Lewis and Mixed Schools

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Lewis and Mixed Schools

Postby Col Klink » Jul 24, 2019 6:02 am

Something interesting occurred to me about The Silver Chair recently. Experiment House is clearly supposed to be a satire of education trends which Lewis disliked. Most of the things Lewis points out about it as unusual hinder Jill and Eustace. (For example, not teaching how to curtsey or not knowing about Adam and Eve.) But the fact that the school is coeducational ends up being a good thing. If it weren't, Jill and Eustace wouldn't have met and the story wouldn't have happened. So was Lewis against coed schools or not?

I'm sorry if this topic sparks a flame war. I know whether Lewis was sexist is a hotly debated topic. FWIW it wouldn't really impact my opinion of him whether he approved of coeducational schools or not.
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Re: Lewis and Mixed Schools

Postby coracle » Jul 24, 2019 11:53 am

If I remember the book correctly, it's not its being mixed boys and girls that he has concerns with: it's the mentality of those who ran the school!
So the book doesn't actually help.
Without the bullying crowd, and the indulgence by the Head Teacher, the school would surely have got on well educationally. Not what Lewis's age group had known in their schooldays of course.

Who has read more of the articles and letters that show his actual views?
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