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Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Jan 03, 2020 9:43 am
by fantasia
I've checked all the boxes on the Winter Event and now I'm just farming supplies. :) I don't really have any goals left to complete other than maybe get a gold crown on the Snowflake mouse (11 to go), so we'll see if I can do that before Tuesday.

I do rather like this event. Next up is Chinese New Year in which I get to spend all the extra loot I've earned. :D

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Jan 06, 2020 8:29 am
by starkat
I sent most of my golems to the Valor Rift, Queso Geyser, and the Bristle Woods Rift. I sent one to the Comet and realized I could stock up on the rift 2020 charms that way and have been sending Golems to the comet for the last couple of days. I'll probably finish it up that way. I've got a good stash going now. I'm hoping that, when I get through with the BWRift, I can get started on the Valor Rift.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Jan 07, 2020 10:14 am
by fantasia
I am essentially done with the GWH. I misread the finishing date and thought it was today, so I spent all of my golem parts on ringing bells and sent them out to get last minute stuff. ;)) I just have two golems to return and then I WILL be done. Just farming cheese and snowballs for next year.

As an aside, after years and years of having gingerbread cheese and slabs of gingerbread, I'm going to use up my thousands and thousands of cheese that I've had for probably 10 years. ;)) And that will be the end of my GWH cheeses besides Pecan Pecarino, which is kind of crazy!

Oh, and I caught my 500th Snowflake mouse last night! :D

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Jan 09, 2020 10:42 am
by Gymfan15
GWH has been pretty good to me...I remember in years past it was always a little hard at the very beginning to get the ball rolling, but I'm not sure if it's because I had cheese leftover or tourneys started almost right away, but dang, I hauled it in this year. I bought a decent amount of Bells throughout the event just to keep my Animated Snow piles down...if I hadn't I MIGHT have been able to send out Golems the rest of this week, but honestly it still might have been too much.

I just finished evening out all of my supplies and I've got enough parts to last me through tomorrow, then I'm all done. For the most part I sent Golems to Valor Rift, QC and PP...I've been able to replenish my cheese supplies for QC very nicely, and I've got more Rift charms than I'll ever use and over 300 Champions Fire so that will be helpful.

After I'm finished with the event I'll be heading back to VR to work on getting my first Ultimate Umbra run, and also starting some prep work for LNY/Easter in QC and the Guyser (I want to run some Epic Eruptions; can you imagine getting a Rib with a candle lit, lol!).

I've also got about 800 Nice map scrolls which should yield me a little pile of Dust...happy to not have to spend a few mil on dust for a long long long time lol.

ETA: And let the record show that I'll end this GWH with my Golems at 13, 13 and 12. Pretty sure that's the highest I've ever gone individually and overall.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Jan 11, 2020 2:59 pm
by Varnafinde
Way back when I hunted in Living Garden, I noticed that catching the 3 bosses would cost more than a million each because of the expensive Shattering Charms that were needed to catch them. I thought that I would never be able to afford to bronze them - I caught them all once, of course, and later caught 2 of them again, so I would now need 9+8+8=25 catches to bronze them all.

These days 25 mil gold isn't so unobtainable any more, so last year I decided I would try to go for bronzing them after all. I bought 25 Aromatic Oils for a million each, and 25 Epic Orbs and tons of Charmbits - but there still were 25 Icuri Essences missing. But every time I somehow can get an Icuri, I have the materials to craft a Shattering Charm right away.

LG area hunting to craft 25 Icuri would take months, which I don't want to spend solidly in there. But at GWH I've let the golems do the job. I played rather passively for a while, and I also had one of the golems going to Valour Rift to get me an abundance of Rift Charms - but I still got enough D, E and F essences to enable me to craft 9 Icuri. Which then have been made into 9 Shattering Charms.

I've now finished all my golems (at 13, 12 and 12), and today I've been to Twisted Garden and caught a Twisted Carmine. Its Living Chest contained a G essence, and two more G is all I need for another Icuri.

The golems also brought petals and herbs, so I now have 530 Dewthief Camembert, 1660 Duskshade, 314 Graveblossom, and 1046 Lunaria. I plan to hunt with LNY Candles in Twisted Garden with Lunaria. 2 or 3 Living chests would be nice. :)

Epic Eruptions aren't as lucrative as could be hoped, though. Only loot dropped by mice is doubled or tripled. And the Rib isn't dropped by a mouse, it's put into the "container" that is opened when you finish the run, and will not be doubled. :(

Fulmina's teeth, on the other hand ...

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Jan 15, 2020 9:08 am
by fantasia
:D Varna! I hope you get those bronze crowns!

I was not ready for the CNY to come so soon. ;)) But even though I'm completely caught off guard and unprepared, I think I have more than enough resources to make it worth my while. I caught the Costumed Rat yesterday so I'm in the Valour Rift. I should hit 74 Fragments of the Eclipse here very soon so I can do at least one really good Umbra tower run while the event is going. (Need to get to 1000 sigils as well.) I would have liked to have the trap to go with the tower run, but oh well, that's just the way it is. I DID max out Siphon first thing this morning so my last two upgrades are level 9 and 10 of Speed, and the trap, and then I can really hit the area hard. :)

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Jan 16, 2020 9:58 am
by starkat
I give up. I'm buying timesplit runes. I'm selling stuff on the marketplace and as I get reasonably close to 8.5 mil in stuff sold, I'm buying. I just had my tenth acolyte and zero runes. I want to get out of this area so badly. I'm taking my candles for the CNY there and I guess I'll go hunting overnight in a stockpile area for more. I am soooo frustrated with the Bristle Woods Rift.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Jan 16, 2020 10:45 am
by fantasia
Not to lessen your frustration with the area, but I've caught 51 acolytes and probably had 4 or 5 drop? And now that you caught the tenth acolyte, you'll get a better box from him which has a slightly higher chance for a rune in there. I bought the vast majority from the General Store with Cogs. The dropped runes are bonuses, you're supposed to buy most of them.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Jan 16, 2020 11:27 am
by Gymfan15
@FK LNY snuck up on me too! I'd sort of been tracking when it was, but I guess I forgot that it was coming "early" this year. I saw my Daily Gift with Dumpling Cheese on Tuesday and was like, wait what. ;))

Since I didn't have ANY time to prepare, I'm sort of winging it this year. I've done some QQ hunting, a little Ful'Mina hunting...right now I'm restocking Candles and then I'll probably try and hit up Valor Rift since I'm at 60/75 Fragments that are needed for a UU run.

@ Kat: I feel ya on the frustration. In the past I was always pretty chill with grinding it out to get the drops I needed for the most part, but then the Laby happened and I'd probably still be hunting there if I hadn't bought the TSP I needed for the trap. :p Pretty sure I bought some Runes in BRift, and lately my biggest purchase was a Rib, because goodness knows I sunk enough gold/time into that area before finally getting smart and realizing that just buying one off the MP was way more time/cost efficient. So there's no shame in that! I'm pretty big on, roll the dice until it starts to get frustrating, and then look into other options.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Jan 16, 2020 11:49 am
by starkat
I'd run go buy the remaining 4, but I don't want to undo the progress I've made in gold lately. I'm hovering at 60 mil while I do this. I need the rib still too.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Jan 16, 2020 11:43 pm
by dracula
Hi. This thread keeps coming up when I do google searches about mousehunt so I figured I’d make an account and participate.

There is a lot of good information here, yes I definitely agree with buying a rib off the market and then using it to hunt for more ribs, hunt fulmina, or hunt the draconic section of the upcoming floating isles.

I took a few years off from mousehunt and cane back for this most recent Halloween and will play for event season.

The new desert heater base is extremely overpowered. I’ve spent the entire event farming out dumpling and nian gao in muridae as the base randomly generates essences(including gur, hix and icuri), as well as items like sandblasted metals, control boxes to nuke the warpath and Sandtail area charns. It usually drops aleth essence but can drop the more rare jackpot items.

The Easter egg hunt is a good time to hunt the grand mojo(his egg has onyx stones to craft more bait to get more sojo for branches for ascended elder)

Hopefully the vrift mice drop good eggs as well.

But for now here is are some winning formulas as far as I can tell:

Use desert heater base during events like lunar new year and Halloween in muridae.

Combine the lightning aura with Halloween aura in November to stock up on bait for ascended elder to use during lny.

During great winter hunt, send golems to whisker woods rift(to craft LL bait for lunar new year), also send golems to mousu Picchu for toof, dragon banes, and fire bowl fuel.

During lny, start off in muridae farming cheese to candles, start with with your 500 pieces of lactrodectous to hunt mbw for the rift charms and use slayer, winter, chrome and lightning auras for max loot. Hunt ascended elder during lny as well as twisted carmine, the 3 big lg bosses, and when you run Low on candle(about 50 or 100 candles), hunt fulmina with white candles to play fulmina lottery and get more dumpling cheese and then Farm the dumpling in muridae to get more candles, and hunt fulmina again. Wash,rinse, repeat until the lny is over.

With the relics, buy nice lists during great winter hunt and and trash the nice maps and keep the dusts( think of it this way, if you collect 100 map dust that is worth about 300m to 400 million in gold, if you collect 1000 dusts that is worth 3-4 billion in my gold. Also use the relics to buy lightning maps and do the maps when there is no major event going on. Use the baitkeep charms for ascended elder during lny.

Sorry for such a long post there are a few other ideas on can share for another day.

Free stuff

3 free white candles
Non Facebook link

2 pieces of dumpling bait
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Another treat
Non Facebook link

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Jan 18, 2020 9:12 am
by Gymfan15
Welcome! We are an odd little corner of the internet to find a MH game thread, but such is life. ;))

So I was thinking a UU run was a little further away, but then I lit a Red Candle on Floor 16 (15? 16?) and got 9 Fragments so I'm just 5 away and will definitely have enough by the time this run is done. ;))

I was going through my MH spreadsheet that I haven't updated in aaaaages and realized I never wrote down when I'd ranked to Elder...I like to keep track of those dates. It took a surprisingly long amount of time to figure it out. In other news, though, the fact that I've gained 1% per month since ranking up is somewhat surprising and encouraging (since I'm pretty passive these days)...maybe the next rank is only two years away instead of ten. ;))

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Jan 19, 2020 5:52 pm
by fantasia
Hi dracula, and welcome! Thanks for the tips. :) I used to be on top of things back in the day, but too busy to keep up with the news anymore, so I just fly by the seat of my pants these days and hope something works out. ;))

I got my Celestial Dissonance Trap yesterday thanks to the Red Candles + The Total Eclipse Mouse. :)

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Jan 20, 2020 12:02 pm
by Varnafinde
Varnafinde wrote:I now have 530 Dewthief Camembert, 1660 Duskshade, 314 Graveblossom, and 1046 Lunaria. I plan to hunt with LNY Candles in Twisted Garden with Lunaria. 2 or 3 Living chests would be nice. :)

I've hunted with white candles and 200 Lunaria in Twisted Garden and got enough catches to silver the Twisted Carmine - and got 2 Living Chests (and 2 Gur Essences ) every time :). I won't do the actual bronzing during the event, but I only need 2 more Icuri now to craft all the Shattering Charms I need to bronze those bosses. (Perhaps I should get some spare Icuri as well, in case I want to continue - but I won't work on silvering them.)

At the moment I've got 19 red candles, but I'm not sure where best to use them. If I had prepared WWRift, I would have gone there - I'm halfway through, got all three sections up between 20 and 25, so maybe I could hunt my way up to 50/50/50 after all.

I don't want to spend the candles until I'm somewhere where all the mice available are "worth it". FRift if I had more Enerchi and could go higher up and do the bosses there - VRift if I can get close enough to an Eclipse or two. And there's always Fulmina.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Jan 22, 2020 9:53 am
by fantasia
Arrrrggg!! I totally forgot to open my Lightning Treasure Chest until today. I had three of them stockpiled for this event and now I'll probably only get to use one of them instead of two. Oh well, at least I remembered it now and I'll get about a week of doubled Ful'Mina's Gifts. ;))

My Ultimate Umbra tower run is going VERY well. Using double drops most of the way up and I've been using the triple drop candles on The Total Eclipse. I got the trap (mentioned above), and I can afford the base and a first page of the codex. I'm almost to be able to level my speed up to 9. The only problem is I've spent SOOO much additional gold on Champion's Fire (my stockpile from Christmas already ran out lol) that I don't have a lot in reserve to buy all the stuff I have supplies for. :ymblushing: Should probably get on the marketplace and try to sell some stuff. Also maybe should go back to FRift again for a bit once the event is over.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Jan 22, 2020 7:02 pm
by dracula Free red cheese Non Facebook link Free candles non Facebook link

As for where to hunt with red candles.

Ascended elder and monstrous black widow are top choices

Absolute acolyte is a decent choice if you can get to him quickly. If you have already silvered the AA then every chest has at least one rune. If you use red candle then more runes

Dark magi, king scarab are ok choices as well

If you are at plus 50 luck and feeling lucky try fulmina with red candle. I usually end up with iodized salt

Warmonger isn’t a bad choice if you have the nukes to get to him quickly and need to catch a monger for a map. If you can get to total eclipse then that is a good time to use red candle