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Re: Ditto Town Library

PostPosted: Oct 23, 2012 5:50 pm
by starkat
Thank you for that! I had totally forgotten where I left her! ;)) Now I know how to tie her return in a bit better. I'm doing these very character oriented as so to reintroduce my characters and their personalities to those who may not have seen them in awhile. I've got part one of a Lianna focused segment written but not typed. So expect that and the follow up to come soon. Olivia will probably be next followed by Ryder. But I won't guarantee that everyone will be getting their powers back. ;)) :ymcowboy:

Re: Ditto Town Library

PostPosted: Oct 24, 2012 2:03 pm
by stargazer
Ditto on Sonny's remarks - great to see some powers returned.

I like the idea that you're doing character-driven segments, kat; they'll be a nice contrast to most of my recent ones in which I've focused on the alternate universes (though some of them have given me a chance to write character development too, as I think about the different Abbys ;)) ).

Re: Ditto Town Library

PostPosted: Oct 24, 2012 6:01 pm
by starkat
Lianna's first segment's up. Hopefully I'll get the second one done by Sunday or so. These all take place in the prime universe.

Edit: Sorry about the delay. A rather crazy few days.

Re: Ditto Town Library

PostPosted: Nov 03, 2012 4:50 pm
by starkat
A conversation held with stargazer over IM:

starkat: 'gazer, do we know where we're headed with this story and how long we want to stay in this particular storyline?
stargazer: not sure, kat.
starkat: With Katherine and Verena's ability to hop between realities, this could be wrapped up very quickly or it could be drawn out quite a bit.
stargazer: I think Sonny has some ideas integrating his characters into this, and I have a couple of conspirators I'm waiting for
starkat: ok
stargazer: do you have a preference? I do like the way you're bringing them in, and restoring their abilities
starkat: I'm not thinking of them as the actual solution. Just mainly as messengers to the various dimensions so that everyone can pull together and solve the problem.
starkat: Say maybe there's a piece to the solution in every reality or something.
stargazer: I hadn't really thought of resolution for my characters' alternates...more on the order of 'their lives go on.' Though I'd like to end their little story arcs, especially injured Abby in the red 'verse
starkat: One option I'd wondered about was maybe the resolution could end up in a reality that was blended together from all four
stargazer: interesting idea! Would that become the new prime reality then?
starkat: Yeah
starkat: sort of a knitting together.
stargazer: that is, the one the story would continue in?
starkat: yeah
stargazer: intriguing
starkat: that way no one would lose any character development they didn't want to.
stargazer: or any characters
starkat: ditto with plotlines and any additional characters
starkat: but to knit together four realities, I can see it being a complex thing to do. It would also allow for a reset of several things if we wanted including the villains.
starkat: Say instead of 9 have three. or even just one main bad guy group or something.
stargazer: you're right, it could be crazy.
starkat: but it could open a lot of doors
starkat: oh and the only alternate character I plan on keeping in the storyline is Verena. Anyone who pops in to help restore abilities is temporary.
stargazer: absolutely!
stargazer: to your previous note about opening doors
starkat: That Verena may also depart at some point towards the end of her usefulness or I may meld her character together with the younger Verena if we go the way of knitting dimensions together.
stargazer: I think it might be worth posting in the Library, see what others think

So... what do you guys think?

I do plan on adding some limitations as to how the hopping between realities ability can be used. I don't want it to be something that can be easily handled.

(This post is within rules as the last post was well over 24 hours ago. ;) )

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PostPosted: Nov 04, 2012 4:18 pm
by leuthilalda
Kat, the blend sounds like a good way to resolve this.

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PostPosted: Nov 04, 2012 5:52 pm
by Varnafinde
Varna has some more shopping to do in London that I want included in this story - but she needn't see any more of England's alternate reality.
And even if she does, I don't think there's any need to resolve that reality - she just got a glimpse into another one that doesn't really affect her, is all.

Resolving the Ditto Town ones by blending them is more useful - and more needed - since we've got so many versions of some of the known characters.

And Varna will only hear about it after she comes back. It would explain her strange experience ...

Re: Ditto Town Library

PostPosted: Nov 05, 2012 11:38 am
by stargazer
It'd be fun to read more about Varna's trip to London, whether or not she sees more of the 'green' universe. :)

To add a bit to the IM conversation kat mentioned above, I really wasn't sure how to resolve all this. At first, it was just Abby somehow experiencing a sort of 'leakage' from alternate realities (not really needing much resolution).

But our wonderful writers have made it so much more! So I really like the idea of a sort of blended result - allowing us to keep characters or plot elements from the other realities if we wish.

Since my NaNo also deals with these alternates, I've thought of a few interesting (to me, at least ;)) ) ideas. I'll likely keep the Silvermoons alive, but have some fun plans for Shannon Lewis (the young lady who rescued baby Molly in what became the 'evil' 'verse).

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PostPosted: Dec 22, 2012 1:40 pm
by Ryadian
So, it's been a while since I last visited Ditto Town. :P :ymblushing: I'm going to need a few days to refresh myself on where everyone is, but here's a segment I wrote a while ago which never got posted. ;)) It takes place in the Order and Evil universes, following up the whole "mad bomber is holding Alex hostage" thing. ;)

Okay... now to get caught up.... :)) (Well, more "refreshed", since I have been reading the posts--just not in enough detail, apparently, because I can't remember much of what's happened since school started. :ymblushing: )

Re: Ditto Town Library

PostPosted: Dec 22, 2012 10:47 pm
by Aravanna
Kat, I love your newest posts. :ymapplause: I feel like they add a lot to the current story ark we're in. I'll be interested to see how the re-empowered Lianna and Katherine affect the four timelines... especially if they can jump between the alternate realities.

And combining the four timelines sounds like a good resolution to me, although on my part my characters will end up the exact same as they were before except for maybe some fuzzy additional memories. Although I strongly vote to keep ALL Nine of the Nine. I feel like it has good significance as a number because you get body, soul, and spirit as well as past, present, and future. And that mysterious Tenth. I don't know if JillPole had a specific plan for that, but it's intriguing and gives us material for future stories.

Also, I had a bit of an idea on how to tie the bombing of the Emporium into the rest of the story line but I'm not sure how much I tell at this point. It could be an interesting reveal if 'gazer likes the idea.

Good continuation of the evil and order plots Rya! I owe you a post now. I'm not sure that will happen before India, so you might be looking for my next post mid-January.

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PostPosted: Dec 22, 2012 11:42 pm
by stargazer
I quite like your idea about the Emporium bombing, Aravanna. (It's great to discuss our writing in person, isn't it?). I agree that it should make a very interesting reveal should we choose to go that way.

On melding the universes: I've sort of played with this in my 2012 NaNo, in which Shannon Lewis shows up in the prime universe with odd memories/dreams/whatever of rescuing a baby years before, only to find out that Molly's parents are alive and well.

Ryadian, Masked Rider, and I were talking about this a bit last night and she had an interesting point: Abby seems to be pregnant in some of the universes but not others. How to resolve this in a melding of the universes will be something I need to think about.

Reading the latest story posts has made me want to write more in this timeline (as opposed to the NaNo future I've been focused on since mid-October).

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PostPosted: Dec 28, 2012 8:01 pm
by Sonny
In that case... I guess I need to figure out how to deal with Loren and Eliana's daughter from one of the alternate universes... Also, I'd like to start bringing them into other writer's plots. Anyone who has any ideas, please PM me. Thanks! :)

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PostPosted: Jun 25, 2013 6:55 pm
by Ryadian
It's been a while since anyone has posted in either of these threads, so I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one who needs a refresher. :P Now that I'm out of school, I'm hoping to get back into writing the story. But... I've been away too long, and now I'm very confused. :P

Anyways, here's what's going on as best as I remember after skimming over recent pages, focusing on my characters mainly because I know where they are ( :P ). (Sonny, I didn't put your characters in here because I'm not entirely sure where they belong. :ymblushing: )

SHOW SPOILER Good Universe
The basic one, which I call "Prime" in my segments (IIRC, "A" for shastastwin's segments, blue text for stargazer's). Present day, my characters Ryana and Kirane are at the Emporium with Erik and Abby, Erica and Alex, and Greya, Ambrose, Christie, and Torla. (Correct me if I'm missing someone!) They've gotten into a discussion about the possibility of alternate realities and the like, brought on by the various characters having visions of the alternate realities (with or without realizing it). Earlier in the day, this timeline also had the Mata Nui characters appear.

SHOW SPOILER Chaos Universe
This is the other universe where the Emporium wasn't destroyed; however, other things are off. I call it the "Strange" universe; it's the B universe for shastastwin, and the green text one for stargazer. Erik and Abby have a baby boy, Max, instead of Molly. No one but Christie seems to notice the absence of Torla, Xander, and Dawn, apparently not knowing who they are. In this universe, all the characters from the previous spoiler--except Ryana and Kirane--are having a similar conversation at the Emporium. Some of the characters have a sense that things are just off/wrong. Also, a side note about my characters (it hasn't come up yet directly because a) I haven't posted here yet and b) some of this is a retcon): in this universe, Kirane never showed up. Ryana has silver wings, instead of golden ones, which can't retract like they can in the other universes. There are other backstory differences which I'll only mention if they're important.

SHOW SPOILER Order Universe
One of the two universes where the Emporium blew up, the one I call "Fate", shastastwin's C universe, and stargazer's yellow universe. This is the one where both Erik and Abby were killed by the bomber, where Molly was brought back to her family's clan, etc. Sarah Johnson hasn't appeared in this universe; Ryana was able to catch the bomber without killing him. If I recall correctly, this is the universe where Chance woke up in the gargoyle cave and realized that Chase wasn't there; he was surprised and confused, but the gargoyles told him that they've never met Chase, and that they raised Chance. A note about my characters: I'm retconning this, so I'm going to have to edit the post. In this universe, Kirane never appeared.

SHOW SPOILER Evil Universe
The other universe where the Emporium blew up, the one I call "Scream", shastastwin's D universe, and stargazer's red universe. This is the one where both Erik was killed but Abby survived with Molly, and is now limping back to town with severe injuries. After Val gave her life teleporting Erica to safely, back to Earth, Sarah Johnson called demanding to talk to Alex. Erica hung up on her, which lead to Sarah coming directly to her, then teleporting them all back to Ditto Town. Sarah Johnson killed the bomber. If I recall correctly, this is the universe where Chase and Chance made it back to town, were attacked by Aro, and then discovered the Emporium in ruins. And since I'm retconning this: Kirane is in this universe. This is the universe where she's still trapped in the ruins of the Emporium.

SHOW SPOILER Outside the fracture
The "fractured realities" seem to be a bubble around Ditto Town, as Katherine and Gwanuig, who are with the elves, are unaffected. Verena from another dimension--one where this isn't happening--came to tell Katherine about it, as well as give her a vial which could return her powers (or, potentially give her new ones). An alternate Olivia offered the same vial to Lianna. We also know that the Nine are responsible for the fracture somehow, with Number 6 taking credit for the change in Molly's gender. There's also another universe where Erik is a female (named Erika), her mate being Aaron, and the two of them have three sets of twins, the oldest set being 12 years old. IIRC, stargazer has said that this was for fun, and does not factor into the other four universes. ;)

Hopefully that's all accurate. :ymblushing: If I got something wrong, please correct me! This is the basis that I'm writing future segments on. :)

Re: Ditto Town Library

PostPosted: Jun 27, 2013 1:20 pm
by Varnafinde
And somehow England also is affected and has its own version of the green text Chaos universe - Varna is in London and gets a glimpse of it.
In this version,
Princess Diana was not killed in the car crash, but is now Queen Consort of King Charles, because Queen Elisabeth has retired.

In case someone was trying to make this a Ditto Town only phenomenon, I see that I have messed up that plan royally :p

I just found something I wrote a while ago and thought I had lost - Varna's first reactions on entering a second-hand bookshop in Charing Cross Road. It should go into a post sooner or later. :)

Re: Ditto Town Library

PostPosted: Jun 30, 2013 10:10 am
by stargazer
That's a good summary, Ryadian. It's very helpful to have it here since it's been a while since the story's been active, and it might be a bit confusing to sort it all out from those story posts.

I was about to add a comment about Varna's very good segment (the one she mentioned above). No worries about extending this beyond the ditto world, Varna, as I also did so by affecting the gargoyles' home world. BTW, looking forward to reading that additional post about your character's experience in London.

Also, while the "fifth reality" 'verse (with Erika, Aaron, and all the twins) was written as a one-off, other writers may feel free to include it in their story arcs - as may I, later on. (I revisited it, and several other alternate 'verses, in last year's NaNo story).

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PostPosted: Aug 05, 2013 7:58 am
by Sonny
Ah, yes, my characters... I'm going with this theory right now:

The Time Fracture occurred the moment the HTD was activated. Because of Loren and Eliana's proximity ot the device (aka ground zero), they are strangely affected by the fracture. Loren is in only two timelines, and Eliana is in only two. However, each Eliana and each Loren can talk to one other. It's really confusing. This is form a PM I sent to Gazer last October:

Prime: Loren with Order: Eliana
Chaos: Eliana with Evil: Loren
Order: Eliana with Prime: Loren
Evil: Loren with Chaos: Eliana

It will make things strange, but manageable. Because the realities cross at Eliana and Loren, each reality only has one of the pair. Oh, man, I hope this makes sense. They can see each other, but those in the reality in which they exist can't see the other one.

For example, Loren form Prime and Eliana from Order go to see the Silvermoons. Loren can talk to Eliana and to the Silvermoons, but the Silvermoons can't see Eliana. Eliana sees the destruction and can talk to injured Abby, but injured Abby can't see Loren.

Whew! Why do I make things hard for myself?

I hope y'all are having a good summer!

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PostPosted: Aug 06, 2013 7:14 am
by Dernhelm_of_Rohan
Just as a clarifier, my Mata Nui character is still active, just hasn't had any interaction. A world meshing from nine different realities is a mind bender for sure, but I'm game.