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Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Mar 29, 2018 5:36 am
by fantasia
As of 7:23am this morning, the only egg left that I need is the Mutated Behemoth. :) That Brown Egg took forever!

Working on my team Lightning Map while I'm waiting on the Toxic Spill.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Mar 29, 2018 6:12 am
by shastastwin
I still need:

- Absolute Acolyte (6 hunts from AA being catchable)
- Chamber Cleaver (will snag once AA is caught)
- Mutated Behemoth (can't get till Sunday)
- White, Brown, and Grey (because ugh)

I'll probably work on the Lightning Map as well once I've caught up. Maybe do some BWRift and MoPi egg farming.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Mar 30, 2018 9:32 am
by 501815188
Hi guys! I just started my first Warpath Run a few days ago, is now a good time to do one?
P.S. I’m sad because I missed Annie Ambush and Annie Deathbot from the Birthday event, even though I bought 100 cheese :((

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Mar 30, 2018 10:21 am
by Gymfan15
Now's a good time to hunt pretty much anywhere you like! Eggs give out bonus loot; some of it really great, others just moderately helpful. But if you're hunting in new-to-you areas, even a little bit helps. So I say, sure! :D

I'm still waiting on my White and Brown eggs, but I've got the rest. I figure I can overnight-hunt for those until I finally get lucky, lol.

Currently splitting my time between hunting for map mice and getting interesting eggs for the various cartons I've been on. Speaking of cartons, I've been on a handful, and I've only had to open one myself...I feel like maybe cartons won't be as scarce as I originally thought they might be. Even so, I don't think I'll buy any with event cheese since I've used up all my "valuable" eggs already. If I get on one, great, if not, no biggie.

ETA: Literally JUST discovered that I am the proud owner of the Monolith must have dropped the last time I went after a BBB mouse for a map, which was what, a few weeks/months ago? Never got one before, lol! What a fun surprise.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 01, 2018 5:28 am
by fantasia
Haha, well, it took me 1 hour and 19 minutes to catch the Mutated Behemoth Mouse and get his egg. By the time I pulled up the my scoreboard, 106 players had also caught the Mutated Behemoth. So I definitely didn't place as high this year on the Scoreboard like I have in the past, but that's no surprise as there were no hard eggs to get at all this year, and very few new ones.

Anyways, I'm done with eggs, now I have to decide what I want to do the rest of the time. Maybe I'll crown some of the event mice since I'm super close on a couple of them.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 01, 2018 9:51 am
by Gymfan15
I’m still waiting for the darn White Egg, but I also haven’t spent much time going after it. ;)) I’m in no rush, for sure.

A low-key goal of mine this year is to beat my all-time record of about 70 unique eggs looted in one year. I’m well on my way (over 50 at the moment) so maybe I’ll try for like, 100, lol.

Otherwise, I want to go after eggs that will enable me to Never Farm Certain Supplies Ever Again, lol.

It occurred me to me that as of a week ago, I’ve accomplished every single major goal of mine in the game (namely, having all the top traps and “finishing” all the areas). This is a new feeling for me. ;)) I have a few small goals I can work on, or I might try point-farming till the next new area comes out. The world is my oyster!

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 01, 2018 11:04 am
by shastastwin
I'm all done with collecting the new eggs, so I'm going to bounce around a bit and (if ever I'm actively hunting again) work on finishing the team's Lightning Map.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 03, 2018 6:57 pm
by starkat
I'm down to:

5 of the event eggs
Brown egg
Unstable Crystal
Zokor Treasury
Magmatic Golem

Does anyone have any suggestions on tackling this list? I'm at the end of Wave 1 in the warpath. I'm only up to 1 Hix essence so I'm figuring the Shattered will stay at the absolute bottom of my list. Is the Unstable Crystal found on a farming run in Zokor?


Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 03, 2018 7:13 pm
by Gymfan15
Unstable Crystal is from a Treasury Zokor run (from Matron of Wealth if I remember correctly).

If you've got plenty of Lunaria in reserve I think you could get the other 2 Hix without it taking TOO long but I'm not entirely sure.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 14, 2018 8:02 pm
by fantasia
Due to real life happenings, I just haven't been able to do much this egg hunt, but perhaps that's ok because there hasn't been much to do. :P ;))

I've been copying Varna and trying to get two more event mice bronzed and one silvered when I'm not working on maps. Gymmie, thanks for all the map invites. :)

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 17, 2018 4:00 pm
by starkat
The magmatic golem is being a pain. I'm about to give up on it (and the shattering egg) and just go hunt charge eggs. I've not done that yet this year. But those are the only two eggs I'm missing.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 24, 2018 12:20 pm
by daughter of the King
I was probably not as efficient as I could have been in any part of the Egg Hunt, but my goal for the year was a Minotaur egg and I did manage to get that so I'm satisfied.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 25, 2018 5:47 am
by shastastwin
I caught up to having all the eggs for the first time in at least a couple of years, if not ever, so I'm pleased with that. I didn't cycle charge eggs or farm area-specific eggs as much as I could have, but I got several Rare Map Dusts from Map Clue eggs. :D

Currently going into map mode until we're all sick to death of them. I really want to make some progress on the RH theme.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 25, 2018 3:47 pm
by Varnafinde
I got all the eggs for the first time ever - and silvered a few event mice, and used some of my hundreds of charge charms to stay on top of the charging for almost a week. It gave me close to three hundred high charge eggs.

Now I'll run around for some bronzes and silvers for a while, and then I need to go back to the Absolute Acolyte - I need 40 cogs (and probably 1 rune) for the trap. I had 60 cogs, forgot that I needed to keep 50 of them, and bought a rune. Now I need to do 4 AA runs instead of just accumulate gold for a rune from the Marketplace. I got 4 AA eggs, but none of them had runes or cogs.

I don't know how many Map Clue eggs I got - 50 or 60, perhaps? Or even more? I think I got 3 or 4 dust from them ...

Progress on the RH theme - I had almost forgotten that it existed. I need two or three theme scraps. Perhaps I should join some ordinary RH maps again.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 26, 2018 8:17 am
by Gymfan15
It was a very satisfying SEH for me. There was no "rush" to get any of the new eggs since they were all very attainable, so I think it took me close to two weeks to finally nab the White Egg that finished my collection. I was able to buy my Timesplit Dissonance trap, which was the last trap I needed in the game.

Since that "completed" every major goal in the game for me, I got to spend the rest of the SEH focusing on some more fun side projects. A few listed below...

- Saved up 100 High Charge eggs to smash all at once, because fun! ;))

- Worked on a whole lotta random maps including Lightning, Rainbow, Gilded and Relic Hunter...I was shocked at how quickly we burned through them; the Rainbow especially.

- I'd prepped the MBW to be at 50/50/50 rage and got a handful of catches in a row before I ran out of cheese...then I forgot that I could switch to String Cheese/Tauntings to gather more cheese material, so I lost my charge. Not to be deterred, I got back to 50/50/50 AGAIN and spent some more time raking in the charms and cash, lol. I didn't keep track of how many MBWs I caught but I think it was close to 27; not a huge streak but I've still got my charge and some cheese left so there's more where that came from.

- I had repaired my 10th Battery shortly before Easter and spent a lot of time during Easter gathering Enerchi, which allowed me to go on an epic boss hunt towards the end of the many points; so many Enerchi charms...I've replenished my cheese (and then some) and have filled my battery again so I'm just waiting to pull the trigger on some more Ascended Elders and such. :D

- Since I was doing so many maps and gathering random eggs, I decided it would be fun to see if I could not just beat my previous year's record of 70 unique eggs looted in a year, but smash it by going for 100. It took a little intentional hunting towards the end (basically figuring out where I hadn't looted eggs that had good drop rates) but I got there and then some...104 unique eggs looted! And only 2 or 3 were Laby eggs, so I consider that a true accomplishment. ;)

- I saved one of each egg looted (except Golden egg) and did an Epic Egg Smash was fun! I added up all the loot and shall record it here for posterity, haha:

3 Aleth Essence
3 Ancient Charms
4 Ancient Cheese
1 Attraction Charm
3 Barnacles
5 Ber Essence
1 Bloodstone
2 Bottled-Up Rage
17 Brie Cheese
1 Canister Ring
7 Cavern Fungi
1 Chocolate Bunny
20 Chrome Charms
1 Corrupted Radioactive Blue Potion
1 Crystal Crucible
1 Cynd Essence
16 Damaged Coral Fragments
2 Dawn Dust
3 Delicious Stones
23 Divine Orbs
2 Dragon Scale
3 Dreamfluff Herbs
2 Duskshade Petals
1 Eggstra Charm
2 Enerchi
2 Enerchi Charms
1 Epic Orb
1 Est Essence
3 Extreme Polluted Charms
2 Fire Bowl Fuel
2 Fishy Fromage
9 Flameshards
38 Flawed Orbs
26 Flawless Orb
2 Fusion Fondue
1 Gauntlet Potion Tier 2
1 Gemstone
8 Gnarled Charms
37,250 Gold
4 Gouda Cheese
1 Graveblossom Petal
2 Howlite
1 Hunting Research ( 10,000 bonus points)
1 Inferno Pepper
4 Ionized Salt
20 King's Credits
3 Lantern Oil
7 Limelight Cheese
14 Living Shards
15 Luck Charms
10 Lucky Rabbit Charms
1 Lunaria Petal
3 Magic Essence
1 Magical Rancid Radioactive Blue Cheese
3 Magical String Cheese
2 Marble Cheese
1 Master Claw Shard
7 Meteorite Pieces
2 Minerals
19 Mist Canisters
29 Mouse Scales
1 Nightshade
15 Oxygen Canisters
1 Plumepearl Herbs
25 Pollutinum
3 Power Charms
1 Powercore Hammer
3 Quantum Quartz
4 Radioactive Blue Cheese
2 Radioactive Blue Cheese Potions
2 Radioactive Sludge
1 Rare Map Dust
1 Realm Ripper Charm
1 Rift Antiskele Charm
6 Rift Cherries
1 Rift Circuitry
9 Rift Curds
1 Rift Stars
4 Rift-torn Roots
1 Riftgrass
8 Runes
2 Runic Potion
1 Runic String Cheese Potion
8 Salt
6 Sand Dollars
67 Scrap Metal
3 Seashells
57 Simple Orb
4 Soap Charms
1 Spellbook Charm
1 Spring Hunt Endless Labyrinth Trap Skin
10 Super Luck Charms
40 SUPER|brie+
21 Swiss Cheese
4 Swiss String Cheese
10 Tarnished Charms
10 Tech Power Cores
3 Technic Cheese Moulds
2 Terre Ricotta Potions
11 Tiny Sprocket
10 Tournament Tokens
5 Ultimate Luck Charms
17 Ultimate Power Charms
1 Umbrella
15 Unstable Charms
16 Vanilla Beans
2 Water Jet Charms
4 Wax Charms
13 Wealth Charms
1 Windy Potion
1 Yellow Pepper Seed

And thus ends the 2018 SEH!

Now that I've met all the trap goals in the game for me, I'm focusing on points and maps; alternating Relic Hunter maps with special maps (until I run out of special maps in my inventory). I want to try and make some good progress on rank progression during this downtime if I can!

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Apr 27, 2018 9:47 am
by starkat
Nice Gymmie!

I ended up with the temporal plate and went ahead and bought the remainder pieces and crafted the temporal turbine trap. I think this means I'm just about finished with the laby! I've still got to get the theme scrap from the farming run.

I'm still missing the:
magmatic golem
battering ram
heart of the meteor
9 mice in Moussu Picchu (I started out with an advantage due to the Christmas event and didn't have to build supplies.)

I'm still missing some of the more advanced:
law and rift traps.

Relic hunter theme scraps I'm missing:
1, 4, 5

So I guess I'm going to start by going after the missing mice. I have yet to decide if I'm going to actually go after the magmatic golem or just stock up on charms for next easter. I may try both. I also want to go after enough essence for a shattering charm for next easter.

I don't have the tenth battery in furoma rift done yet either, but I've got all the mice.

Does anyone have any suggestions on anything else I may be missing or need to do to prep for any potential areas in the future?