Predestination in the Silver Chair?

C. S. Lewis, his worlds, and his faith.

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Predestination in the Silver Chair?

Postby Cleander » Jul 29, 2019 2:25 pm

Hey all,
Recently I was wondering about the implications of the portion of the Silver Chair in which Aslan tells Jill that she and Eustace would not have called to him to let them into Narnia unless he had been calling to them. To me it sounds a bit like the Christian doctrine of predestination- the idea that God ordains and calls people to salvation, causing them to willingly put their faith in Him.
My question is, was C.S. Lewis in a fact a believer in predestination (or Calvinism, as it's commonly called?) Was that what he's hinting at here, or is it just a random line from Aslan that's not really meant to signify anything?
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