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Re: poems by wild rose

PostPosted: Aug 05, 2011 4:32 am
by Narnian_Archer
I love your last one, wild rose, it's so beautiful, but so very sad. I especially love the rhymes in the last verse. There's so much meaning and emotion, almost desperation in this poem. It breaks your heart. You have wonderful talent! :ymhug:

Re: poems by wild rose

PostPosted: Aug 14, 2011 12:51 pm
by wild rose
A poem about Caspian, who has lost his wife to the evil snake (also known as the LotGK), time has passed, and though she has been gone for a while, she is still fresh in his memory of her

Your Memory
So many years have passed
Since the day you had to leave
And though the days have come and gone
I still can feel the burden of grief

I have learned to go on
Though believe me it was hard
The empty nights have come and gone
Your memory has not been mard

I remember that day we met
On the island of your father
I knew every parent should envy
This man who had such a daughter

You agreed to come with me
You left your home so far away
How could I have ever seen
That it would have been this way

You were cruelly taken from me
To Aslan's country you did depart
And yet you are still with me
For you are always in my heart

Though the gief still fills my soul
I still feel you comfort me
For though you have gone away
I will always have your memory

Re: poems by wild rose

PostPosted: Aug 14, 2011 1:45 pm
by Windsong
Hey wild_rose,

Your poem had a heart-felt melancholy feeling of deep loss and lament.
You did a masterful job in crafting this poem together. I think it is one of your best.


Re: poems by wild rose

PostPosted: Aug 28, 2011 6:53 am
by Liberty Hoffman
oh my goodness wild, you are talented! sorry I have not commented in a while! I love all your poems! they are so beautiful! :D

Re: poems by wild rose

PostPosted: Oct 14, 2011 1:01 pm
by wild rose
thanks so much Libby :ymhug:

I haven't written poems in a while, but here is a something I penned today (it came out rather long)

think of the forests of Narnia clothes in the gown of autumn, picture the dryads coming together to find who is queen of the autumn wood

The Ballad of the Autumn Dryads
Autumn has arrived at last
Changing the forests everywhere
And the dryads of the wood
Gather to show their autumn hair

In a circle they stand together
They must choose the autumn queen
The dryad with fairest colors
Will be crowned the fairest tree

First the pine dryad takes a step
And speaks in an evergreen tone
"I believe I am the one
who should have the autumn throne"

"You all change when autumn comes
And in winter lose your leaves
But I stand fair all year round
And remain forever green"

"You all look as though you're dead
When your leaves fall to the ground
Yet even when the winter comes
I stand, tall and green and proud"

"How dare you insult us so"
The willow dryad indignantly calls
"You remain dull green all the year
While I brighten the forest in the fall"

The pine coldly turns her head
"I would prefer if you do not interrupt"
The willow glares in return
"I believe you have spoken long enough"

"So do I," the birch dryad says
"It is time I spoke my share
I who am most delicate of trees
I who am the most fair"

"When autumn comes to Narnia
My lovely leaves turn to gold
And brighten up to wood around
Dryads, the throne is mine alone"

"Your leaves wither and fall to soon"
The apple dryad scorns
"When the wind blows through the woods
Yours are the first that will be torn"

"Your leaves are just as weak"
The chestnut dryad now speaks up
"And the color your leaves become
Why it is something to be ashamed of"

"Now listen to me you young ones"
The oak dryad speaks with pride
"The throne and the crown of autumn
Sister dryads, should be mine"

"I am older than all of you
I have stood for many a year
When you all were little saplings
I braved the storms with no fear"

"You leaves turn an ugly brown"
Says the mulberry dryad in disgust
"The title Queen of Autumn
To you I would never trust"

On and on the argument goes
Each one thinks that she is best
She deserves the crown and throne
Far greater than all the rest

Finally the words run out
And silence replaces cruel remarks
The fire of conceit dies out
Yet still clings in hateful sparks

"Has everyone spoken their share"
The oak dryad at last speaks
"All but one," the birch replies
"Where is the dryad of the maple tree"

"Oh I am here," a honey voice calls
"For my tardiness please don't hate
I had so much to do today
Forgive me sisters that I am late"

"I visited my friends today
To give them autumn cheer
And share with them the yellow leaves
That autumn bestows but once a year"

"How glad I am that Aslan grants
A time of year for us to change
How boring it would be
If we would always be the same"

"I walked through the woods today
Drinking in the colors on display
I loves how each of us
Is beautiful is her own way"

"To give joy when all is white
The pine remains green all year round
The willow's leaves are fair
As they hang low to the ground"

"The birch touches the heart
With her small golden leaves
And her sister no less fair
Is of course the apple tree"

"The oak stands and and majestic
Giving a feeling of of royalty
And you the chestnut bring delight
With your lovely dancing leaves"

"Delicate as the icing on the cake
Is of course the lovely mulberry
And to make the forest complete
Are the rowan, the olive, the cherry"

"Oh my dear sisters, how I love
The colors that Aslan granted to you
Though each is different, all are special
You make the woods fair and true"

"But oh dear, I fear once more
My mouth has spoken words to much
Tell me sister, what was it
That we have gathered to discuss"

All the dryads looked at another
Filled with guilt and shame
They had tried to make the other see
Why the queen they must be named

But the young maple dryad
Had ne're spoken a word of pride
She had blessed each of their trees
And her own she had denied

The oak dryad spoke at last
As she looked at the maple tenderly
"My dearest sister, maple dryad
I believe we have found our autumn queen"

The maple dryad widened her eyes
"Surely you cannot mean me
I fear it would not be right
To crown the simple maple tree"

"Your humility and meekness
Are what make you most fair
A heart that is as precious
As leaves of gold in your hair"

"We ask that you accept
The title of the autumn queen
Because you are fairest of us all
Clothed in your humility"

"Your leaves are gold and red
And you stand straight and tall
But you are not selfish or proud
And share your leaves with one and all"

"Your beauty as you stand
Makes travelers turn their head
Yet you never laugh and boast
But give all glory to Aslan instead"

The other dryads nodded their head
They agreed with the dryad of the oak
They had come to see the truth
Of which their sister had just spoke

And so the title queen of autumn
Was given to the dryad of the maple
She was fair, and she was humble
And to Aslan she was faithful

And the simple moral of this story
About the dryads of the trees
Is that humility and gentleness
Are the true robes of a queen

Re: poems by wild rose

PostPosted: Oct 14, 2011 1:24 pm
by Windsong
Hey wild_rose,

This was a brilliant example of how one can weave a wonderful story by using elemental references in creating a prolific message. I continueto be impressed by the depth of your poetic vision.

Excellent effort,


Re: poems by wild rose

PostPosted: Oct 14, 2011 3:34 pm
by Alice_WL
Wow, wild rose!

You are an awesome poet and your descriptions are wonderful... The Ballad of the Autumn Dryads & Courting Swans are my favorites so far.

Re: poems by wild rose

PostPosted: Oct 25, 2011 1:03 pm
by wild rose
thank you so much Windsong and Alice :ymhug:

In this poem imagine queen Lucy, kneeling by her window and gazing at Narnia as it sleeps under the blanket of Night

Blanket of Night
All the wood and field goes to sleep
When Narnia by the blanket of night is covered
While I sit so still, by my sill
And look at the moon in silent wonder

I feel the soft spring breeze on my face
And breath the fresh night air
I cannot believe, how everything can be
So still, and fresh and fair

The fireflies flicker in the darkness
Like tiny lanterns that can fly
They whisk through the gentle air
And blend with the stars in the sky

I can softly hear in the distance
The sound of fauns playing songs
They are dancing with the dryads
They love to dance all night long

The wind it rustles through the trees
As if a firm and strong caress
Almost as though it feels it must
For a moment break the tender silence

And when the wind blows my way
As though the voice of Aslan I hear
Telling of His love for me
And that he is always near

How I love when darkness creeps
With the fading of the sun's rays
And a silent peace also sneaks
When end the busy bustling days

Alone I sit by my window
While the castle to sleep goes
Just me and the voice of Aslan
That speaks when the wind blows

The silent shadows of the wood
Cast by the moon's pale light
They reflect the stillness of my heart
That only comes with the blanket of night

Re: poems by wild rose

PostPosted: Oct 25, 2011 3:46 pm
by Windsong
Hey wild_rose,

I could visualize a quiet night with glittering stars as I read your poem. The tranquility of the darkness gives this poem life. Your mastery of words continues to impress.

Wonderful effort,

Re: poems by wild rose

PostPosted: Jan 04, 2012 1:53 pm
by wild rose
I haven't written poetry in a long long while, but today the insperation came and I wrote a little something
(it's funny how it's very similar to the last poem I wrote, but the night is a very special time for me, so I devote a lot of my poems to it :) )

This is a poem from Lucy's point of view, who is aboard the Dawn Treader as it sails to the east in search of the lost lords.

A Night at Sea

I look up at the stars as they glow
High in the Narnian sky
I smile as I gaze at them
And from my lips escape a sigh

How glad I am that Aslan allowed
For me to Narnia return
I haved missed it ever so
My heart for it did yearn

We do not know where we are going
Yet we sail still
We must help King Caspian
His oath to Aslan fulfill

The sea at night it is a dream
A poem that words could never tell
The waters murmer with the wind
As if enchanted by a spell

The moon caresses the dark ripples
With a pale, frail light
It casts a shadow on the dark sea
A shadow that is pure white

The ship is rocked to and fro
Gently, lovingly rocked to sleep
By the music caused by the wind
And the lullaby sung by the sea

The stars in the sky speak to me
They tell me "child, run off to bed"
"The night has come for you to rest"
"You must go and lay your head"

The sea whispers "go child"
"And we will rock your cradle sweet"
"You will not even notice"
"How so swiftly you fall asleep"

The wind replies "to your bed"
"And I will sing a lullaby"
"About the wonders of the night"
"About the stars, the sea, the sky"

I must obey, I know I must
Yet it is so hard to leave
For the moon is telling me
"Child, must you really go to sleep"

But I know I must be off
For tomorrow holds advertures untold
So I bid goodnight to the moon
And my cabin I do go

I lay down and close my eyes
As I'm rocked by the waves
I can hear the wind sing to me
I have no reason to be afraid

Just before I drift to the land of dreams
I see Aslan stand by my side
I feel his warm breath as me bid good sleep
And I thank Him for the night

Re: poems by wild rose

PostPosted: Jan 04, 2012 4:24 pm
by Windsong
Hey wild rose,

I have to say that your mastery of words put into a rhyme scheme is always a pleasure to read. Your description of the sea brings the moment to life. You are a most gifted writer.


Re: poems by wild rose

PostPosted: Jan 05, 2012 7:44 am
by wild rose
thanks so much Windsong

I was in a rather silly mood today, so here's a funny poem about marsh-wiggles

Marsh-wiggles are the sort
That when looking at the sun
Say, "ah but it will rain
Before the day is done"

"Your house is small but don't complain
One day it may completly wreck
Don't whine about your bruised knee
It could have been your neck

"No matter how good the food will be
It will soon go bad
And no matter how happy today is
Tomorrow you may be sad"

"If things are terrible
Don't worry, the will get worse
Know that those who are last
Where once the very first"

"The night is warm, but do not fear
Tomorrow it will get far too cold
And though today you are young
Tomorrow you may be old"

"No use in crying over past days
For all too soon they will be forgotten
And though the present is fresh and new
The future could be rotten"

"You needn't sigh that you are ill
That you are confined to bed
Rejoice that you are living still
Tomorrow you may be dead"

There is so much bad in the good
But the good isn't all together missed
So I gather that a marsh-wiggle
Is an optimstic pessamist

Re: poems by wild rose

PostPosted: Jan 05, 2012 4:33 pm
by Windsong
Hey wild rose,

I loved your whimsical portrayal of the marsh-wiggles. The contrasting viewpoints held by this catagory of beings make the poem that much more entertaining.



Re: poems by wild rose

PostPosted: Jan 11, 2012 11:37 am
by wild rose
thanks Windsong

I wrote this next poem on the anniversary of my great grandmamma's death, and I should like to dedicate the poem to her. It's about how even though the ones we love may gone from us now, does not mean they are gone from us forever
It is a poem about King Caspian, who is still getting over the death of his dear wife

In the Spring

The roses have bloomed in the garden
As they have done every spring
Yet this year they seem different
For you are not here with me

The garden is in full blossom
The flowers have opened to the sun
Yet it all seems empty and forgotten
Now that you have gone

It almost seems unfair
That everything has come alive
Spring is all around me
Yet I feel winter deep inside

I walk out into the garden
I know in the castle I mustn't stay
I should not entertain thoughts of grief
I must try and make them go away

I glance at rose bush
Covered with roses red
And as I glance at it
Something within my heart said

"Why grieve you in your soul
Why do you morn and weep
For you know she is not there
You know she does not sleep"

"She has gone to the land
Where the sun will never set
Where the flowers always bloom
Where the air is always fresh"

"She dances upon the meadows
She sings along with the wind
She is happy in this land
That she must now live in"

"Yet she is still with you
You can feel her wherever you go
Look around, she is everywhere
She always will be near you know"

"You can hear her voice
Singing in the summer rain
You can see her as she dances
Upon the lonely moonlight plain"

"You can see her face in every flower
You can feel her touch in the wind
Though she has gone away
You still have her memory deep within

"So do not groan inside you soul
Wipe you eyes, do not weep
For one day the time will come
When once again you will meet"

"The day will come, when you will journey
To the land, where she abides
And you will take her lovely face
And walk together side by side"

"Once in that land you never will
Be parted from each other
You will live in Aslan's country
And forever be with one another"

"But until that day will come
Lift your face to the gentle breeze
Understand, she is still with you
You can feel her presence in the spring"

Re: poems by wild rose

PostPosted: Jan 11, 2012 2:09 pm
by Windsong
This was a very deep and heartfelt poem. Loss is always a difficult emotion to deal with. I can read in your words the love you have for your grandmother even though the poem was about Caspian. I will keep your grandmother in my thoughts and prayers tonight.


Re: poems by wild rose

PostPosted: Feb 29, 2012 12:53 pm
by wild rose
thank you so much Windsong

This poem is a bit sad, it's from Jill's viewpoint, as she travels with Eustace and Puddleglum in search of the Ruined City of Giants (or however it was called) she's is cold and tired and is beginning to neglet the repeating of the Signs

Will the Journey End
Snow and cold, cold and snow
The ground is frozen through
The grass is withered, the trees are bare
The sky is grey not blue

Grey, grey the landscape is
Dotted a bit with specks of white
One can not help but wonder
What made the colors hide from sight

Forever, it seems we've journeyed
It has no beginning, it has no end
Just when you think the road has finished
Ony to find the end, was but a bend

Forward, onward we must go
Forward, though not sure where
For pray, how can we know
When we have never ever been there

Will this journey ever end?
Will we return back home
Will we find whom we seek
Or are we destined forever to roam

Night has fallen all around
It's blanket thick as ever
We must camp here for the night
Despite the cold and biting weather

I lay down on the ground
Trying to forget the ache and wind
Those signs I must repeat
But to forget them I begin

I must say them tonight
For I forgot to yesterday
And the day before that too
And I think for many days

Though my mind is cold and numb
And all I want to do is sleep
Tonight I will force myself
One by one the signs to repeat

I hope I don't forget tomorrow
I hope out journey will end soon
I hope tomorrow we will be warm
And I can sleep in a cozy room

I close my eyes and try to block
The wind, the rain, the snow
I slowly drift off to sleep
And forget to repeat the signs once more