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Re: The Census Bureau

Postby Ryadian » Jul 10, 2012 2:51 pm

Finally, getting around to posting a few people's bios. ;)

General Information

Character Name: Kirane
Character Nicknames or Titles: Aliases: “Catalyst” (from her most recent home)
Screen Name of Author: Ryadian

Character Information

Age: Around 25
Gender: Female
Species: A humanoid species known as the Krescans
Hair/Eye Colors: Dark blue/light pink
Weight/Height: 160 lbs/5’ 10”
Distinct Markings: Along her skin, blue/purple lines are visible; they look like veins/arteries, except much more pronounced—and, seemingly, on the outside of the skin. (It’s hard to tell if that’s really the case.) Also, her skin is slightly grayer, almost silver (as opposed to brown), compared to human skin tones. For the most part, a good make-up job can make her look human… without close inspection, anyways.
Clothes and Other Accessories: Her most notable outfit is her “crime-fighting gear”. The short version: it’s a lavender jacket with gold-colored trim, which reaches down just to her elbows. She’s wearing a light-blue shirt under that, and pants with a similar coloring scheme.
Weapons: Usually she just relies on her powers, though she has a couple various gadgets she’s picked up. Also, she has five bracelets she can use in unusual ways with her powers.

(If you’re really interested…on her left arm, she wears three bracelets. From elbow to wrist, there’s a black one made of a semi-solid material (both flexible and strong), a gold one masking a reactive substance, and a clear one that can be nearly invisible. On the right, she has two: a silver one, which conducts electricity exceptionally well, and a dark red one which can sharpen almost instantaneously.)

Armor: None

Residence: She’s hoping to get an apartment at the Ditto Mansion, partially because she’s heard enough about Boo-kay, and because she has decided to stay in Ditto Town the time being. Until then, she’s living at Ryana’s cottage.
Occupation: Kirane is a carpenter/sculptor (even without the use of her powers, though she tends to use them for finishing touches) and talented singer. She uses both those talents to collect money on her travels.
Mode of Transportation: She either walks or uses a “hoverboard” she received from a “fan” once.
Overall Personality: Kirane is fairly laid-back and quiet, but enjoys spending time with people—sort of an introverted extrovert. She’s also both loyal and sympathetic to others, but not so much to ideals; she doesn’t tend to be passionate about anything but important values. Once you get to know her, you will realize that her other personality is, more or less, a guise to hide a more unique, fun-loving personality. Why she hides it from those she doesn’t know well is a mystery to most…possibly even to her. Either way, she is also very passive, preferring to say nothing rather than argue or take offense.
Personality Flaws: Kirane can seem rather apathetic, even when she does care. Also, she can be irritatingly indecisive. Surprisingly, at times, she can also be too stubborn—generally, she simply stops discussing the point if someone tries to change her mind.
Hobbies: Reading, sculpting/carving.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Animals, spending time with other people
Dislikes: Being cooped up in one place too long, large cities, electricity (she’s very vulnerable to it and similar types of energy)
Long-term Goals: Finding a way home
Skills: She’s an artist and singer (not the best there is, but fairly good), with some knowledge of basic sciences like chemistry (after all, her powers revolve around things like molecules).
Magic Skills: Kirane has the ability to “manipulate matter”. For the most part, this means she can bend/shape things, turn them from a solid to a liquid (or some other similar transition), and, in some cases, changing the molecular structure. She’s convinced it’s a type of magic her people has, but some more technology-minded people (like a good friend of hers) say it’s just a natural trait her race has (like stone sleep in gargoyles, to borrow a familiar example ;) ).

Family: Kirane has an older brother, as well as both of her parents. However, she’s been separated from her family for about six years, and isn’t entirely sure if any of the above are still alive.
Friends: Kirane has made many friends, allies, and acquaintances on her old world. However, the one that stands out the most is someone named Scott Josephs… a good friend she, for some reason, avoids talking about.
Enemies: Kirane has also made many enemies (most of which are enemies of her allies). One in particular is someone named Logan Connell, who seems to hold a personal grudge against her.
Pets, Sidekicks, etc: None
Characters to whom yours is a pet, sidekick, etc.: None

Short History: Kirane originally comes from a world (or dimension, or planet… she’s actually not sure which one’s the most accurate) far, far away from any others she’s since visited. However, her people are well-known for technology that lets them travel between worlds. Years ago, her people discovered a place inundated with portals to other worlds—a place known as “Ditto Town.” Kirane volunteered to establish first contact with “Ditto Town.”

However, just as she was leaving, a mysterious explosion went off at the facility with the teleporter. She never found out what the cause was. Someone sent her on regardless, and she was teleported… to the wrong world. She ended up in a place which is essentially Earth… with superheroes who have appeared over the last couple of decades (they still even have comic books). Kirane still had part of the device that allowed interworldly travel, but not the power source, so she was stranded there. She decided to become a “superhero” herself named Catalyst.

She spent the next six years on Arret, making several friends, allies, and enemies. Most notably are Scott Josephs, a good friend (and the “fan” that invented her hoverboard), and Logan Connell (one of her most notorious foes). And Logan, in an attempt to steal her people’s technology (and later use it against her), inadvertently took her to Ditto Town—and came with her. He disappeared shortly after that.

Stories Character has been in (Ditto Mansion roleplay, Fountain roleplay, Ditto Story num-bers): Just appeared in Ditto Story 8


General Information

Character Name: Logan Connell
Character Nicknames or Titles: None in particular
Screen Name of Author: Ryadian

Character Information

Age: Mid-thirties
Gender: Male
Species: Human, what’s left of him
Hair/Eye Colors: Medium brown/emerald green
Weight/Height: Average/tall
Distinct Markings: Much of his skin has been replaced by his cybernetic parts.
Clothes and Other Accessories: Whatever he can get; he’s been wanted for over five years now[./color]
Weapons: [color=#FF0080]His cybernetic systems act as weapons when he wants them to be; they can produce a blue, electricity-like energy and lasers (the lasers, however, are rarely used, as they cost a lot of energy). They also increase his strength and reflexes. He also uses various gadgets he’s invented (or stolen).

Armor: His cyborg parts are very, very tough; his still-human parts, however, are still vulnerable.

Residence: Somewhere in Ditto Town's world....
Occupation: Logan used to be a respected scientist, but after he became all-but obsessed with superpowers to the point where he committed crimes to do it. Now he’s an on-the-run criminal.
Mode of Transportation: Usually walking, but given his increased stamina, this is actually viable
Overall Personality: Logan is very egotistical, passionate, and seemingly frivolous, though he is really just short of a genius. He often pretends to be completely indifferent to the entire world (sometimes is); in reality, he’s cold, sadistic, and bitter.
Personality Flaws: See his overall personality….
Hobbies: Other than plotting how to achieve his goals and researching his work? Finding revenge is a common one as well, especially nowadays
Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Being in complete control
Dislikes: Being out of control, failure

Long-term Goals: Once upon a time, he was interested in the source of superpowers in general, for a variety of reasons. Now, he still wants to accomplish that, with one added caveat: he wants to make Kirane’s life as miserable as possible, even if it kills him (since it’s already started doing that).
Skills: He’s very strong, highly intelligent, and has half a digital mind now; because of that, he also has faster reflexes and is marginally more intelligent
Magic Skills: Not really a “magic skill”, but a special ability: thanks to his botched attempt at teleportation, Logan has the ability to create a sort of “telekinetic pulse”. Basically, everything around him just moves, usually either quickly away or quickly towards him. He has little control over where or what things go, but he can turn it on and off at will.

Family: Logan has long-since forgotten about most of his family. His father and two sisters are still alive, but they haven’t had contact since he became a criminal.
Friends: He's been on the run and a notorious supervillain for too long; he doesn't really have friends.
Enemies: Kirane, Kirane’s family, Kirane’s friends (see a trend?), Ditto Town (since his alliance with the Organization)
Pets, Sidekicks, etc: None
Characters to whom yours is a pet, sidekick, etc.: None

Short History: Logan Connell was a respected scientist at a university when superheroes began to populate his planet. He studied superpowers, interested in their source, just like many of his peers. For the most part, scientists wanted to understand those abilities for a few reasons: duplicating it for other humans, if possible, simply to understand it, or possibly even to defend against any super-powered threats. However, as time went on, Logan became more interested in the potential personal gain: either selling his research to the highest bidder, when it was complete, or using the knowledge on himself.

Connell eventually gave in to these temptations, and took it too far: he kidnapped a then-local hero named Ardent. However, his timing was very poor. There was a hero who wandered from town to town known as Catalyst… or Kirane. And she just so happened to be around when her good friend was captured. Connell hadn’t counted on her interference, or for her to take down his security single-handedly. She freed Ardent, exposed Connell to the world, and made herself a new enemy.

This enmity has only grown worse over time. Catalyst has interfered with his plans on several occasions, while resisting his attempts to study the technology she brought from her world. The final blow came when he finally stole a piece of her technology. He had already long-since made plans to steal a cybernetic frame for himself, and now he wanted to install her technology in it—in part, to give himself teleportation powers, and simply to make himself powerful. Kirane came to reclaim her technology (and catch him for the police), but it was too late—he’d already started the process, and it wasn’t going well.

Kirane did her best to reverse the process; in the end, she mostly recovered her technology, and Logan was discovering that being a cyborg had some disadvantages. In part because the cybernetics were part of a prototype, and also because of his interference, it wasn’t functioning properly. Add to it that Kirane’s interference, and it resulted in a serious problem: his body was rejecting the cybernetics (or possibly the other way around), and eventually, it would probably kill him. Somehow, Logan managed to blame it on Kirane. He’s decided that, even if all other goals fail, he will do his best to make her life miserable. His last attempt, indirectly, brought the two of them to Ditto Town… and caused him to change his plans a bit.

Stories Character has been in (Ditto Mansion roleplay, Fountain roleplay, Ditto Story numbers): None so far; going to be in Ditto Story 8


General Information

Character Name: Ryana Armaya Armanos (Just call her Ryana, and never use “Armanos” around her)
Character Nicknames or Titles: Aliases: Phoenix Archer, Vanessa Jones (The latter is no longer in use)
Screen Name of Author: Ryadian

Character Information

Age: Around 22-23
Gender: Female
Species: Half-human, half-phoenix
Hair/Eye Colors: Red/gold wavy hair, icy blue eyes
Weight/Height: You feel like asking?/Almost 6’
Distinct Markings: She has two marks that resemble scars where her wings extend/retract
Clothes and Other Accessories: Since her recent encounter with Hasaré, Ryana has made it a point to wear regular clothing more often, almost to help her “recovery” into normal life. However, from time to time (after all, she still goes on patrol!), she dons the costume she wore as Phoenix Archer. The costume consists of fighting robe-esque clothing, with a color scheme of dark reds and gold. She also has a pair of boots (various shades of blue) made of a strange material; they’re fairly heavy until you get used to them, but they also add an extra sting when she kicks someone (very handy for her line of work).

She has a cloth mask that covers her face (which is similar to a ninja’s mask in a cartoon show), with a storm design on it (the main cloth is silk-like and light gray, with a darker gray “cloud” embroidered to the top and a yellow “lightning bolt” coming out of the “cloud”). (After she revealed her identity to the whole town, she no longer needs the mask. She keeps it more out of nostalgia, and because it can be more intimidating.) She also has a black hooded cape which she uses when she wants stealth; it hides the bright colors on her clothing very well. It also has the design of the mask, but she can wear it inside-out so that it's black and more useful for stealth.

Weapons: Two daggers, a bow, and lighting arrows, along with a set of arrows she received as a gift from the Vampire Fancier at a Christmas party (see Ditto Story 5). A note about her powers: she can use her elemental powers with the lightning arrows, but not the ones she received from the VF.
Armor: No true armor, but her wings are bullet and arrow proof (they’re essentially made of a light metal)

Residence: (caves, Ditto Mansion, etc) A cottage she rented for Ditto Story 4, and has owned since Ditto Story 5.
Occupation: She is a vigilante, but she had some archaeological training as Vanessa before she came to Ditto Town. Generally, she uses all her skills for hire to make money.
Mode of Transportation: Walking and flying (the latter is, understandably, preferred but less convenient most of the time).

Overall Personality: Until she dropped her “Vanessa Jones” alias and began living as herself, she actually often lived a dual life. Vanessa was polite and somewhat friendly, but still kept herself at a distance from anyone. It was almost obvious that this personality was a mask. When she was more “herself”, she was militaristic, withdrawn into herself, but very passionate about certain subjects. She was only herself for brief periods of time, and only around her phoenix companions.

However, times change. After she came to several realizations, she started letting herself be herself. She’s still introverted and still loses her temper easily, but now she uses the wit and humor she’s always had. Her passions are still there, but now she shares them with the friends she more easily makes.

Personality Flaws: As was previously stated, she still loses her temper easily. Sometimes, she still finds it hard to be genuine around other people, and slips back into her façade (Vanessa in social situations, Phoenix Archer in more serious ones). She can be a little rash, and sometimes uncaring.
Hobbies: She still doesn’t do anything in particular for fun—she’s still getting used to the idea. However, she does attend many events around town while trying to develop her own hobbies.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Good, phoenixes, Ditto Town, helping people, people who aren't too nosy.

Dislikes: The feeling of vulnerability, people who talk too much, people who are nosy, evil, vampires (she can't help that, as much as she's tried)

Long-term Goals: Two goals, really. First, she wants to “atone” for what her mother and half-sister tried to do with her. Secondly, now that she has so completely fallen in love with Ditto Town… she wants to stop the Organization and whoever else may be pulling the strings, at whatever cost.
Skills: Archery, flight (she can literally grow wings and fly), martial arts skills (mostly things she’s picked up on the way, meaning she’s more likely to use what works for her than any trained skills)
Magic Skills: Weaker fire, ice, and lightning elemental abilities. Once, she could only use these elements using specially enchanted weaponry (her arrows for lightning, and her daggers for fire and ice). Now, she can use them more proficiently, and possibly without her weapons (she hasn’t dared to try it extensively). However, this came mostly because her telepathy was badly “damaged” after her bond with Evelyn, and she’s had to adapt. She can’t send messages as easily, unless she’s already “talking” to another telepath, but she can receive them very easily, even from great distances. Also, she’s still protected from anything but an intentional probe.

As a byproduct of Evelyn’s empathy, Ryana can sometimes reach into another’s mind and “touch” them with a certain emotion, affecting their thinking and behavior briefly. Sustaining it, however, is very difficult.

Family: Silan (phoenix father), Tharos Rikotan/Reika Armanos (human mother; the former is an alias), Hasaré (half-sister), her phoenix companions (probably related, but distantly)
Friends: Her phoenixes, sort of the people of Ditto Town (more like allies, though she’ll grudgingly admit she’d like to make more friends), anyone good
Enemies: All evil, Hasaré and Tharos/Reika
Pets, etc: She has three phoenix companions that are as close to her as anyone has ever gotten. More recently, she got a dog: a Siberian Husky named Shadow.
Characters to whom yours is a pet, sidekick, etc.: None

Short History: Ryana is the only daughter of Silan, a phoenix, and a human woman she knew as Reika Armanos. As it turns out, however, her mother had an alter ego: Tharos Rikotan, a terrorist whose goals included vampire genocide. She married Silan with the express purpose of having a phoenix-human hybrid with the perfect mix of traits from both species. However, the only clue to her alter ego was Hasaré, her (at the time of Ryana’s birth) five-year-old daughter from her first marriage, who grew up knowing the truth, but also knowing to hide it.

Five years later, Silan discovered the truth, and sent Ryana to stay with extended family. He tried to keep in touch with her, and Ryana was fostered both by the phoenix enclave and a human couple. However, a few years later, the home of her foster parents caught fire and burned down—the cause was never determined. The wife died and the husband was badly injured. Ryana feared the fire might have been her fault—her powers going out of control—and left to find some time to herself. Unfortunately, someone had other ideas—her mother and a now-grown Hasaré.

They tried to convince her to join them, but Ryana wasn’t taken in for long. For one thing, she quickly realized this was too convenient—how did she know that they didn’t start the fire in the first place? Besides that, whether or not the vampires were evil, Ryana knew that Tharos had hurt other people, not just vampires—and killing them all was too extreme. Thankfully, a phoenix from the enclave arrived before the older women decided to stop using persuasion.

After this, Ryana felt restless at the enclave. Finally, she decided to leave an explore the world. She received gifts from her friends, which would later become part of her alter ego as Phoenix Archer. She also developed an alter ego—Vanessa Dara Jones, with hair and eye color modeled after her foster mother. She also picked up some unexpected company—Brianna, Anna, and Diana, three sisters, who wanted to come with. She couldn’t dissuade them, so they adopted identities of their own and traveled with her. Since then, they’ve had many adventures—including the ones that convinced Ryana to make her home in Ditto Town. But that’s another story.

She still goes by Phoenix Archer, just as a tribute to her past, but everyone knows the truth now; she now mostly goes by Ryana.

Stories Character has been in (Ditto Mansion roleplay, Fountain roleplay, Ditto Story num-bers): Ditto Stories 4-8, Real Life (for a short period of time), A Day in the Life
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Re: The Census Bureau

Postby Bob Saget » Dec 17, 2017 10:06 pm

Thanks for writing with us, folks! We've got new writing threads coming out sometime soon. Stay posted in Ditto Town for further updates!
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