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Why do you love Narnia? Think about it!

C. S. Lewis, his worlds, and his faith.

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Re: Why do you love Narnia? Think about it!

Postby De_De » Jul 09, 2013 9:36 am

Why I like Narnia? Beware here comes a long list

1. It is a great story. All books can stand alone, and each story progresses wonderfully. Each book is complete. There is no feeling that they're just sequals to LWW.

2. An amazing writer. C.S. Lewis is just awesome! I love the way he is so down to earth. His little comments here and there are just hilarious. He has an amazing way of weaving in spiritual and biblical principals into his books. He captures the attention of both children and adults alike. A genius

3. Christianity. The Chronicles of Narnia is a unique fantasy novel where Christianity plays a huge part. But it's not overdone, even though it shows clearly in each book. It's just there, but it's so natural.

4. Magic. Narnia has such a magical feel to it. From the very first time Lucy comes into Narnia, you just feel the magic. And not some light, silly magic, but deep magic; where everything has a rime and a reason.

5. Realistic Characters. All the characters are complete, realistic, and believable. You can actually see why they do the things they do. You can imagine them in real life. There is an overall balance in the characters. Another thing is that each character is very different. There are no two characters that are the same. You never mix two characters. And each character stands out, and is easy to remember.

6. Fantasy Hehe I just like fantasy :D

7. Child-like simplicity. Narnia has a this simplicity to it. I love the way how everything is understandable. It's not confusing and complicated.

Ok, I think that's about it. Overall I love Narnia because it is THE BEST :D
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Re: Why do you love Narnia? Think about it!

Postby Varnafinde » Jul 09, 2013 2:17 pm

I read LWW in translation when I was 8, and as the other Chronicles hadn't been translated into Norwegian yet, I didn't read them until I was able to find them and read them in English - so to me, growing up, Narnia was LWW.

To me, a large part of why I loved Narnia so much, was the Talking Animals. That aspect of fairytales has always appealed to me, and when I wrote my own stories at school, my favorite topic was always to write fairytales with animals (and sometimes with friendly trolls as well :p ).

Also, Narnia was a good place. Evil wasn't as strong as it is in for instance Tolkien's Middle-earth (not that I knew at the time, LotR hadn't been translated either) - LWW was about how evil was rooted out, and afterwards the Pevensie children grew up and ruled a happy country, where you needn't even be sent to school unless you wanted to.

But the book wouldn't have been what it is without Aslan in it. As I read the book in instalments in a Christian magazine for children, I knew the religious connection right from the start - and I enjoyed it. To me, that is one reason why Narnia is so special.
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Re: Why do you love Narnia? Think about it!

Postby Eustace » Jul 10, 2013 8:27 pm

I love Narnia for many reasons. But I decided to talk about two of many reasons.

1. Creatures that can talk- I always loved reading about the Donkey in the Bible who did talk.
2. Adventure-I always did love a good adventure story.

But, yes, I also love the fact that it has Christian symbolism in the stories.
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Re: Why do you love Narnia? Think about it!

Postby TheGentleWarrior » Jul 12, 2013 9:21 am

Why I like Narnia?

1. There's multiple books in the series however each book is different. They don't have to be completely related to the last one in order to be successful. They can each stand alone and still be able to tell the wonderful stories of Narnia.

2. Fantasy - I love fantasy books. They have such a sense of wonder about them, and can really get your imagination going! If the books are written well, you feel like you can pretty much join in! I love a good book that can do that.

3. C.S. Lewis is an amazing writer - His books are some of the rare ones where I'm drawn in right from the start! I always wanted to know more, to continue reading with his books. He included wonderful, but not overbearing, details in each of his stories that painted a picture for me in my head. It was in a way like a picture book. I could see each image so vividly, but it was from reading his words and not looking at actual pictures instead.

4. Talking Animals - Who wouldn't want this? I've been wanting animals to talk to me for years. :P

5. Magic - Narnia is so magical... I can't even begin to describe that feeling of wonder there is around you, from Lucy's first step into Narnia, to talking animals and the wonderful Aslan. There is so much there that is magical!

I'm trying to think of more but can't right now... when I do, I'll be back! :P Either way though, I LOVE NARNIA! :D
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