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Re: The Movies Thread!

PostPosted: May 15, 2020 1:18 pm
by johobbit
Oooh, yes, I had forgotten how old Doon's actor was at the time. Good grief. Not responsible casting there. :P

Carley wrote:I'm picky when it comes to movies, and I have some weird tastes (I usually don't like watching the really popular movies that everyone's talking about ;)))

I am similar, not usually being drawn to those films that are all the rage. Good to know I'm not alone in this. :) My preference is true stories that are brought to film (if done well), rather than fictional movies. (That's my strong leaning in reading material too—biographies.)

Re: The Movies Thread!

PostPosted: May 16, 2020 4:26 pm
by SnowAngel
Wanderer Between Worlds wrote:Hello, SnowAngel!

You said that you'd been on a Western kick lately. I watched a lot of Western TV shows growing up but have only seen a couple of John Wayne movies (El Dorado and Island in the Sky, which isn't a Western anyway ;))). Do you have any other suggestions or favorites?
I should probably come with a warning when it comes to classic westerns. Growing up if we weren't watching 1940s romantic comedies, we were watching Roy Rogers and John Wayne. More recently we added Tim Holt, George O'Brien, and others.

In addition to El Dorado, my favorite John Wayne films are McLintock!, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, The Horse Soldiers, Stagecoach, and Rio Grande. McLintock! has a great cast and is highly entertaining, I wish I knew how many times my younger sister and I watched it together when we were little. We drove our older brother crazy with how often we would get permission to watch during nap time on weekends. :D It's the movie that made me want a hat pin, something I still haven't gotten my hands.

Some of my other western favorites are Night Passage (1957), The Rare Breed (1966), Escape From Fort Bravo (1953), Rachel And The Stranger (1948), Drum Beat (1954), Branded (1950), Whispering Smith (1948), Drums Across The River (1954), Gunsmoke (1953), and Robbers Of The Range (1941), oh, and Dark Command (1940) starring John Wayne and Roy Rogers (haven't seen this one for a long time, but I remember really liking that had both John Wayne and Roy Rogers). The list could go on for quite a while if I don't stop now. ;))

For my birthday yesterday, the family and I watched Whispering Smith (1948) and The Duel At Silver Creek (1952). I had been thinking about watching McLintock!, however the siblings gifted me a set of westerns that included the above mentioned and I had been wanting to see both movies again for a while. I couldn't miss the chance to watch two of my favorite actors (Alan Ladd and Audie Murphy) on my birthday. :)