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Re: poems by wild rose

PostPosted: Feb 14, 2013 8:59 pm
by Windsong
I enjoyed reading your Reepicheep poem. I could vision the north wind blowing on Reeps face and whiskers as he gazes across the ocean and dreams of far away lands and heroic adventures.

Bravo! :ymapplause:

Re: poems by wild rose

PostPosted: Mar 28, 2013 12:58 pm
by wild rose
thank you so much Windsong :)

here is another poem I recently wrote :)

Spring Dance

Wander into the woods of Narnia
When the trees begin to bud
When the snow begins to melt
And the sun shines warm above

Do you see her standing there
By the tree, near the hollow
Standing, softly, with a smile
Beckoning for you to follow

Do not be afraid, go to her
It's not into a trap she lures
There is no need for caution or fear
She is gentle, she is pure

A dryad of the wood
The spirit of a tree
And she calls for you
To come see the dance of spring

For every year in Narnia
When the trees are in full bloom
A dance is held in the meadows
Till the rising of the moon

Feel felicity, feel the joy
As they dance and sing
Praising Aslan in dance and song
For the coming of the spring

See them twirl, see them spin
See the dryad's hair flow
Hear the music of the fawns
Feel the soft wind blow

Sweetness fill the air
New life, new hope, new love
SOng of flowers that will bloom
SOng of trees tha bud

Winter may last long
But it will come to an end
Snow will thaw, disappear
Spring at last will descend

Come! See the dance, hear the song
Happy, joyful, playful, free
Come! The Narnians invite you to join
The annual dance of Spring