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PostPosted: Aug 27, 2015 5:23 am
by starkat
Another amusing horse story...

There are such things as equine chiropractors.

For awhile now, Lark's been showing signs of being chiropractically "out" in her hindquarters to some extent. She's also been exhibiting bad behavior at certain points. My trainer has a chiropractor come out to the barn once a month and I paid to have Lark see her yesterday when she came out.

When you go out to see said horse in the pasture and her lower lip is so relaxed it's noticeably lower than the top lip and her expression clearly states "all is right in my world again"... and you get reports that she pretty much didn't want her appointment to end... you know the horse really needed it.


My trainer's got a couple of horses (Lark included) that will take one look at the chiropractor and totally relax because they know she makes them feel better.

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PostPosted: Feb 09, 2016 8:16 am
by starkat
Since I last posted in here, we lost Lark to colic.

I've begun working with another horse by the name of Bentley. He's 17.3 hands tall. Or in a more human version of measurement, his shoulder is just under 6 feet off the ground. He's a big teddy bear who loves to jump. He's had some health issues we've been working him through and thankfully he seems to be coming back quite well. I've been working through building a relationship with another horse (even if it never gets as deep as I had with Lark) with him. Yesterday we had an interesting moment. He spooked twice at the sound of a broken mirror in the stiff winds. Second time, he turned his head and pushed up against me as if he was hiding or seeking reassurance that the noise wasn't going to eat him.

I'm focusing on riding Rosey this week and next probably. She seems to have forgotten the basic rules of when I sit on her back. Or gotten lazy about it. She is a big girl and can carry herself. And I don't care if she thinks the jump standards will eat the mule or not. She will walk, trot, and/or canter by them politely and in a straight line or she will go in circles until she decides straight is easier.

Silly mule.

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PostPosted: Jun 07, 2016 9:23 am
by starkat
Silly horse story...

My trainer has a 3 year old who qualifies as a pony in height despite being a full blooded and registered quarter horse. Usually you don't want a horse jumping till at least 5 so that the bulk of their growing is done and the growth plates start fusing.

She was turned out by herself one day and got bored. She jumped a 3.5ft fence cleanly. Silly baby. Now all she has to do is finish growing so that she can learn jumping with a human riding her is a lot of fun.

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PostPosted: Oct 29, 2017 1:43 pm
by Kalta79
I have 6 cats, 3 chickens, and a dog.

Little Miss Sunshine is our oldest cat, I think we got her in 2010. Her name was meant to be ironic because she was half-feral when we got her from a friend and scratched me good during our first meeting. I thought it would nice to have a cat with attitude…not my smartest moment, but she‘s mellowed over the years and likes getting attention now. She’s all black except for a few white hairs under one armpit/shoulder, whatever you want to call it. Got her because the cat we had at the time(Joxer, named by my nephew when he was around 3 or 4), he was getting up there in years, and he was a great mouser, so I wanted him to pass on his skills to the next generation. He died November 1, 2012. What he did pass on for sure was the habit of thinking anytime the electric can opener was running, a can of tuna was being opened that they were going to get some of.

Munchkin is our Siamese, I just happened to take my Avatar picture of
her at just the right moment. Found her and her sister on October 21,
2012. I remember the date cause it was the first snow of our cold season that year. I was going to feed/water neighbor’s animals while they were out of town, and I heard this meowing, and it freaked me out, because she had mentioned finding a stray kitten a few days before, and I didn’t remember if she had kept it or just saw it, so I was worried I had been neglecting poor kitty. Following the sound, I saw Munchkin walking around crying, just crossing from the lot next to neighbor’s onto their property. Ran home and got a cage since they were skittish about me touching them. She had a sister, Kentucky, hiding under a dilapidated shed building on that lot. Munchkin was the smaller of the two, so that was her naming reason, Kentucky was from KFC due to her eating habits. Munchkin is short-haired, Kentucky was long-haired. Unfortunately Kentucky died in 2014 due to surgical complications.

Misfit and Fussybritches are grey/black tiger striped cats that we got in June 2014. Literally woke up with them on our doorstep pretty much, with their two brothers(Hedgehog and Pirate, who disappeared last year, Hedgehog because he had salt/pepper hair that made me think of spines like a hedgehog has, not a porcupine cause he was short-haired. Pirate because he had a bad eye infection when he was a kitten and I thought that eye was a goner, so started asking for ideas for a pirate name for him, since a one-eyed cat should have a pirate name, so a friend eventually said to just name him Pirate, so I did, and his eye recovered). I forget what my reasoning was for naming Misfit, but Fussybritches was because the add-on to the house I kept them in at first(I would always quarantine new kittens to make sure they were safe, plus they could get used to the sounds/smells of our house without being directly bothered by it), whenever I would go in to feed/water them and change their litterbox daily, she would hiss at me. So I decided she was a fussybritches…and eventually she went from hissing at me to crying if I didn’t pick her up J

Dianne I got in 2015 from a neighbor. Another neighbor gave them two kittens found in the garage of their neighbor(who is their ex-wife…long story). Neighbor didn’t know what to do, so they called me because I’m the only one they know with experience with kittens. She looks almost exactly like Misfit, but smaller and huskier. Well actually Dianne is a boy, but apparently I can’t gender cats to save my life despite my experience with them, and they’re fixed now, so as far as I’m concerned, Dianne is a girl!!! Her brother was named Stoner(he was black/white like neighbor’s cat, and since I constantly teased neighbors about their cat’s features making him look like he was always wasted or something, they said I had to name him Stoner if I took him, he disappeared last year…that‘s the downside of his name…we live in a small town type atmosphere, and walking around our neighborhood yelling STONER is not a good idea). Dianne gets along best with our dog Scruffy actually. Cute to watch them playing.

Pebbles we got last fall, she’s black/white, and I got her to help Dianne with Stoner’s disappearance, and Pebbles is the cat that Dianne gets along the best with, though none of our cats really ‘get along’…best that happens is they just ignore each other. The black/white cat of our neighbors(named Blackie) also looks very similar to Pebbles, and they get confused when they see each other.

Also had another black/white cat I named Pepe Le Pew, though his coloring was more like a backwards skunk. He showed up a few weeks after Joxer died, and disappeared a couple years later one Monday night(and Tuesday morning a neighbor asked about our cats, cause they were woken up in the middle of the night by a NASTY catfight near their place).

Our three chickens are Hardboiled(the rooster, they were a dark grey as a chick like the yolk is in hardboiled eggs), the hen was a proper yellow chick, so I named her Omelet, and our lame chicken(raccoon attack) I named Cassidy as in Hop-a-long Cassidy.

Scruffy is a schnauzer/terrier mix we got in 2009. Mom wanted a small dog, and there was ad in the post office for him for free, so we got him. And it turned out he was born on mom’s birthday(he came from a breeder, so we got his info with him). And he likes being sung to, if the song is right. He likes Jingle Bells, but don’t try “You Are So Beautiful To Me”. He also will start growling if you ask him if he’s okay…I don’t know why, but those words set him off for some reason.

Funniest thing I’ve seen our animals do would have to be Misfit. Once as a kitten, she got in that hyper mode when they just run around like crazy, and she ended up running onto the kitchen bench and flattening herself on the window. She didn’t hurt herself at all, but for a moment she was spread on the window like those toys with the suction cups on their hands/feet before she slid back down.

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PostPosted: Oct 31, 2017 3:06 pm
by The Rose-Tree Dryad
^I enjoyed reading about all of your cats, Kalta... I especially got a kick out of the name Fussybritches. ;)) I've never had a cat — something I'm going to have to remedy one of these days — but I've always loved thinking up names for them, or hearing stories about where they got their names!

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PostPosted: Oct 31, 2017 4:27 pm
by Kalta79
Cats can be fun, and they have the advantage of being a little more independent than dogs. Except for the neighbor's cat Blackie, he's trying to adopt me, because I would feed him when his owners were out of town. They sold their house and have moved, but they made sure the new people would take care of their cats, and Blackie's sister Gray has adopted one of them as her human.

Oh I forgot to mention, Dianne I named after the woman who told me about an organization that fixed seven of our cats for free(well the procedure was free, but I did have to pay $15 total I think it was to not have their ears notched), they even picked them up and dropped them off. And so I named her after that woman because I found out later that she died the day I got Dianne. And Pebbles, since I got her to help Dianne with losing Stoner, I went from Stoner to Pebbles to keep with the 'rock' names.

Scruffy's name, his previous owners said they called him that, and it fits, he hates to be groomed. I can only do a little at a time, so he always looks scruffy.

And we're also getting at least one goat next year. I also want a pair of Katahdin sheep(I think that's how it's spelled), because they shed their wool, and shearing sheep is more involved than I want to be. I'd prefer to just brush them.