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Re: NaNoWriMo 2018

PostPosted: Nov 26, 2018 8:48 pm
by shastastwin
Well, this year's novel has given me more fits than any other book (or short story for that matter) that I can remember writing. Which might just be my memory smoothing things over in retrospect. But this is definitely the roughest first draft of anything over 10k words that I have written. I'm not sure how much is going to remain whenever I edit, but right now I'm stuck with trying to fill in the last 6k words for the month in the denouement and epilogue. If all else fails, "The End. The End. The very very very very very end." has a nice ring to it. ;))

Re: NaNoWriMo 2018

PostPosted: Nov 27, 2018 7:45 pm
by aileth
^Ha ha! stwin

As for my own: Oh, bother! That's all I can say. Not the story--after dragging out 4500 words yesterday (an all-time record) I'm nearly caught up. Enough that I will most likely make 50k, barring any fresh disasters. And the story is fine (I think); I'm liking it, which I must admit is no evidence.

The problem is that I dropped my tablet yesterday. That's my no-games, no-internet, no-distraction only-for-writing tablet. On its corner. Yup. Not good. Not good at all. At first I thought it had just starred the corner of the screen. Ugly but still functional. Alas, there are also two ghastly cracks running diagonally across the screen, one at each end. And it really, really resents them. I'd spend more time jiggling the beast to make it work than I would writing. So that's that. The good news is that I was able to extract my files, so I didn't lose anything.
Oh, bother!