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Carved in Stone: Section Rules

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Carved in Stone: Section Rules

Postby Gymfan15 » Aug 04, 2009 9:47 am

Have you been inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia? Narnian Fan Art is the place for you to share your creativity with the rest of NarniaWeb! To help you and everyone else enjoy this section, please read and follow the forum rules as well as these guidelines:

Thread Guidelines:

1.) There will be one topic per piece of art or series. For example, you draw a picture of yourself as Tumnus and create the topic "Me as Tumnus." Replies to the topic will deal only with that particular piece of art. This means your drawing of yourself as Tumnus and your second drawing of yourself as Roonwit would all have separate threads. Poetry is exempt from this rule; it may either go in the main Poetry thread or in one thread per author.

2.) Members may not start contests. There will be official contests opened periodically by the moderators. If you have an idea for a contest, please PM one of the Fan Art moderators. The judges will be chosen from a select group of active members who will be solicited for their participation via PM. Please do not PM any moderators asking to help judge these contests; this will decrease your chances of being chosen.

3.) Please do not start new threads for queries, including requests for help, images, etc. NarniaWeb's Image Gallery is one of the most complete Narnia galleries on the Web. If the picture you're looking for is not there, most likely it has not been released to the public. If you have a question, Got Questions? Find Answers! is a general help thread, but be sure to take a look at the How to Upload Images thread as well. We also have a thread for user-created tutorials, Fan Art Tutorials, with plenty of how-to information.

4.) While poetry is allowed, fan-fiction is not permitted on NarniaWeb. However, there is a NarniaWeb offshoot, the Narnia Writers' Guild, where you are welcome to post fan-fiction and any other non-Narnia-related writings. You may then post links to your fiction in the Ditto Town Library. Also, NarniaWebbers work together on a collaborative writing project here called The Inn Between (Ditto Story).

5.) All other artwork must adhere to the rules. Any image exceeding 500 pixels in width must be thumbnailed (tutorial here) and you may have up to five thumbnails per post. Any post not conforming to this will be edited and possibly removed.

6.) All avatars and signatures must go in the pinned threads at the top of the forum. Please note the forum rules about avatar and signature sizes and animations. You may create these graphics at any size you wish, but it is highly recommended that you include a disclaimer if they do not conform to NarniaWeb's graphics rules. There are other guidelines that pertain to certain types of artwork that are explained below.

Avatars must be posted in the pinned Avatars thread and you may post up to 20 avatars per post. When posting, please be considerate of others and do not post more than six avatars per row (any more than that will stretch the screen).

Signatures must be posted in the pinned Signatures thread and you may post up to ten signatures per post. As stated above, be considerate of others and do not post more than two signatures per row.

Avatar and Signature Sets:
Avatar and signature sets are sets of avatars and signatures that are made from the same image and go together. No more than five avatar/signature sets will be allowed per post. If you post an avatar and its matching signature in said thread, you may not post either the avatar or the signature in the Avatars or Signatures thread (your artwork may only be posted in one thread).

Post Guidelines:

7.) Please keep your pictures within a reasonable size. A good rule of thumb is to keep them under 500 pixels wide or 100Kb (100,000 bytes). Moderators reserve the right to re-size overly large images that stretch the computer window. When posting animated GIFs as avatars, remember that these will affect the loading time for those with slower Internet connections. You may still make, use and post them, but bear in mind the 100Kb limit.

8.) If your image is under 65k, you have the option of attaching it to your post instead of linking. The Attachments tab under your User Control Panel will store up to 50 personal attachments of 250kb each. After you reach the 50-file limit, you will have to delete previously uploaded images (which will erase them permanently from the forum). If you want to upload instead of linking, you can use the Upload Attachment tab below your post box. It is not recommended to use the Attachment feature to upload large amounts of fan art. Please use a third-party account (such as Photobucket or Imageshack) instead.

Post Etiquette:

9.) Everyone will be at different levels artistically, so please remember to be respectful at all times. Even if a drawing doesn't look that great to you, keep in mind that it was important enough to someone to post it on the forum. Do not bash anyone's work with degrading comments like: "That's a really bad drawing," "I don't like anything about this," or "How can you call that art?" Instead, try to find one thing that you do like and comment about that, even if it's nothing more than, "It looks like you worked really hard on this." We don't want to squash anyone's creative abilities.

10.) Please, no one-word posts. It's easy to think up something to write besides "Wonderful!" even if it's just, "This is a wonderful drawing, keep up the good work!" Also, no posts that just say, "Thank you!" If you wish to thank those who are commenting on your work, make sure your post has substance. Do not post a thank-you after each comment; such thread-padding is not permitted.

11.) If possible, offer constructive criticism as well as praise. Comments along the lines of "Wow, that's a great drawing," are all well and good, but if you can mention something specific about how you think the artist improve his/her work, most artists really appreciate this.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM any of the Narnian Fan Art moderators. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Thanks, and happy posting! :)

— DiGoRyKiRkE, Gymfan, and PrincessAnna
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