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Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 21, 2014 8:13 pm
by starkat
I turned around and signed up for a 12 hr train on the spur of the moment and picked up the crate egg. :D I'm going to hop over to the iceberg I think and hunt there overnight and come back in the morning for the tail end of the 12 hour train hopefully just in time for the spill. Not holding out hope for the golem egg.

Uncaught eggs:

Gnawnia Rift
Living Salt
Magmatic Golem
Mystic King
Technic King

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 22, 2014 5:35 am
by fantasia
Got the Lucky Egg last night and I have joined the ranks of those who are done finding all the eggs. :) Somebody on our map finished that up overnight so that's also checked off of the to-do list. I started another M400 assignment, but frankly, I think I'm going to spend some time in the Rift getting eggs because I think this area and the Toxic Spill are the two most beneficial locations to gather materials.

Dot wrote:...once I started getting eggs in the Living Garden I just couldn't bring myself to leave. Awesome loot is awesome. ;)) .... Basically, I'm going after loot instead of specific eggs.
Quite frankly I think that people who do this benefit a lot more from Egg Hunt. :P ;)) I definitely remember the awesome LG loot from last year when I was farming eggs there.

Toxic Spill in 2-3 hours?

ETA: Oh, and Varna, congrats on your completed Tower run. :D

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 22, 2014 8:52 am
by Gymfan15
I've been sort of hopping around the last week, doing a bit here, a bit there.

Current Uncaught Eggs:
Edited 4/23
Acolyte Realm/Forbidden Grove
Gate Guardian Egg
Crown Collector Egg (Did not have enough Crowns for him last year)
Fiery Warpath
Gargantua Egg (!!! Will need to finish this current run before trying with SB+ + Super charms in W1)
Gnawnia Rift
Mighty Mole Egg
Gnawnia Rift Egg
Icewing's General Egg (will catch on current run)
Living Salt Egg (hopefully will get lucky on current run, otherwise will probably do a Deep run as it is faster)
Living Garden
Thistle Egg
Twisted Lilly Egg
Toxic Spill
Toxic Spill Egg
Clean Egg (Super Rotten in lower levels?)
Assassin Egg (will just have to grit it out, lol)
King's Gauntlet
Eclipse Egg (yay, finally!)
Lost City
Ethreal Librarian Egg
Sand Dunes
Quesodillo Egg
Zugzwang's Tower
Technic King Egg
Mystic King Egg
(Double run with Chessmaster)

I took the time to head into the LG and get my GAT (WOOT WOOT), but mostly I've been in the Gauntlet working through T5 and T6. Next year I'll be a lot more along in any Gauntlet run I may be attempting, but I had to save most of my T5 cheese this year since the Magic egg was such a pain last year.

Right now I'm doing trains but only hunting in the third section...still haven't attracted a Golem yet, lol. I guess all my good luck on other eggs is coming back to bite me.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 22, 2014 9:36 am
by fantasia
Gymmie wrote:Will need to finish this current run before trying with SB+ + Super charms in W1
Using SB+ and Super Charms, I got 3 streaks of 7 or 8 in W3.

Technic King Egg
Mystic King Egg
(Double run with Chessmaster)
You may want to skip the Chessmaster. If you go for him, you risk missing your second King.

Clean Egg (Super Rotten in lower levels?)
Yeah, I'm waiting to see if Rotten Charms will be good enough.

Not having much luck this Toxic Spill thus far. I'm having a hard time catching mice even though I busted out my precious Soap Charms (just until I get a Toxic Egg).

Oh, and Gnawnia Rift Eggs are AWESOME!!!

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 22, 2014 10:01 am
by Gymfan15
Yeah, I forgot about the Chessmaster booting you out of the tower...not that you have much of a choice when you've got to use Checkmate to stay in the tower in the first place, lol. It's been SO LONG since I was in the Tower that I will probably need some hand-holding to get through it, lol. Trying to remember if I ever completed a double run successfully yet?

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 22, 2014 10:36 am
by Varnafinde
fantasia_kitty wrote:Oh, and Varna, congrats on your completed Tower run. :D

Thank you!
It was a double run, I used SB+ for speed, caught the first King at about 130 or 140% amp, everything went super DLU (or ZTLU ;) ) until the second Bishops. From there I had hours of FTCs and wrong mouse catches - but my amp never got worryingly low, and I caught the second King on 44% amp. I only used 1 piece of Checkmate, for catching the first King - afterwards I never armed it.

With loot from 2 Kings and 4 King eggs I have now crafted 108 pieces of Checkmate - should last me for years :p

At the moment I'm back in Muridae Market. Only the Cartographer left to rebuild - I still need 16 pieces of Papyrus. I guess I should get the LG key in time to do some LG egg hunting before the end of the event. I might spend less time in this Spill than I usually do.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 22, 2014 11:01 am
by fantasia
@Gymmie, Double runs can be done without being kicked out as long as you don't have rotten luck with your catches and you're online to switch out cheese/traps as needed. :) My ideal double run goes like this.
Pawn Pincher, catch 8 Pawns
Sphynx, catch everything up through the Queen
Switch to Checkmate Cheese, catch the King
Arm other Pawn Pincher and SB+/Gouda, catch other 8 Pawns
Sphynx, catch all the remaining mice through the King, do NOT switch your cheese for the final King.

Got a couple Toxic Spill eggs, yay! And I did see the Lab Tech drops the clean egg, though the Hazmat looks like it has a higher chance. I might wait a bit to go after the last egg though since I want the points from the high level mice.

ETA: Missed your post Varna, hooray for DLU! (or ZTLU :)) )

ETA 2: Went ahead and snagged the Clean Egg so I have them all. I ended up finishing 11th out of all MH players. Not too shabby at all! :) I will be spending the rest of the egg hunt farming Toxic Spill, Gnawnia Rift, and the occasional LG eggs. :)

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 22, 2014 10:18 pm
by Gymfan15
Hey, I got my Magmatic Golem! And on the first of my second set of Magmatic Crystal charms, too. :D I was quite chuffed to see it. ;)

Hunting the Bounty Hunter Egg tonight, and then back to the Gauntlet until I can get into the Spill, I think.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 23, 2014 8:23 am
by shastastwin
Well, I've mopped up a few more eggs. I'm down to 21 that I haven't caught yet. I'll have a chance at a few more once the Spill opens up to my level. I'm on a train at the moment, so here's hoping I catch the Magmatic Golem this time. My M400 assignment's on hold for now as I don't want to waste too much time in the Nerg Plains trying for a Finder mouse.

Edit: Make that 20 eggs. Still missing 11 from previous years and 9 from this year. I'm just ahead of where I was overall with egg collecting compared to when the event started. :P

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 24, 2014 10:00 am
by Gymfan15
Well, I did a Tower run yesterday that was a TOTAL bust. Just DHU...was trying for a double, but I kept catching duplicates of mice I'd already caught, and filled up both sides almost evenly without meaning to, which meant I'd drained my amp too much for a decent shot at a double run. So then I just switched to catching the Technic King, and he took FOREVER and it took me about 30 hours do to the whole thing and ugh.

So I don't know if I'll have time to go back and charge my amp for a Mystic King this Easter; I've got other priorities. #grumpy

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 25, 2014 6:14 am
by fantasia
*dislike on the missed eggs :( *

I gotta say, I'm getting rather spoiled by the Toxic Spill during an egg hunt. Most of the people that would make the TS clean up quickly are off hunting eggs, so here I sit boosting my points and (more importantly) rank at a phenomenal rate. :D I am wondering if the Egg Hunt might be extended to give everyone through Hero a shot at getting the TS eggs? I don't know if the TS will be cleaned fast enough by the end of the usual three weeks time.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 25, 2014 6:28 am
by starkat
I've switched over to farming charge eggs. I'm going to do that through the weekend and then I'll switch back over to my remaining missed eggs list. I'd like to catch a couple more of them, but we'll see.

I've skipped out on the spill just because I was looking for an area where my catch rate was a little more consistent. I did get the Toxic Spill and Clean eggs though. I would love to spend some more time in there with all the soap suds coming out of the eggs, but I was afraid of missing out on time to actually farm charge eggs. I've finally topped the 14 mill mark in gold where I was after I bought the rift trap. I was at 17 mill before I bought the rift base, so we'll see where I end up. If I can consistently farm high charge eggs, I should get quite a bit fairly quickly.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 25, 2014 9:31 am
by fantasia
Jacob is drawing a new trap for Art FBF. Beware the mechanical sharks. *cues Jaws music*
Jacob may have dropped a tiny bit of a spoiler earlier when he mentioned "underwater" and "Crystal Library" and "octopus" in regards to the next area. I wonder if Bubbles will make a return? Anyways, I no longer think all of these mice are Rift mice. Some of the earlier ones definitely appeared to be, but the more recent drawings don't have that dark purple/black background, nor do they coincide with a non-Rift mouse.

Oh, and Michele said in chat that there is no set end date for the Easter event yet. She did say we probably had two more weeks at least. So there you go.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 25, 2014 11:34 am
by Gymfan15
Yeah, I think the Devs might be in a bit of a bind considering that the Spill is NOT cleaning at anything close to it's normal rate...still at 70%ish Duchess four days in? This one is going to take forever, lol. Works for me, I could use the extra time.

In T7 of the Gauntlet right now; still have about 100 T5 cheese left but I wanted to go ahead and get that first Eclipse. 30 pieces of cheese, no T8 pot drops so far but three Ancient Relics? What gives, meese? ;)

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 25, 2014 12:20 pm
by Varnafinde
I have finally rebuilt the Cartographer in MM and bought the Living Garden key - about 19 hours until I can pick it up. If the Dukes/Duchesses still are busy with the Spill then, I'll venture into the Garden until Countesses are allowed into the Spill :)

Meanwhile I'm in AR, currently hunting the Gate Guardian. The catch rate is good, I've even bronzed him - but he's NOT dropping an EGG! :p
If he drops it before I leave to fetch the Key, I'll try to hunt for the Chrono afterwards. Don't know about drop rate or catch rate, but my impression is that he's got a much lower attraction rate.

My Eggscavator is down, I'm using Eggstra charms at the moment. I never buy them, I just get more and more from High Charge eggs. I've got at least 50 more Eggstra charms now than I had a couple of days ago.

At some point I also have to go back to the Factory to farm more MM cheese and buy more Charge charms. Then I can recharge somewhere where I can live without using the Eggstra charms. Usually I recharge in the Factory, but right now I'd rather hunt in 3 other areas for a while ...

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 25, 2014 10:23 pm
by Gymfan15
Got my first Eclipse mice! :D 30 pieces of T7 netted me 3 Eclipses; so I'm pretty pleased with that. Still have about 70ish T5 left which I may try and get through later, but now I'm off to hunt some uncaught eggs. Going to try my luck at the Gate Guardian egg since I'll be kind of busy this weekend and won't be able to babysit my horn. Here's hoping he doesn't take too long to drop his loot, lol.