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Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Jan 27, 2020 12:15 pm
by fantasia
I did candles + Moussu Picchu a couple years ago and really rocked that area. I can't remember which one now, but I even got one of the trap pieces to drop with regular candles lit.

But this year all my focus was on my Ultimate Umbra run in the Valour Rift and it has been very, VERY successful. I'm currently sitting on 140 Cores. I've got the base (made it high enough in the tower that it has surpassed the Clockwork and is about to surpass Minotaur), I've got the trap, and as soon as I'm done with this tower run (55 steps left), I'll max out my speed as well and be done with upgrades. That just leaves the Codex pages to go.

What I am lacking now is straight up gold as I've spent a very large chunk of it. :))

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Jan 28, 2020 6:36 pm
by dracula
I'm just now starting on V rift. But from what I have seen my plan is this:

stock up on v rift supplies (cores and whatnot) over the spring egg hunt. Over the spring and summer, finish all upgrades.

For Halloween do a massive Ultimate umbra run using both the Halloween aura combined with lightning auras to max out the catch rate.

I saw a LOT of people hunting in the V rift over the lunar new year, and that was very smart. If you have already powered up the prestige base, you may be able to do some things now that you couldn't do before, such as use the prestige base to hit the minimum luck of 49 on the monstrous black widow for a 100% catch rate, without needing event luck from the lny or whatnot.

I was just getting back into the game this past fall, and am now sort of caught up by finishing the bw rift and starting the v rift. My guess is that I try to get in one really good UU run after Halloween to power up the prestige base and then move on to the floating isles.

These may be expired by now but maybe not non facebook link non facebook link

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Feb 11, 2020 2:54 pm
by daughter of the King
Thanks to the Valentine event and the Relic Hunter I just caught three mice at once. ;))

As for goals, I finally crafted the Minotaur base. Next up: finish the Queso Canyon adventure and then back to the Rift. And eventually Moussu Picchu.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Feb 12, 2020 8:27 am
by dracula
Some tricks for the event:

you get double salt if you are in the sand crypts(you get one salt for each mouse you catch, or 2 if you are using super salts), the valentine event mouse doesn't use a charm, but you still get the benefit as if you have used a charm to catch it.

Same goes for enerchi, the game acts as if you used two enerchi charms when you catch an event mouse with an enerchi charms equipped, but you only use one charm. <-- free superbrie <-- free v charms

I'm still grinding through the v rift, currently 6 speed, 4 sync, 3 syphon.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Feb 14, 2020 1:27 pm
by Varnafinde
Another effect of the double mice can be an unfortunate one in Sunken City: If you use a Jet Charm to reach exactly the position you want to go to, the Valentine's mouse releases another jet charm, which may cause you to fly past the place you wanted to reach :(

I listen to Feedback Friday this afternoon, and it was suggested that if they repeated this event next year, they might consider to keep the Valentine's mice out of certain locations for such reasons.

It was also mentioned that the encounter rate of those mice was about 20 %, so you could expect to catch one mouse per hour. I went on a tourney this morning, and during 4 hours I only caught 2 - a little DHU is only to be expected. I still got into the top 25 % in the tourney and got a small pile of charms - nothing great or big about the rewards from these small tourneys. I don't know whether I'll be bothered to join another one.

I'm hoping to silver one or two of the Valentine's mice, and it's also a good opportunity to run around and crown other mice fromtreasure maps. I'm also finally working on bronzing the Ringleaders in Claw Shot City - a lady on the forum needed someone to work with, because she needs Fool's Gold for a trap, and the Wanted Posters are a good source for that. We need to do between 10 and 20 posters, and it's a good thing that they can stay open and unattended while we do event maps instead. I'd rather not do 20 posters solid ...

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Feb 16, 2020 9:30 am
by starkat
I FINALLY got the timesplit trap! I am DONE with that portion. I can actually set foot in the Valor rift.

Now to rebuild my gold reserves. I'd forgotten that trap was so expensive.

Thanks to everyone for helping with the runes.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Feb 18, 2020 5:54 am
by dracula
If you straight up need gold, the quickest way is likely to do sniping for some of the map groups, the biggest ones are mapmeisters on facebook and the mousehunt discord channel's map sections.

I don't really think much about the Valentines event one way or the other, but I do like the new celestial dissonance skin, its about as good as the lunar dissonance skin.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Feb 19, 2020 8:52 am
by fantasia
So I am in full-on Easter prep mode now. Still doing some treasure maps (interestingly enough I've done 10 or 11 maps and haven't had either of the bases drop yet) to help break the monotony. ;))

But as far as Easter prep goes, I have two items on my check list.
--Get enough materials and cheese for every level of explosion in the Queso Geyser.
--Have enough materials to do an Ultimate Umbra run in the Valour Rift.

Queso Geyser first, and then I'll be back to the Valour Rift. I think the only other thing I need to be aware of is the Birthday Event. Has anything been said in the FBF on the birthday event yet?

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Feb 20, 2020 9:30 am
by Varnafinde
On January 24, four weeks ago, in an FBF ...
Dave wrote:MouseHunt's 12th Anniversary
MouseHunt will celebrate it's 12th Anniversary on March 7! It's amazing to think that what started as a simple Facebook game has grown into a vast game with an expansive world!

We're looking to overhaul the SUPER|brie+ Factory event to celebrate the upcoming anniversary. The main points of feedback we're looking to address are:
Better uses and/or rewards for excess Factory Parts
Address the price point of Coggy Colby not aligning well with how much SUPER|brie+ you earn by using it
Add a more interesting/useful effect to Party Charms, such as trap bonuses when paired with birthday-themed traps

In general, the overall theme and idea of the event appeared to be well received last year, but the reward structure could use improvement. We want to keep the "relaxed" feeling of the event as well as the theme and narrative, but overhaul the parts that could have been better. The end goal is to create a fun event to run once a year where players can earn free SUPER|brie+.

Last Friday he told a little more about some changes that would be made from last year, but I didn't see him changing the date, so I guess we can expect it on March 7 :)

Or -as that's at a week-end - perhaps that's just the official birthday, and the event will start on a day close to it?

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Feb 24, 2020 2:08 pm
by fantasia
Thanks for that Varna! :)

I finished up a regular Tower run and made it to floor 89! with barely using any Champion's Fire, just maxed out stats and the trap/base (I did use the boost of extra hunts after each Eclipse). :-o And at that point the bonus drops had maxed out so there was no real point in continuing on.

Went back to the beginning to get my goodies and started another regular Tower run. I have now unlocked String Stepping, so I need all of those bonus drops for my upcoming Umbra run during the Egg Hunt.

I also bought my first page for my Codex. I decided on the Dusty page/hydro bonus as I think I use the School of Sharks the most when I'm doing maps and such.
I think I'm going to get the Eclipse page/Forgotten bonus next. Need more Cores from the Eclipse mouse first.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Mar 11, 2020 7:02 am
by fantasia
I finished up the birthday party rooms a couple days ago. Mostly just farming golden tickets for Ultimate and Baitkeep Charms. :D

I also nabbed several golden crowns on mice that were sitting in the 90s at the end of the event last year. :P Trying to decide if I want to get a gold crown on the Factory Technician. On one hand, I have 94 of them. On the other, I'm trying to save my charms for next year. :P

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Mar 15, 2020 1:02 pm
by Varnafinde
In between this event and the next, I really ought to get a bit further in Valour Riift. There are still 2 mice that I haven't even caught.

Depends a bit on whether my Wanted Posters friend wants to do more posters straight away. I have bronzed 2 of the 6 Ringleaders now, and I wouldn't mind bronzing all 6 before too long.

When the Spring Egg Hunt comes, probably in the second week of April, I guess we will both want to work on that for most of its duration.

I silvered some Valentine's mice, and now some Birthday's mice. I have 92 catches of the Super FighterBot MegaSupreme, so he should be the last Birthday silver this year.

This event is a good source of SB+, and I have chosen to keep most of it as plain SB+ and not convert it to Empowered SB+ (so I haven't uppgraded all levels of the QA Room). Perhaps I haven't discovered the real value of ESB+ yet, and anyway it's easier to smash the ESB+ later and convert it back to the plain thing than to get ESB+ later outside of the SB+ Factory. So perhaps I should upgrade now after all and get ESB+ during the last week of the event.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Mar 15, 2020 3:00 pm
by Gymfan15
^^ That was my reasoning on ESB+; it's not as easy to get so I can use whatever I get during the event for hunting and regular SB+ can be for smashing.

I'm about halfway through an Ultimate Umbra run so I may leave it there for Easter as I don't think I can get enough supplies to start over in time. After the Birthday event is over, I'll probably head over to the Queso Guyser and make sure that I'm in position for an Epic eruption if I'm not already.

Other than that, I'm needing to recoup a lot of gold since VRift has been a nice sink in that respect. ;))

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 03, 2020 11:17 am
by fantasia
Lots to update, but I don't know if I can remember all of it or not. We'll give it a shot. ;))

I wrapped up the birthday event with multiple new silvered mice. In fact I kept returning to the event for that reason because I hate seeing them sit at 98 catches for a whole year. :P :)) Got a couple new Ultimate charms too. :D

After several years I FINALLY got the last Relic Hunter Theme scrap and completed the theme. :D I also finally got one of this year's bases (Took me about 12 maps! :-o ). Still need the other.

I am set up for the Egg Hunt this year, but as always, it means I can't enter the Valor Rift Tower, nor the Queso Geyser. But the vast majority of treasure maps don't have mice in those two locations so that's what I'm doing in the meantime. :)

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 08, 2020 11:10 am
by fantasia
*rubs hands together*
Ok, egg hunt has started and I am all in on the Ultimate Umbra Tower run. So far I have the Elixir Egg from outside the Tower, and then I got the Magic and Melee floor eggs, both of which dropped from a Terrified Adventurer Mouse. As a side note, I just want to say that String Stepping is the most amazing thing ever... 44 steps at once.
Anyways, I will be here until I get all the VRift eggs and then I will bounce over to the Queso Canyon to get the eggs there, and then I will go get the seasonal eggs. :) Simple enough.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 08, 2020 11:48 am
by starkat
String stepping?

I don't know if I'll make the ultimate umbra or not. I've not made it that far yet.

I'm hoping to get what I can and then do queso eggs and then the seasonal eggs.