two found themselves amidst the dangers of The Organization. In addition to helping Isaac subdue Brandon and watch over Hannah and Amelia, she also served an integral role in discovering the role of "portal dust", microscopic portals between her home universe and that of Ditto Town whose movement is influenced by fire and water, in all the mysterious travels that transpired during this time, and set up a full portal between their worlds for other Star Defenders to be able to come and go through regularly.

She and Isaac have found themselves caring for each other a great deal. At this point, both are well aware of their feelings for each other, but for currently-unknown reasons, refuse to move too far beyond friendship.

Ditto Stories Character has been in (you may also list role plays): A recurring character since Ditto Story 5, also appeared most notably in Ditto Mansion 3 (Valentine's Day Ball) and 14 (Fellowship/Natanel).

Re: The Census Bureau

PostPosted: May 11, 2010 8:38 am
by narnianerd
General Information

Character Name: Cameron Far
Character Nicknames or Titles: N/A
Screen Name of Author: Joe

Character Information

Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair/Eye Colours: Brown. Sun bleached hair/green eyes
Weight/Height: 201 pounds/5’9 inches
Distinct Markings: none
Clothes and Other Accessories: He tends to wear a beaver skin hat along with buckskin clothes
Weapons: six shot colt revolver, repeater rifle
Armour: none

Residence: Currently undetermined
Occupation: Trapper, hunter, guide
Mode of Transportation: Feet
Overall Personality: Good, smart, kind, clear headed but has a bit of a bluntness that comes from hanging around the frontier on the north, way to much
Personality Flaws: A mixed view of right and wrong,
Hobbies: trapping animals
Likes/Dislikes: Peacefulness, quietness,
Long-term Goals: unknown
Skills: can be completely silent, excellent hunter/trapper

Family: none that he’s seen in over ten years
Friends: to be decided
Enemies: none currently
Pets, Sidekicks, etc: He owns three beagles.
Characters to whom yours is a pet, sidekick, etc.:

Short History: He has spent his life on the northern frontier of Dittotopia, hunting and trapping. Now he comes home for a vacation from the troubles of the north. A very long vacation.

Re: The Census Bureau

PostPosted: May 11, 2010 11:33 am
by Varnafinde
General Information

Character Name: Varnafinde
Character Nicknames or Titles: Varna
Screen Name of Author: Varnafinde

Character Information

Age: about six thousand years old (give or take a few hundred - she came to Middle-earth three hundred years before the time of The Lord of the Rings, and we don't know exactly how long ago those events happened ;) )
Gender: female
Species: Elf
Hair/Eye Colors: brown hair, brown eyes
Weight/Height: average height for an Elf woman, slender
Distinct Markings: none
Clothes and Other Accessories: traditional Elven garments, a silver pendant which has belonged to her father and her grandmother, a lyre (she hasn't brought her grand harp to Ditto Town)
Weapons: bow and arrow, a small dagger
Armor: none

Residence: (caves, Ditto Mansion, etc) So far, she has been renting a room at the Inn Between, but she plans to find something more permanent
Occupation: Running a bookshop
Mode of Transportation: walking (as she hasn't got a horse these days)
Overall Personality: to put it in one word (more details later): friendly
Personality Flaws: (more details later)
Hobbies: reading, history / old lore, singing, playing the harp
Likes/Dislikes: (more details later)
Long-term Goals: (more details later)
Skills: archery, singing, some skill in playing the harp and lyre
Magic Skills: none

Family: none left in Middle-earth
Friends: amongst others, Bob Saget, Chava, Abby and Erik, the Hobbits at the Rescue Centre, Lucy and the other library staff - but no particularly close friendship has been developed/described so far
Enemies: none so far
Pets, Sidekicks, etc: none so far
Characters to whom yours is a pet, sidekick, etc.: none so far

Short History: Varna is an Elf from Middle-earth, but as her parents had stumbled through a portal into Narnia, that is where she was born (and where she got her name). At the age of five hundred, she got back to Middle-earth, three hundred years before the War of the Ring. She has stayed in Middle-earth since then - mostly in Rivendell, but also some in Minas Tirith. Fifty years ago she found a portal to the home world of the gargoyles, Abby and Erik (but never met them there), and has been going back and forth since then. She has found another portal and arrived in Ditto Town, and has recently opened a bookshop, renting rooms on the Library premises.

Stories Character has been in (Ditto Mansion roleplay, Fountain
roleplay, Ditto Story numbers):
Fountain 1, Ditto Mansion 3, DisOrganization (Dinklings’ Story 6), Tangled Web (Dinklings' Story 7), Dinklings' Story 8

Shop Information

Shop or Business Name: Varna's Finds (opened at the end of the previous story)
Sells: (description of merchandise, a menu, etc) books
Manager and Employee Names: self-employed, no employees yet, but she hires in some of the Library staff when she travels to buy more books

Re: The Census Bureau

PostPosted: Aug 17, 2010 6:31 pm
by narnianerd
General Information

Character Name: Jake Kyle Stryder
Character Nicknames or Title Kyle, Captain Stryder
Screen Name of Author: Joe

Character Information

Age: 26
Gender: male
Species: vulcan/human
Hair/Eye Colors: Black/Black
Weight/Height: Slim/tall
Distinct Markings: Slightly pointed ears
Clothes and Other Accessories: Tan captains shirt, black pants
Weapons: Phasers
Armor: None

Residence: USS United
Occupation: Captain
Mode of Transportation: USS United, Transport
Overall Personality: Charismatic, Brave, Cocky, Outspoken and charming
Personality Flaws: Often much to cocky
Hobbies: None that I know off
Likes/Dislikes: His crew, the Federation/Evil aliens, enemies of the Federation, time warps, and most of all... The word.
Long-term Goals: TO GO WERE NO MAN HAS GO BEFORE! What else?
Skills: Phaser shooting, being a charismatic captain
Magic Skills: As part vulcan he can read others mind and has a variety of tricks up his sleeve.

Family: His younger brother, Cole who is the Ships navigator
Friends: Verner, Jimmie, Carl, Remi, Chelsie, Cole
Enemies: Basicly anyone who attempts to harm his ship
Pets, Sidekicks, etc: Cole
Characters to whom yours is a pet, sidekick, etc.:

Short History: Comming soon

Ditto Stories Character has been in (you may also list role plays): 0... So far... Muhahahaa.

Re: The Census Bureau

PostPosted: Oct 03, 2010 11:52 pm
by stargazer
Note: I'm transferring this bio information over from the old forum while it's still available. It was originally written by Sonny back in February 2009 - feel free to edit or update this as you see fit. Thanks!

General Information

Character Name: Loren DeHond
Character Nicknames or Titles:
Screen Name of Author: Sonny

Character Information

Age: 29
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair/Eye Colors: Brown hair with natural blond highlight that come out in the summer, hazel eyes
Weight/Height: 5' 9", 147 lbs
Distinct Markings: birth-mark just visible above his left eyebrow
Clothes and Other Accessories: he has a closet full of clothes, and Eliana keeps making more
Weapons: Sonic pin-point gun
Armor: None

Residence: Edge of Ditto Town
Occupation: I'll have to get back to you on that.
Mode of Transportation: Flying Bike
Overall Personality: Romantic and kind, yet firm. Visionary.Personality Flaws: Tends to overlook proper boundaries in his outgoing personality
Hobbies: Studying space travel
Likes/Dislikes: More later...
Long-term Goals: Cross dimensions, perhaps universes

Family: Wife - Eliana DeHond, unborn child, father and mother and twin brother and older sister
Friends: Erik Silvermoon
Enemies: The ORG
Pets, Sidekicks, etc: Very intelligent Welsh Corgi named Brett

Re: The Census Bureau

PostPosted: Oct 10, 2010 8:29 pm
by stargazer
A few additional bios from the old forum's Census Bureau:

From JillPole:

Aria Belle DeLaverock

Aliases/Nicknames/Titles: The Tireless Engineer, Aimee Pennyworth and various other false identities, Linnod (only to her parents)

Age: 23

Species: Somewhere between human and elvish…it depends what time of the month you ask- she oscillates. Originally, however, she was halfelven, born of two halfelven parents.

Height/Weight: 5’7”, ~130 lbs.

Hair/Eyes: Brown/brown

Appearance: Slim but curved and athletic. Long brown hair commonly worn in a French braid for convenience, wears glasses (used to be for distance vision, but that’s been corrected; she just likes how she looks with them on), usually in jeans and a t-shirt or turtleneck. These days whether her ears point or not is a toss up- as is whether or not her human grandfather’s clumsiness is manifesting itself.

Personality: She’s like a big sister to everybody- she tries to be patient, kind, and intelligent without being patronizing...but she can be a control freak. She also tries to think out every possibility in every possible course whenever possible before choosing an action, yet does act quickly. She likes to appear tough because she feels the need to be strong for others. She can look fearless and be quivering inside. Has a few very close friends see past the veneer, but sometimes feels close relationships are dangerous for both sides, especially with men. However, she’s attracted to the hero type and isn’t above feigning interests in enemy agents if it serves her purpose. Has a temper, but a hard one to rouse or she’d always be angry. She both values and struggles with her relationship with Illuvatar; she has a hard time just trusting Him and letting Him take control.

Likes: weapons, inventing stuff, designing, building, being in charge, spending time with close friends, disguises (though that is more of a love/hate relationship these days), singing, dancing, winning fights,

Dislikes: uncertainty, vulnerability, failure/mistakes, being bored, being lonely, not being able to be herself

Occupation: Former investigative agent, engineer/inventor; currently head of a 150-individual engineering company responsible for the construction and partial design of the Monmouth Memorial Astronomical Emporium and a few other projects about town.

Family: Parents are Muireanne and Bellcaunion DeLaverock; has one sister, Song MacCormac (nee DeLaverock), and is first cousin to her fore-elf, Eruheran. Many other elvish and human relatives including a rather clumsy grandfather, and an Aunt Flarin and Uncle Tindar (Flarin is Muireanne’s sister, wife of Tindar, and mother of Eruheran.) Had an Aunt Drix, who died.

Friends: Oceana, Katherine Grayson, Ryder Knight (nee Grayson), Olivia Nix, Lianna Gibson, Adrian, her crew, Cymru Llewellyn, Giles, Iaffn Llewellyn, Dr. Ivanos, Thundershadow, Erik and Abby Silvermoon, Phoenix Archer, most town residents.

History: Genetically altered while in Muireanne’s womb by the Organization to achieve close to genetic perfection by way of her elvish genes as a backup to the Genesis project that resulted in Cymru. Due to this, Aria possesses intelligence well above the average and completed all her schooling by the time she was sixteen. Her parents were supposed to have died when she was only four, and was raised by her aunt Drix for four years before escaping; unbeknownst to her parents, Drix had turned to dark magic and, once she had custody of Aria and Song, ignored them or sought to control them. When the girls escaped with the help of their tutor, a Faun named Fergus, Drix was devastated by her failure to have the power to stop them, and set fire to her estate. She perished when she could not escape. Aria spent the years following her degree involved with various covert organizations, going undercover to seek the truth about her parents’ death. Having discovered the truth of her genetic manipulation, she eventually decided she had all the answers she was going to get and formed her own travelling engineering company. This eventually brought her to Ditto Town, where she was asked to build the Astronomical Emporium, met Cymru (her sister in experimentation), and was reunited with her real sister, Song, whom she had not seen in years. She and her team participated in the Battle of Ditto Town, and later set off for space in the Dittopian StarSeeker following a series of dreams in which Aria learned that her parents were alive, but were elsewhere in the galaxy. En route, she was infected by an Organization-developed retrovirus which was designed to perfect her human DNA, making her a second Cymru, but her elvish genetics fought back, leading to her current state. She did find Muireanne and Bellcaunion, and the discovery they had fled the planet to hide- an enzyme that would facilitate genetic alteration to the point that it would be absurdly easy- and eventually returned to Ditto Town. Most recently, she was involved in saving the life of Verena Gibson, and following, Katherine’s journey to an interdimensional lock that needed sealing, providing moral and battle support.


Age: 102 self-measured years

Species: Narnian unicorn

Height/Weight: 16 hands, 1500 lbs.

Hair/Eyes: White/brown

Appearance: Um...white unicorn, 1m long pearlescent horn on forehead. Feathering at fetlocks, prefers mane and tail naturally long. Used to wear a gold locket around neck, now wears thicker decorative leather collar in white with silver accents.

Personality: Wise, personable, gentle, forgiving. A fierce fighter, a kind counsellor, and a quick thinker when push comes to shove but prefers to take time, and speak only after much thought. Very patient, probably due to having seen a great deal of odd things. Quite adventurous, and fiercely defensive of friends.

Special Abilities: She is mildly telekinetic and can change appearance at will, to the point of being able to chameleon herself into a kind of invisibility and “cloak” her horn. Since her return from near-death (see below), she can also emit light- from a dim moonlight to a fierce, blinding glow.

Likes: carrots, apples, and a good clover hay; good friends, giving advice, defending those she loves, conversations, and sometimes designing things

Dislikes: Minding her own business, saying goodbye

Occupation: Interworld traveller, but has been stopping in Ditto Town (though somewhat erratically) for the past while; served as First Officer of the Dittopian StarSeeker. Amateur astronomer, and designer/sort-of-architect for the Monmouth Memorial Astronomical Emporium.

Family: Daughter of Fleetwood and Stormfly, both of whom still live happily in Narnia.

Friends: Erik and Abby Silvermoon (with a standing offer to babysit for them when their egg hatches), Aria DeLaverock and her crew and family, Cymru Llewellyn, Darth Devaricate, Katherine Grayson and the rest of the Gibson/Grayson/Knight/Nix family, Skyhunter the Falcon, most town citizens

Short History: Thundershadow was foaled during the reign of King Rillian of Narnia, though he is still king there when she visits due to the difference in how time travels between worlds. When still a young filly, she was exploring some caves near the western waterfall and discovered a set of keys- one yellow, and one green…you can guess what happened when she picked up the yellow one second. In the Wood, Aslan appeared to Thundershadow and told her His purpose: that she travel to other worlds and help others in His name. This eventually led to her entering the Dittopian world shortly before the battle for the underground fountain. Soon after, she met Erik Silvermoon for the first time and designed the Astronomical Emporium. She was then involved in an attempt to protect Cymru during the Ian/Yves crisis, and was shot during a Christmastime confrontation in the square. She seemed to have died, in the end asking Erik to send her back to the Wood. However, she later returned, having been healed by a fellow interworld traveller who resembled a living ball of light, and now sometimes glows as a side effect. She joined Aria’s quest to find her parents, serving as first officer of the StarSeeker, and recently returned from Katherine’s journey to the interdimensional lock, wherein she was able to be of assistance thanks to her own interworld travels.

From Aravanna:

General Information

Character Name: Erica Wilkins
Author: Aravanna

Character Information

Age: 15 (An awkward age by all accounts)
Gender: Female
Species: Human... as far as you know... (No, she’s human)
Hair/Eye Colors: Brownish-Blond/Blue
Weight/Height: 104 pounds/5 feet 3 inches
Distinct Markings: She has a scar on her left hand from a burn but other than that, she’s one of the more normal denizens of Ditto Town.

Clothes and Other Accessories: She's a jeans and T-shirt person
Weapons: Since her arrival in Ditto Town she's acquired a light double-edged saber that she can make limited use of.
Armor: none

Residence: The Mansion, although how she affords it remains a mystery since she has no job.
Occupation: She's been looking for a job for a while now, but she hasn't been able to find anything. Hints have been dropped that she might be able to find work at the Watermill.
Mode of Transportation: Her feet and teleportation when Val is in a good mood (see below.)

Overall Personality: Erica is extremely shy and non-confrontational. While thoughtful and possessing a love of learning, she's not a genius by any means. She can actually be fierce when something she deeply cares about is threatened (although a little clumsy in the attempt.) However, it's very rare to see her like this since she only have a few friends and precious few important beliefs.
Personality Flaws: Erica is painfully shy and way too concerned about what other people think of her, although her shyness is starting to vanish thanks to Val submersing her in awkward situations all the time. For the most part, she’s also very passive about her fate.
Hobbies: Daydreaming and sleeping.
Likes/Dislikes: She likes imagining how her life could be as well as math (especially algebra.) In a bizarre sort of way, she also likes Val and her antics. She dislikes loud people, temperatures below 60 F and zits.
Long-term Goals: She would like to find a job in Ditto Town and some day return to Earth and a normal life.
Skills: Erica possesses the ability to get herself into awkward situations.
Magic Skills: none

Family: Two embarrassing parents and an older brother, Alex Micah Wilkins, back on Earth. She misses them almost all the time although she doesn’t talk about it.
Friends: Erica’s best friend is a fairy dragon named Valyantasha. She is acquainted with Eric and Abby the gargoyles. Nerrha the Star Defender also taught her how to use a sword. Recently she’s become good friends with Roj and Axe since they’re friendly, funny, and close to her age.
Enemies: Someone named Fredrick who tried to take Val from her. I have reason to suspect he might have been working under someone as well.
Pets, etc: None (Never call Val a pet under pain of being bitten by someone who can breathe fire once they’ve clamped on.)

Short History: Erica grew up in Northeastern United States back on Earth when her brother sent her a fairy dragon egg for her birthday. (He had extras, although in retrospect, it might have been better to get her a watch, or makeup.) Val hatched but only a few months later the two of them began to be stalked by someone named Fredrick who was apparently after Val. Erica tried to run for it and was almost caught when Val teleported them to Ditto Town at the last possible second.

Since arriving, Erica hasn't done much except look for a job, meet Roj and Axe, and save the Phoenix Archer (although her involvement in that particular event isn’t clear to even the author.)

Stories Character has been in: Ditto Story 6-7

General Information

Name: Valyatasha
Character Nicknames or Titles: Val (Please call her this. I don’t know what I was thinking when I gave her that other name.)
Author: Aravanna

Character Information

Age: A little over two years old. She’s still a juvenile, although how juvenile is hard say since fairy dragons live anywhere between 60 and 150 years.
Gender: Female
Species: Fairy Dragon (very rare and often magical little critters they are.)
Hair/eye: No hair but she has bluish-grey skin and her butterfly wings have some violet and turquoise in them. Her eyes are blue.
Weight/height: Currently about 6 inches long with a 7 inch wing span. She only weighs about five ounces.
Distinct Markings: She's a miniature dragon with brilliant blue and purple butterfly wings. What more do you want?

Clothes and Other Accessories: None
Weapons: Her sharp little claws and teeth, and amounts of fire proportional to her tiny lungs.
Armor: Her scales, although they’re not much tougher than a lizard’s scales would be.

Residence: The Mansion
Occupation: Getting Erica into trouble and adventures, being a member of The Originality (bwa ha ha,) and exploring Ditto Town.
Mode of Transportation: Her wings and teleportation.

Overall Personality: Her personality is rather like a cat: independent, mischievous, curious, and proud. She's as intelligent as a human although she has no interest in most technology, and lacks common sense. She's bold and feisty in contrast to Erica, but is very loyal despite all of this.
Personality Flaws: See above
Hobbies: Teleporting, snooping, eating, and hunting small animals.
Likes/Dislikes: She likes Originality!, evening, crunchy beetles, being the center of attention, and making mischief. She dislikes the reality that most people are stronger and bigger then her. She also dislikes having to sit in one place too long and to her credit, she dislikes anything being treated cruelly and doesn't play with her food like cats do.
Long-term Goals: She doesn't really have any. Maybe to pull off an Originality attack like the world has never seen?
Skills: Making mischief
Magic Skills: Teleportation, although if you jump between worlds, there’s a chance that a something could go wrong and you’ll end up... well not in the world you’re aiming for. Erica doesn’t know this though. Breathing fire might be considered magical, or it might have a chemical basis. You’d have to ask Alex.

Family: Alex apparently owns a fairy dragon that’s her twin.
Friends: Erica and the Manipulator of the Mundane. She also kind of likes Roj and Axe.
Enemies: Same as Erica.

Short History: Valyantasha was given to Erica as an egg. She hatched, and was kept a secret until both of them were forced into Ditto Town.

Once in Ditto Town, Val set off the sprinkles at a Valentine's Ball, got in big trouble, and joined the Originals as a result. She's helped MM's hamsters on one sabotage mission which targeted Rider's room. She’s also been off on a TOP SECRET mission to rescue the Phoenix Archer. If you have any information on this event at all, feel free to contact me.

Stories Character has been in: Ditto Story 6-7

I started “painting” Val a while back but never quite got done. I’m terrified to try Erica since I’m awful at humans. ... olored.png

Re: The Census Bureau

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by Aravis_Tarkheena011
General Information

Character Name: Lady Ainne (Ahn-yeh) Ylenna (Ee-lenna) Amir
Character Nicknames or Titles: Some of her closest friends call her Nia
Screen Name of Author: Aravis_Tarkheen011

Character Information

Age: 22
Gender: Female
Species: Magielle (an elf-like being that is scaled down to a height never greater than 5ft)
Hair/Eye Colors: Curly black-brown/they shift colours (Grey=contemplative, Black=angry, golden=happy, brown=dreamy, blue=scared/nervous, green=in awe/adoration/curiosity, hazel=unknown
Weight/Height: slender/ 4'8"
Distinct Markings: Pointed ears. Her species have a slight glow about them. Her right ear has an iridescent marking on the outside edge that shows in certain lights.
Clothes and Other Accessories: She usually wears a light-weight robe with a sash or leather belt and a dusty-brown hooded cloak. No Shoes. She wears a slender golden arm band on her left upper arm and a matching circlet on her forehead
Weapons: She keeps a small, sheathed throwing knife tucked into her sash/belt for self defense.
Armor: Magielle skin is very hard to penetrate.

Residence: A warped willow tree (A tree that looks normal on the outside but is quite large and open on the inside.
Occupation: She's something of an herbalist.
Mode of Transportation: Her feet and her Reine (a very large horse that has lion's paws instead of hoofs).
Overall Personality: Sweet, a tenancy towards being quiet.
Personality Flaws: Shy, gets flustered easily, has trouble saying what she means, has a firey temper.
Hobbies: music, art, floral arranging.
Likes/Dislikes: cold, spring, gardening, music, nature, art, making food/ heat, summer, being interrogated, feeling threatened.
Long-term Goals: To make something that is both original and beautiful.
Skills: Making things with her hands, calming frightened people and creatures, good with children (especially getting children to sleep).
Magic Skills: she can "Sing" water and growing things (but not as well as she would like)

Family: Her family was the royalty of a Magielle clan in a northern forest
Friends: N/A
Enemies: N/A
Pets, Sidekicks, etc: whatever creature adopts her or her warped willow.
Characters to whom yours is a pet, sidekick, etc.:

Short History: She was sent to Ditto town because her family was being attacked by a rival Magielle clan. She found her warped tree and it was perfect because it had a warped bush beside it that would work quite well as a stable for her Reine.

Ditto Stories Character has been in (you may also list role plays): Ditto Story

Shop Information (Optional)

Shop or Business Name: She runs an apothecary shop that she calls "Ainne's"
Sells: herbal remedies (salves, teas, poultices, etc...)
Manager and Employee Names: N/A


General Information

Character Name: Allegria Mantino
Character Nicknames or Titles: None Yet
Screen Name of Author: Aravis_Tarkheen011

Character Information

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Fairy Godmother
Hair/Eye Colors: Thick, straight dark brown hair/Dark blue
Weight/Height: Average/ 5’5”
Distinct Markings: Birthmark on the back of her right shoulder
Clothes and Other Accessories: Maple wood wand with amber filigree.
Weapons: Wand.
Armor: None.

Residence: A small apartment behind the Nostalgia Shop.
Occupation: She and her twin brother collect antique items that they sell in their shop.
Mode of Transportation: She has dozens of ways that she uses to get from one place to another.
Overall Personality: Peppy, always has something she can say, rarely ever holds a grudge for long.
Personality Flaws: and Anne of Green Gables-esque temper.
Hobbies: too many to name.
Likes/Dislikes: old things, music, reading, olives, drawing, dressing up nice, her twin, the ocean/ bullies, inland, dry places, being bored.
Long-term Goals: None at present.
Skills: Talking, pretending to be interested in something that she isn’t interested in at all, talking to children.
Magic Skills: Aside from her wand she can change things to what their equivalent would have been at any time period.

Family: Her twin brother.
Friends: N/A
Enemies: N/A
Pets, Sidekicks, etc: A grey white mittened cat .
Characters to whom yours is a pet, sidekick, etc.:

Short History: She and her twin brother were raised by their time-traveling grandparents in Naples during which time they live in several era’s varying from the peak of the Roman Empire to the Italian Renaissance to the twenty first century (and many in-between). The grandparents died after just after they tuned 17 but not before they set up a portal to Ditto Town in their basement so that they knew the twins would get there safely (they had heard from a friendly fairy that Ditto was the very best place to send their grandchildren). The twins soon set up their nostalgia shop on the ground floor of the three-storied abandoned house (the third story is the basement) where their grandparents had made the portal to (it connects to Naples during any time between 300 b.c. and 2050 a.d.) the basement.

Ditto Stories Character has been in (you may also list role plays): Ditto Story

Shop Information (Optional)

Shop or Business Name: The Mantino’s Yesteryear Treasury
Sells: Antiques of all sorts.
Manager and Employee Names: N/A


General Information

Character Name: Ambrogio Mantino
Character Nicknames or Titles: None yet
Screen Name of Author: Aravis_Tarkheen011

Character Information

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Fairy Godfather
Hair/Eye Colors: Thick, straight dark brown hair/Dark blue
Weight/Height: Average/ 5'10"
Distinct Markings: Birthmark on his on the back of his left shoulder.
Clothes and Other Accessories: Hickory wood wand with amber filigree.
Weapons: His wand.
Armor: None.

Residence: A small apartment behind the Nostalgia Shop.
Occupation: He and his twin sister collect antique items that they sell in their shop.
Mode of Transportation: He has dozens of ways that he uses to get from one place to another.
Overall Personality: Witty, Talkative, Quick to think of a solution.
Personality Flaws: Something of a mood-swinger, His solutions don’t always work out to be as problem solving as one might think.
Hobbies: Running.
Likes/Dislikes: Swimming in the ocean, the ocean, being witty (or other people being witty), a good laugh, old things/ being wrong, being too dry, being shorter than other guys (or girls).
Long-term Goals: To think of something that will go down in history (from any point in time).
Skills: Playing the lute, Whittling
Magic Skills: Aside from his wand he can see what has happened in a room before or sometimes a few minutes in the future.

Family: His sister.
Friends: N/A
Enemies: N/A
Pets, Sidekicks, etc: He likes to think that his sister’s cat belongs to both of them (but it really doesn't).
Characters to whom yours is a pet, sidekick, etc.:

Short History: Please refer to Allegria’s history.

Ditto Stories Character has been in (you may also list role plays): Ditto Story

Shop Information (Optional)
Shop or Business Name: Please refer to Allegria’s shop info.
Manager and Employee Names: N/A


Re: The Census Bureau

PostPosted: Jul 06, 2012 9:39 am
by shastastwin
My old bios for all my characters have been lost, so I have written new ones for them. If any of this sounds wrong, let me know. :)

Name: Ambrose
Nickname: Amb
Age: He’s old
Species: Gargoyle/Human
Gender: Male
Hair/eye/skin colors: Dark blue/Violet/Purple; Blond hair and violet eyes on human side
Height/weight: 5’8”, 165 lbs.
Distinct markings: A jagged line down the middle of his body separating his human and gargoyle halves
Weapons: Claws on his left hand
Residence: The roof of Greya and Torla’s house most nights; other available roofs when needed.
Transportation: Flight, walking
Overall Personality (including flaws): Good and kind, a bit protective of certain Dittopians
Skills: Understands vampiric
Friends: Dawn, Xander, Chase and Christie Chase, Torla and Greya Silvermane, Erik and Abby Silvermoon, the Banks family, Kar
Enemies: The Organization and the Nine
Short History: Ambrose was captured by the Org and used in an experiment by scientists wishing to combine human and gargoyle DNA; this experiment caused several changes in his physical makeup. Ambrose now has a line which splits him down the middle into human and gargoyle sides. He also can stonesleep by day or night because of this experiment. He was rescued by Kar and is living in Ditto Town where he rediscovered his lost love Dawn, one of the Vampire Fancier’s vampires, and her brother Xander. He helped destroy the School and is trying to discover the means of restoring his gargoyle physiology. His human half is composed of genetic material from Christopher Chase, Chase and Christie’s father. Christopher’s soul resides within Ambrose’s body as well, and Ambrose hopes to be able to give Christopher his own body back when he is restored.
Stories Character has been in: DisOrganization!, The Tangled Web (Stories 6 and 7), and Story 8

Name: Aro
Age: 17
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair/eye/skin colors: Black/black/pale
Height/weight: 5’ 6”, 120 lbs.
Clothes/Accessories: Average clothes
Weapons: Malarais, the Midnight Sword
Transportation: Walking
Overall Personality (including flaws): He delights in evil.
Skills: He is very agile and has a little skill with a sword.
Friends: (formerly) the Nine, the Org, the Headmistress
Enemies: Chase, Chance, Ditto Town
Short History: He is Chase’s darker nature and helped Chase escape from the School just before Story 6. He has followed Chase during their time in Ditto Town and has been most often an antagonist toward Chase and his friends. In Story 7, Aro allowed himself to be used to create other Shadow Warriors like himself from the students at the School and the citizens of Ditto Town. He is now traveling with Chase and Chance.
Stories Character has been in: DisOrganization! and The Tangled Web (Stories 6 and 7), Story 8

Name: Carl
Title: Head Assassin
Age: ?
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair/eye/skin colors: unknown
Height/weight: unknown
Weapons: Knives
Residence: Formerly the School and the Inn Between’s second-lowest room
Occupation: Assassin
Skills: Infiltration, training as an Assassin, the ability to reshape his face
Friends: Headmaster
Enemies: Chase, Dahg, Christie, the Nine, Headmistress
Short History: Carl was John/the Headmaster’s aide in the Org as well as the School’s Head Assassin. He was given John place in the Org after the Headmaster’s death. When the Headmistress was given charge of the School, Carl was sent to Ditto Town to hunt for Chase and the Group’s amulets. He used Dahg’s face during his early surveillance and swore fealty to Chase after being captured. He was later booted from the Inn and left Town.
Stories Character has been in: The Tangled Web and Story 8

Name: Chance
Age: 6 months, biologically 17
Species: Human/dray; clone of Chase
Gender: Male
Hair/eye/skin colors: Red/grey/pale
Height/weight: 5’ 6”, 120 lbs.
Weapons: Aalrais, the Aurora Sword
Residence: Formerly the Salesman’s lab
Transportation: Mist Walking
Overall Personality (including flaws): Very innocent, he does not understand much of the world around him, though he seems to have some intuitive knowledge of things even Chase does not understand, like the Three Swords
Skills: Mist Walking, Sword fighting
Friends: Chase, Christie
Enemies: Aro
Short History: Chance was created by the Salesman as a backup in case Chase could not defeat Aro. He joined Chase in the battle at the School and helped destroy the Weapon by using the Sword Aalrais to start the destruction sequence and removing it to release the destructive force of the other two Swords together. Chance is now wandering with Chase and Aro.
Stories Character has been in: The Tangled Web and Story 8

Name: Chase
Nickname: The Runaway
Age: 17
Species: Human/dray
Gender: Male
Hair/eye/skin colors: Red/grey/pale
Height/weight: 5’ 6”, 120 lbs.
Weapons: Talarais, the Twilight Sword
Residence: Greya and Torla’s house, Formerly the School
Transportation: Walking, Mist Walking
Skills: Mist Walking
Friends: Christie, Tommy, Dahg, Chance, Ambrose, Greya, Rana, Isaac, Nerrha
Enemies: Losf, Headmaster, Headmistress, Marksman, the Nine, Aro
Short History: Chase was born the son of Christopher Chase and Ral the dray. He remembers very little of his life before he was placed in the School, which he tried to escape as often as possible. The night he succeeded in running away, his best friend Tommy was killed while distracting the guards and killing the Headmaster. Chase and Aro have been at odds since Chase first became aware of Aro. After Escaping the School, Chase traveled to Ditto Town, meeting Rana and the Star Defenders along the way. He participated in the battle at the end of DisOrganization!, learning that Kar was his uncle and receiving an Org PDA from the dray. Chase later traveled to a cave where he discovered a device that threw him into the Mist, where he was attacked by Losf. Chase then traveled with Greya, Rana and the Star Defenders to the School to rescue Christie, only to find she had been adopted. They visited the house of Lord Weinfuld, who they discovered was really Losf the Gorgon. Chase blinded Losf and they escaped. Chase later found Christie at the Salesman’s compound and learned to Walk the Mist from the short man. After encountering the Marksman and helping the Gibsons escape the Nine’s clutches, Chase led the assault on the School with the reformed Group, destroying the Weapon and the Shadow Warriors. He, Chance and Aro began journeying in order to understand themselves better and figure out more about the Nine.
Stories Character has been in: DisOrganization!, The Tangled Web, and Story 8

Name: Christie Shelbon
Age: 18
Species: Human/dray
Gender: Female
Hair/eye/skin colors: Black/brown/pale
Height/weight: 5’ 4”, 120 lbs.
Residence: Greya’s house, formerly the School and Lord Weinfuld’s house
Occupation: Prophetess and waitress
Overall Personality (including flaws): Protective of her brother and very secretive regarding his future
Skills: Prophetic drawings, computer and laboratory skills from her time with the Salesman
Friends: Chase, Dahg, Tommy,
Enemies: The Headmaster, Losf, the Headmistress, the Nine
Short History: Christie was born the daughter of Christopher Chase and Ral the dray. She and Chase were raised at home until the Org used their parents for genetic experiments and placed the children in the School. Chase was so young that he forgot about their relationship, but Christie kept a close eye on her brother, aiding in his escape attempts when she could. After he escaped, Christie was adopted by Lord Weinfuld, who was really Losf in disguise. Christie was rescued by the Salesman and Dahg (who died in the process) and she assisted the Salesman in his work against the Nine and the School’s army of Shadow Warriors. After the battle at the School, she moved in with Greya and Torla to wait for her brother’s return. She works at the Cup and Platter as a waitress, helping Hugh out with the busy hours.
Stories Character has been in: DisOrganization!, The Tangled Web, and Story 8

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by shastastwin
Name: Dawn
Age: 4-5 years (mature for a vampire)
Species: Genetically altered vampire
Gender: female
Hair/eye/skin colors: black/red/pale
Height/weight: 5’, 100 lbs.
Weapons: Fangs and claws
Residence: Greya and Torla’s house, formerly the Vampire Fancier’s compound and the woods around Town
Overall Personality (including flaws): Protective of her brother, sometimes secretive
Friends: Ambrose, Xander, the Group
Enemies: Losf, the Nine
Short History: Dawn was raised in the VF’s compound with her brother Xander, where she met Ambrose the gargoyle and began a romantic relationship with him. She was concerned that they would never be able to pursue the relationship because of their different natures. She was a member of the original Group who resisted the Org and the Nine. She left the VF’s compound after the Fancier’s death with her brother Xander. They were attacked in the woods by Losf and found the next morning by Ambrose, who took them to the Rescue Center. Dawn joined the reformed Group in attacking the School and, after her brother’s disappearance at the book store opening, took up residence in Greya and Torla’s home.
Stories Character has been in: The Tangled Web, Story 8

Name: Greya
Title: Lord of the Silver-Mane
Age: Old
Species: Silver Elf of Ninagar
Gender: Male
Hair/eye/skin colors: Silver/silver/pale
Height/weight:6’5”, 180 lbs
Weapons: A silver long knife
Residence: An old mansion on the edge of Town
Overall Personality (including flaws): A strong and determined individual who does not hesitate to do what is right. He is very concerned about keeping innocents from harm.
Skills: Knife fighting, prophetic drawings/carvings
Friends: Torla, Chase, Ambrose, Erik and Abby, the Group
Enemies: Losf, the Headmistress, the Nine
Short History: Greya left his home world of Ninagar when a great Evil began to destroy it. When all hope seemed lost, Greya left, the only survivor of his world (except for Losf), sealing all gates to the world shut behind him to contain the Evil. Greya wandered the worlds for millennia, followed by Torla for much of that time. Eventually he came to Ditto Town and took up residence in an abandoned mansion on the edge of Town, befriending Erik soon afterward. After freeing Torla from her curse, Greya participated in several major battles with other residents of Ditto Town. Using his command of the Silmani, a race of beings native to a parallel dimension, he created a gift for Molly Silvermoon which allows her to stay awake during daylight hours even when she is not wearing her amulet (but not indefinitely). Greya has grown close to Chase and Ambrose in their journeys together, and has made several trips to the School in order to help Chase. He also joined the reformed Group in the battle against the Shadow Warriors.
Stories Character has been in: DisOrganization!, The Tangled Web, and Story 8

Name: Kar
Age: a few hundred years old
Species: Dray
Gender: Male
Hair/eye/skin colors: Red/red/pale red
Height/weight: Three inches/a few ounces; alternatively, 6’ and 150 lbs.
Clothes/Accessories: Red clothing that resembles the leaves of the burning bush plant
Weapons: A small sword like a sandwich pick
Residence: A burning bush near the Town Square
Transportation: Walking
Overall Personality (including flaws): Vengeful, protective and loving when it comes to his family
Skills: Swordfighting, the ability to change the size of any object he touches
Friends: Chase, Christie, Ambrose
Enemies: The Headmaster
Short History: Kar and his family were recruited by the Org when it was more benign in nature, but it eventually betrayed them and took many of them for experiments. Kar was put into an enchanted sleep meant to last a century, but because of the time travel in the area it only lasted ten years. When he awoke, he sought revenge against the Org and John the Headmaster, taking part in the rescue mission at the end of DisOrganization!, killing the Headmaster a final time and freeing Ambrose. He was believed dead at the end of that story, and even went so far as to leave Chase a post-mortem message on the Org PDA that he gave Chase. Kar was later made human-sized, captured by the Headmistress’ lackeys and subjected to the Weapon. When he regained his normal size, he escaped and took part in the assault on the School at the end of The Tangled Web, again seeming to die in the process. He is now making his way back to Ditto Town.
Stories Character has been in: DisOrganization!, The Tangled Web, and Story 8

Title: The Marksman
Age: ?
Species: ?
Gender: Male
Hair/eye/skin colors: ?
Height/weight: ?
Distinct markings: Speaks with a British accent
Weapons: Bow and arrows
Occupation: Balance for Chaos
Transportation: Mist Walking
Overall Personality (including flaws): He is a true free agent, helping and attacking those who it interests him to do so. He is a cunning opponent not to be underestimated.
Skills: Marksmanship, Mist Walking
Friends/Enemies: Depends on the moment
Short History: The Marksman has been the Balance for Chaos for an unknown length of time. He first appeared in the Ditto Story as a man working for the Nine who was attempting to find Chase. He has shown the ability to see through Talarais’ twilight. He has also helped Chase escape the Nine and he aided the students of the School in their mass escape at the end of The Tangled Web.
Stories Character has been in: The Tangled Web and Story 8

Title: Number 6
Age: ?
Species: ?
Gender: Male
Hair/eye/skin colors:?
Weapons: Formerly the sword Malarais
Occupation: Member of the Nine
Friends: The Nine
Enemies: The Group
Short History: While normally a distant and controlling person, Number 6 has been known to get too involved in his plans and their execution, as he did at the end of The Tangled Web. He coordinated the creation and use of the Weapon from afar, and when Chase attempted to destroy the Weapon, Number 6 revealed himself and faced Chase in combat, with Aro by his side. 6 was taken into the Mist along with the Weapon, Chase, Chance, and Aro. What became of him is unknown.
Stories Character has been in: The Tangled Web, Story 8

Name: Rick
Nickname: Ranger
Age: 35
Species: Gargoyle
Gender: Male
Hair/eye/skin colors: Yellow/gold/orange
Height/weight: 5’7”, 145 lbs.
Clothes/Accessories: A kilt
Weapons: His claws
Residence: Cliffs in the wilderness outside Ditto Town
Transportation: Walking, flight
Overall Personality (including flaws): Caring, protective, and courteous; a bit clumsy and uncomfortable with heights. Sometimes bores people with his overly verbose manner of speaking.
Skills: Flight (when he has to), climbing the cliffs his clan reside in.
Family: Michael (father), Rachel (mother), Leah (sister)
Friends: Members of his clan
Enemies: None so far
Short History: He was born and raised as part of the Eastern Rock-a-climb Clan of gargoyles in Dittopia.
Stories Character has been in: Story 8

Title: The Salesman
Age: ?
Species: ?
Gender: Male
Hair/eye/skin colors: Brown/brown/brown
Height/weight: 4’, 90 lbs
Residence: Formerly an underground lab
Occupation: Balance for Order
Transportation: Walking
Overall Personality (including flaws): Speaks in very short, mostly one-word sentences, which often translate to long and complicated sentences (sometimes translated by the narrator or other characters); is very short-tempered and stern
Skills: Advanced knowledge of genetics, computers, and many esoteric topics such as Mist Walking and the Balances
Friends: Christie
Enemies: The Marksman, the Nine
Short History: He took Christie in after she escaped from her would-be assassination and with her help cloned Tommy and Chase to provide a way to defeat their Shadow Warriors. He also taught Chase to Walk in the Mist.
Stories Character has been in: The Tangled Web (Story 7), Story 8

Name: Torla Shobn Silvermane
Nickname: Healer
Age: Old
Species: Formerly human and wraith
Gender: Female
Hair/eye/skin colors: Blonde/green/pale
Height/weight: 5’9”, 130 lbs.
Clothes/Accessories: Robes
Residence: Old mansion on the edge of town
Occupation: Healer, cook at the Cup and Platter
Transportation: Walking, formerly flight
Skills: Healing, training as an assassin
Friends: Greya, Chase, Hugh, Christie, Dawn, Ambrose, Erik, Abby
Enemies: The Org, the Nine
Short History: She was cursed by the Headmaster to hunt down Greya across the worlds, which resulted in her becoming a wraith and living millennia beyond her normal life. Soon after she and Greya came to Ditto Town, he lifted the curse from her and they fell in love, eventually marrying. They have since taken in Chase, Christie, Ambrose and Dawn at various times and for different reasons. An older version of herself has come back to warn her about the Org’s desire for her and Greya’s future child, as some unknown cost to herself in that future.
Stories Character has been in: DisOrganization! and The Tangled Web (Stories 6 and 7), Story 8

Name: Xander
Age: 3-4 years (young but mature for a vampire)
Species: Genetically altered vampire
Gender: male
Hair/eye/skin colors: Black/red/pale
Height/weight: 5’, 100 lbs.
Residence: formerly the Vampire Fancier’s compound and the woods around Ditto Town
Overall Personality (including flaws): Xander enjoys making jokes and is generally a very fun-loving vampire
Skills: Visions of literary counterparts to those around him
Friends: Dawn, Ambrose, Chase
Enemies: Losf, the Nine
Short History: Xander was raised with his sister Dawn at the Vampire Fancier’s compound. When they learned of the Fancier’s death, the two left the compound and began wandering through the woods around the Town. One night, they were attacked by Losf Groga, and Xander bit the Gorgon in an attempt to protect himself and Dawn. This resulted in Xander’s being able to see a literary counterpart to each person around him (that is, he sees who they would be if they were in fiction). Ambrose found the two in the woods and took them to the Rescue Center. Xander remained there while the attack on the School took place, and went to the opening of the book shop with Dawn and the others. There, he met a mysterious man who took him to another world.
Stories Character has been in: The Tangled Web, Story 8

(That's all my active characters. Any that have been killed off or aren't in the current story I won't post bios for unless they are requested. :) )