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Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Dec 04, 2017 12:41 pm
by shastastwin
Update on Goals:

Got both portal projectors thanks to maps and friends.
Got the Fort Rox Shadow upgrade, so I'm not as concerned about the TTT, though I'd still like it at some point.
Got the trap from MoPi.

-- 1010 meters in Sunken City (for Easter)
-- Rift Trap and Base upgrades from BWRift (34 Cogs and no Runes, so a looooong way to go)
-- Draconic upgrade in MoPi (I have 7 scales and no teeth, so a long way to go on this one as well)
-- Finish the refine Pollutinum adventure (haven't been eager to spend time in the TS)
-- Temporal Turbine trap from Laby (still need both Shadow Plates)
-- Relic Hunter journal theme (still need 4 scraps)
-- MoPi and Lightning journal themes (I don't expect these to happen quickly, given the high prices of the stuff in the stores)

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Dec 12, 2017 1:20 pm
by Varnafinde
New event, and I want to buy several LE traps even though some of them are so far below my level that I might never use them - just because they would be pretty collectibles.

Some of the new traps can be useful in certain contexts, though. And I can't buy them anyway until I've pierced the Festive Comet and got a Nugget of Nougat.

There are some skins I want to buy, too - and of course those are only pretty and not useful at all. Entertainment value, anyone?

And while I was looking at the skins, I decided I could go to the Marketplace and see whether anyone was willing to buy skins now at the beginning of the event. I went through the list of my skins and accepted almost all offers for skins I won't be using - 12 different ones ...

Then I counted up the new gold this had got me. :)

7 040 356 gold! :-o

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Dec 15, 2017 11:55 am
by fantasia_kitty
I don't know what I'm doing wrong this year in the Christmas event, but the devs were talking about already making it to the Nougat center of the Snowball and restarting. Good heavens I'm not even close to that! I'm in the Scarf layer :P Maybe I've been offline more than I realize? Or maybe it's because I didn't buy any specialty cheese this year to get a boosted start? Who knows. Ah well, I'll catch up. ;)

Minor side goal this year is to get a silver crown on the Miser Mouse (easy, only need 3 more) and the Joy mouse (currently have 89). I don't actively work on crowns usually, but it does drive me crazy seeing them sit right near 100 for a whole year. ;))

How's everybody else coming along?

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Dec 15, 2017 12:58 pm
by shastastwin
I'm about to blast through the scarf layer. I assume the devs have loads of charms and cheese at their disposal. ;))

I've got golem builders at levels 4, 3, and 2. Will probably level up the 3 to a 4 as I don't tend to have enough parts to send out more than 2 at a time anyway.

I'm considering buying the crossbow trap upgrade or the Event Horizon upgrade, but I'm not sure if they'll still be worth it.

I do like getting loot for the two top areas while doing event stuff. I'm going to be ready for another big MP run after this is over. ;))

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Dec 16, 2017 3:34 pm
by Varnafinde
I've been sending some golems to Zokor, hoping for trap loot (which is possible, but rare) and have at least got items for mino keys and general district loot for oil and cubes.
The easiest to get there is bunches of Forgotten charms. Someone suggested using them on the SoS trap in the Labyrinth.

I've also sent a lot of golems to MoPi, hoping for a tooth (another rarity) and have got lots of potions and vines for cheese - it will save me a lot of farming for my next Ful'Mina run :)

It's also possible to get parts for portals from Fort Rox and Fiery Warpath, perhaps I should try for those as well - and there are Magmatic Crystal charms from Gnawnian Express Station. I still need to bronze at least one mouse there.

The MH Wiki has a big table with all known possible rewards that the golems may bring back from the different locations - looks useful. I'll take all golems to level 6, to get 2 Exeptionals and 3 SB+, and then try to take one of them even higher up.
The cost per upgrade increases until level 15, from there it's the same cost for every new level. There's no limit for upgrades other than the time limit of the event.

I like this mechanism, and am enjoying the event. I have bought the crossbow trap upgrade - until I get 2 TSPs from Zokor ( ;) ), it is my top shadow trap.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Dec 17, 2017 8:33 am
by Gymfan15
Having two brand new game mechanics for events back to back is throwing me off; don’t the devs know that I don’t have the brain power to learn something new this often? ;))

Just sort of feeling my way through...I’m about to blast through the Gingerbread layer and I’ve got one Golem to L5 and have started to upgrade the second. It seems like I rarely have enough parts to deploy more than two Golems at a time currently, so I’m going to get the second to L5 and then keep upgrading the first to hopefully 10. But we’ll see.

No good loot to speak of yet.

I will probably buy the rift trap and use the rest of my Nuggets (har har har) on Hats.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Dec 17, 2017 10:03 am
by starkat
I'm upgrading one at the moment. I am sending most of my golems to Mossu Pichu since I haven't been there yet hoping to get an advance stockpile of supplies. I'm sending some to Zokor. Tried the fungal cabern but I kept getting cavern fungi and I have over 1000 of those. I need nightshade. At least zokor brings back some GG occasionally.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Dec 18, 2017 9:54 am
by fantasia_kitty
Yeah, I haven't used my third golem slot either. On the very rare occasion I have enough parts to have three active golems at once, one of the high level ones is about done so I just save the parts for when he gets back.
My first Golem is at Level 6 (will be 7 in nine more hunts :ymsmug: ) and my second is Level 5. I plan to get my first Golem up to level 10 before leveling the second one any more.
I've been trying to decide the best places to send them. My first is continually going to Moussu Picchu for Fire Bowl Fuel as my primary goal in the game right now is to get those themes and a Lightning Scroll.
But the second I'm just kind of hunting around. I've got him set to Zokor at the moment because if I just happen to get trap parts, I can share them with you all so more of you get through that area. ;))

I've caught one Naughty Nougat mouse so far. Working on my second run through. I'm trying to decide what, if anything, I'm going to buy in terms of traps. I'm pretty sure everything I have is more powerful than what's being offered, and I don't see any traps with special powers this year (please point out if that's incorrect so I can reconsider!).
I think I may get the two skins that go with the Dragon Lance trap and the Timesplit Rune trap.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Dec 18, 2017 7:12 pm
by Gymfan15
^^ The Rift trap has a special power (extra CRM drops) but the jury is still out on whether that will help in BWRift or not. I bought it anyway.

My initial discouragement at this event being a grind is now waining now that I've upgraded some goes SO MUCH FASTER once you're getting more Crackers and Shards. I got my first NN mouse today and I'm 4 layers into my second Comet; I think I'll be able to get one or two more layers in before I go to bed.

I went ahead and donated for a bunch of PP cheese today; I realized I had some FB credit and I was able to get a discount on some more, and I rarely donate more than the customary dollar a month so I figured it was time, lol. It's helping because I can stay hunting with PP instead of having to drop down and farm (and not accrue parts as fast).

Golem1: L6
Golem 2: L5
Golem 3: L4

I'm going to get Golem 3 to L5 and then I'll stop and take Golem 1 up as high as I can get it. I don't need SB so I don't see the point of taking the other Golems up higher until I've gotten the 1st to at least L10.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Dec 20, 2017 7:58 am
by fantasia_kitty
I'm also chuckling at how much faster the subsequent runs through the snowball are after the first. The first trip through took like what? Four? Five days? Third run through, 12 hours? ;)) I also went ahead and shelled out some cold hard cash for some PP cheese. The drops are really good so I figured it was worth it. I'll be out later today and then snowball trips won't be quite so fast, but that's ok.

Golem 1 is level 7 (20 hunts away from level 8)
Golem 2 is level 6
Golem 3 is level 5 (probably won't use him much after I run out of PP cheese)

This morning I got a Ful'Mina's Gift chest from my golem returning from Moussu Picchu. I was like "oooh, what's this?" and I think it has to do with that aura that you get from a lightning scroll? Now I want that treasure map even more. ;)) Maybe I should send all of my golems to MoPi instead of hoping for trap drops from other locations. I've gotten 120 fire bowl fuel so far from this event using just one golem, so yeah, I may change my plans and focus fully on MoPi after this.

Oh yeah, I got the silver crown on both the Joy and Miser mouse, yay ;))

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Dec 20, 2017 6:17 pm
by Gymfan15
Golem1: L8
Golem 2: L5
Golem 3: L5

I'm starting to have a shortage of trap parts so I'm only keeping two Golems out at the moment; splitting my time in BWrift and MoPi. I should get my third NN mouse tonight.

Btw, L9 needs 65 Shards and I think I heard that L10 needs 100, lol. Gonna take awhile.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Dec 20, 2017 7:08 pm
by fantasia_kitty
What kind of loot are you getting from the BWRift Gymmie? I've only sent one Golem there and the loot was meh (back when it was like, level 3 or something).

Almost out of purchased PP cheese, so I will also be going back to just two golems. It was a nice boost while it lasted. ;))

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Dec 20, 2017 8:49 pm
by Gymfan15
Potions, lots and lots of potions. I have almost 200 ASC pots and 250ish RSC pots, and I've also gotten about 200 pieces of ASC on its own. Also, I've gotten two or three Timesplit Charms (so now I don't need to buy/craft any, yay). Also, Antiskele charms and QQ. Gotten a few Sprokets but no Cogs or Runes (crossing mah fingers).

On the flip side, I feel like for MoPi, I'm getting an absurd amount of Fuel but not much to report of anything else, haha.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Dec 28, 2017 9:02 am
by starkat
I've not yet set foot in MoPi, but I've been focusing my golems in there and Zokar.

I'm up to:
29 windy potions
51 rainy potions
152 arcanevine
200 shadow vine
1 dragon scale
183 firebowl fuel

Is this a good stash to start with?

I'm up to 120 nightshade which I'm thrilled about and my stash of gilded charms has been restocked. I've been using the sb pack golden shield so I wouldn't have to spend any money on it.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Dec 28, 2017 9:31 am
by fantasia_kitty
Yep Kat, that's quite nice. MoPi is an easy area. It's mostly a matter of patience.

I've decided I like the Zokor loot quite a lot. I've snagged an Ultimate Charm and several Ultimate Lucky Power charms. With the first Archduke level area coming this year, I'm stockpiling good charms...or at least trying to.

Re: The MouseHunt Thread: Episode V

PostPosted: Jan 08, 2018 12:11 pm
by fantasia_kitty
Last 24 hours of the event! I ended up liking this years' GWH quite a bit. :) My kids enjoyed designing golems ;)) I enjoyed the crazy amounts of loot that came rolling in. :-j As of right now, I'm sitting at 726 Fire Bowl Fuel :-o and I don't even know how much Dragonvine cheese (it's a lot). I plan to hold back about 100 of each of those for the Egg Hunt.

I did go ahead and buy the 2018 base even though I never used the 2017 base, but I figured if I just happen to remember to use it, it's an option.
I decided to skip all of the traps. Don't need 'em.
I did get a couple skins just because I needed to spend the advent chocolates and nougats on something.
Also got the 2018 Lucky Codex, obviously. That's a requirement.
Sadly, I noticed much too late that you can buy Hats with the Nougats, so I will have a pile of nougats gone to waste. Ah well.

I hope everybody else had a very profitable GWH! :D