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Re: Acting and Live Theatre.

PostPosted: Aug 25, 2010 8:10 pm
by Princess Anna
daughter of the King wrote:I've never heard of Oregon Trail, but wow that sounds so awesome. You even made a CD?

Well, like I said, a local guy wrote it. Took him twelve years. (he got the idea because his girls liked to play the computer game, and he got interested in that part of history. so he researched it, and wrote the script and stuff. I think he had help with the music, though) And as far as I know, we're the only ones that know about it. There used to be a website up about it, but it's gone now. :( (otherwise I'd show you the link)

If I knew how to put things on youtube, I'd upload my copy. But firstly, I forget where it is. And second, the sound was too quiet. (it looks good, but you can barely hear us. I only know what it sounds like, cause I was on the stage for it. I usually play the cd during the song scenes. :p )

Yep, recorded the cd in someone's basement. ;))

I just felt so blessed to be a part of it, because how many people can say that they were "in an original cast" of something? Not even all professional actors can say that! :-o

I hope you and your sister can do White Christmas! I saw it at the Muny once... it was really neat. (though, a little different than the film... like you said)

Re: Acting and Live Theatre.

PostPosted: Aug 25, 2010 9:36 pm
by Faun_Song612
That's quite a schedule, Faun_Song. I think I would have keeled over if I had done two shows in a row like that.

Haha, believe me, I wanted to! When I showed up for my first day of tech on Shrew, the production manager greeted me with: "Hi, Delaney! (seeing my face, she starts laughing) You look tired." :P And the last thing she said to me when I left was, "Go get some sleep." :ymblushing:

PA - That is so cool! It's my dream to be in the Original Cast of something. Anything. Though, of course, the "BIG" version of that dream is to be on the Original Broadway cast of something. :D But that's very exciting!

Would this be the proper place to talk about going to see live theatre? Because a few weeks ago I saw a really fantastic production of Annie. A friend of mine played Annie. She made me cry! :) It's not my favorite show, but it's really fun to see live, and it's very happy and sweet and even inspiring in a super-cheesy way. ;)

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PostPosted: Sep 14, 2010 1:25 pm
by Liberty Hoffman
hello everyone!
well, I have just been told that I am going to be Mary in our Church's Christmas play! this play is a rock opra (meaning that it's got rock music but is still the whole story of Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus)!
the auditions were last week and apparently I did well enough to be Mary! I am so excited!

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PostPosted: Sep 24, 2010 1:04 pm
by daughter of the King
A rock opera Libby? That sounds exciting!

So, auditions for White Christmas were last weekend. My singing was okay. They had all of the females sing the Sisters, Sisters song, but we were divided up according to our vocal range and I hadn't practiced the alto part for that song. So, I was okay, but could have been better. My reading wasn't lousy, but again, it could have been better. And.......I can't tap dance to save my life. I can do just about any other kind of dance, but whenever I try to tap my feet will not cooperate. So yeah, I wasn't cast. But auditions for Oklahoma will be in December! :D I would much rather do Oklahoma over White Christmas any day.

Re: Acting and Live Theatre.

PostPosted: Sep 24, 2010 1:14 pm
by Liberty Hoffman
^^ yeah, our pastor wrote the whole thing himself: it's a Christmas pagent with a twist! there's going to be live rock and roll music!

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PostPosted: Sep 25, 2010 12:31 pm
by Faun_Song612
Congratulations, Liberty! That's very exciting!

daughter of the King - Oh my, did they have you tap at the auditions? I dread the day when I'll have to do a dance audition. :| I can dance, but it takes me so long to learn a dance. I hope you get into Oklahoma, that looks like such a fun show to be in.

I just had auditions for Peter Pan with my youth theatre group. :) I tried out for Mrs. Darling and Wendy grown-up (my parents wouldn't let me try out for a big role this time :P ). I'm very pleased with my audition (that doesn't happen all the time). The callbacks are posted on Tuesday! So long to wait! :-o

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PostPosted: Sep 25, 2010 9:38 pm
by narnian_at_heart
Wow! Some of you have done a lot of acting! I found out the other day from a friend that the place I'm going to for college has a community theatre and I'd love to get involved with that! That would be so amazing. And I agree, being in the original cast of anything would be so awesome!!!

I think Music Theatre would be an amazing major. I mean I love to sing and dance and act but I just don't think that's where God's calling me right now. I don't know.

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PostPosted: Sep 26, 2010 4:45 pm
by sandyentersNarnia
I like acting in Repertory Workshop here in the Philippines. In my first play, they chose me to be Cinderella, and I never forgot that moment when I played Cinderella. But I had a hard time with the singing, hence, I went to singing lessons too.

We're doing now a musical play of Sound of Music. I hope I get the part of Liesl. Wishes luck! :D

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PostPosted: Sep 27, 2010 2:31 pm
by Princess Anna
Golly, I sure have neglected you lot for a long time! :-o My apologies!!

Delaney, dear, wrote:PA - That is so cool! It's my dream to be in the Original Cast of something. Anything. Though, of course, the "BIG" version of that dream is to be on the Original Broadway cast of something. :D But that's very exciting!
Well, yeah. I'd love to do a broadway show too. Any, really... but an original cast of one would be uber cool. :)

I forget, but you did end up being cast in Peter Pan, right? Or am I remembering wrong? Oh, and I think you can talk about shows that you have seen in here...

Libby- That's so awesome! I hope it goes well! :D
daughter of the King- Yeah, I can't dance either. So I can just imagine. :( Sorry this audition didn't go as you'd hoped, but I'm sure you'll do great at the one for Oklahoma. :)

narnian_at_heart- I really hope you can get involved! I'm sure you'd love it. :) And I'll pray that God guides you, to where He wants you to be. (in terms of life goals and such) I know how confusing finding that stuff out can be.

Wow, sandyentersNarnia! You got Cinderella in your first show ever? That's quite a neat thing to be cast as the lead when you're new to theatre. How exciting! Break a leg with the Sound of Music!

As for me, and Oliver!
Well, yesterday was the last day of our first weekend of performances. Funny how time goes by, isn't it?! Four down already, and four to go! Wow.

So far, they've all gone well... and the audiences have just loved it! I'd love to go into more detail, but this post is already long enough. (or, rather, what I'd have to say might take up a page) So, I will come back later on tonight to fill you in! :ymhug:

*leaves singing "So long, fare thee well. Pip pip, cheerio! We'll be back soon!"*
I need a life... HAHA!

Re: Acting and Live Theatre.

PostPosted: Sep 27, 2010 3:21 pm
by Faun_Song612
Theatre IS life. ;) If you need a life, then so do I... and I guess I don't really want one. I'd rather to another show. :D

I want to hear all about Oliver! I'm so glad the first shows went well.

I don't see the callbacks for Pan until tomorrow. And then callbacks are on Wednesday and the final cast list is posted Oct. 5th. Yes, it's a long wait. :P It's a youth theatre company, and they have a very specific schedule. Even if I don't get either of the parts I tried for, I'll still be in the ensemble, but... not to toot my own horn or anything, I was one of the only girls who could hold harmonies and project. :-s That's not a situation I'm used to at all... this group has a LOT of talent... it's just that none of the big talents happen to be trying out for the small roles I have my eye on. Lucky for me, I guess. :P

Re: Acting and Live Theatre.

PostPosted: Sep 27, 2010 4:59 pm
by Princess Anna
Faun_Song612 wrote:Theatre IS life. ;) If you need a life, then so do I... and I guess I don't really want one. I'd rather to another show. :D

Oh, alright. You're right. I must have momentarily lost my mind... again. :p
Just you wait til next monday, when I'm whining about it being over. Then you can say, "I told ya so."

Be sure to let me know about Pan!

I want to hear all about Oliver! I'm so glad the first shows went well.

And ok, don't say I didn't warn you... but if you're sure.
Fagin: "Be sure, be sure!"
Oliver: "Alright, I'm sure."

Sorry, show on the brain. HAHA! Anyway...

Dress Rehearsals:
These started last sunday (the 19th, I believe). And for once (as I can remember anyway), tech week didn't have to be known as it's other, more informal, name. haha. ;) It went that well. Even the first day with lights and orchestra. Weird. I had wondered if we'd entered the Twilight Zone or somethin...

I mean, I was barely stressed. Anne, our stage manager, wasn't yelling. Everything ran smoothly for the most part. It was... odd. But great, too. (for once, I didn't have my dad saying I was a snowball rolling down the mountain. for once I wasn't crying to him every night, cause I was worried about it coming together. not to say I never whined or cried, but it wasn't every night)

On monday, during a scene change... I had an accident. But for once I, the clumsy person, wasn't at fault. (I swear!!) See, I help with about... 85 or 90% of the scene changes (if not more. I've never really kept track). And during one of them, I had been trying to hold a curtain out of the way so they could get a set piece on stage more easily. But the evil thing ran over my right foot... twice. All that ran through my head was a line one of the characters (Mrs. Sowerberry, to be precise) says early on in the show... "Oh, my. This is what comes of being generous!" =))

Suffice it to say, I'm scared of that thing now. It's evil, EVIL I SAY!!!! You can see it here. I told one of my castmates, I would still help move the curtain, cause it gets caught on there VERY easily... but I'm too paranoid it'll run me over again. He joked, "you value your foot more, huh?" 8-|

I was really scared I wouldn't be able to manage doing the show on that foot. But I kept going. The very night it happened, in fact... I could have stayed downstairs with the ice pack on it. But noooo.... I went up on stage for my last scene and the curtain call... with my foot wrapped up (and the ice pack still on it. I put the wrap around it. I had had the wrap in my bag, cause as I said... I'm naturally clumsy. I good-naturedly joked "For once, I'm glad I'm clumsy... cause it meant I had this to use"). I must have been a sight, eh? ;))

I felt kinda special, and kinda annoyed (cause I wanted to be treated normal). Because every night since it happened, the first thing anyone would say to me each night was "How's the foot today?" Not "hey!!", but, "how's the foot?" :))

Weekend #1
Three of the four nights I knew someone in the audience!!!
I can't tell every detail, as I don't remember it. But I will tell you as much as I can about each night. Umm... I think saturday and sunday were sold out (or nearly). I think we might have got a standing ovation one or two of the nights, and that made my jaw drop. (even though I know the show is phenominal... in my biased opinion, anyway. but everyone that's seen it agrees with the cast and crew on this. so. haha!)

First thing to note: I was excited that my friend Timmy, and his mom came. (they go to my church) See, most times, my church friends are interested (or say they are)... but NEVER COME. This time, I had some there... and on opening night no less! I was in shock! :D (afterwards they went with me and this lady from our church, who is also in the cast, to Steak n Shake. it was fuuunnn!)

Three theatre friends also saw the show!!

The show went very well! Everything went smoothly; our energy on stage and off was intense and contagious; the audience loved it; my foot was mostly alright... yet sore.

The day I got there at the earliest time. (I had a different ride then normal. This time, Timmy's mom drove me. and she gave me a very sweet card too!!)

My friend (and castmate) Zoe, was in a very good mood... making her normal energy go through the roof. And that was sorta contagious. hehe. (at least, for me it was) I was laughing at her, cause she normally hates chocolate, but couldn't shut up about it that night. (the kids use cocoa to make themselves "dirty", and there were chocolate cookies to eat, so...)

The show, from what I remember, did NOT fall into the "Second night slump". hehe! It went very well, I thought. Not as fun or energetic as the first night, but close.

My foot was... iffy. I'm usually fine(ish), until from "Who will Buy" onwards. See, we stand really still... like statues, for most of that scene. And that is hard and painful on two GOOD feet. But with a bad one... yeah. Normally I could "toughen up" and make it through... barely. But this night, I had to keep shifting my feet... which annoyed me. I wanted to be perfectly still. I got incredibly good at it during Redhead. (the last show I did with this group, unless you count the annual production of A Christmas Carol) Oh, well. But yeah, I always joke "The part in that song when we move, is the only time walking doesn't hurt!"

Afterwards we went to this place across the street, to celebrate the birthdays of three of our castmates with cake and sodas and stuff. (the only downer, was that the whole cast wasn't there... but a good portion were)

What I think will remain my favourite night of all. (backstage-wise, anyway) And you'll soon see why...

But first things first:
The show went very smoothly, I thought. We also had much more energy than night #2. (or was that just me? ;) ) My foot hurt a little more. Umm... ok, enough about that nonsense. Let's get to the GOOD part!!! :D :p

1) While I was waiting for Mary (the lady from church who's in the show) to pick me up, I got a text from another church friend.
"we're coming to c your play"
You shoulda heard me squeal! They didn't get to stay afterwards to say hi, as the friend her son brought, had an allergy attack. But, they told me what they thought yesterday.

2) When we were waiting in the wings to go on for "Consider Yourself", I was sitting in this chair, see. And the three year old, Elyse, was standing next to me. (her mom is in the cast, and her grandma does costumes. anyway, tangent over) So, I leaned over and gave her a thumbs up, saying "You're doing a really great job, Elyse.". She looked like she was gonna whisper back, so I turned my head, to hear her better. And she doesn't say a word, just leaned over and kissed my cheek! I thought it was the cutest thing ever!!! I mean, honestly. Who wouldn't want a three year old to kiss them on the cheek?

3) took my most favourite pic this night. (it's of the teens that sit in this one corner downstairs, when they aren't on stage) I loves it. SO VERY MUCH! (if you wanna see it, pm me. and I'll find a way to show it to you. if you have me on facebook, just look in my album for the show)

4) I take forever going up and down the stairs, obviously. I would always pause every five or so steps to rest. At one point in Act 2, I was almost to the top, when I stopped again. I must have had a pained expression on my face. Because, Jordan, who had quietly ran past me a minute before, doubled back and came next to me.
"Are you ok?"
"Stupid foot hurts... BAD."
"Is it broken?"
"Don't know... never got a chance to have it checked."
"Do you need help?"
And he took me by the arm, and helped me up the remaining stairs, and to a place to sit backstage! :-o I was pleasantly shocked. Most people would ask me how I was, but pass by... this teenager decided that he should help me. Wasn't that just the greatest?! Oh, but it gets BETTER!

Later on, when we were all home? I was talking with him on facebook. (I had written a thank you on his wall, and we had a conversation under it) He basically said, "no problem" and that if, and I quote, "Anytime you need anything... YOU LET ME KNOW!!!". I said that "I must have been around this show too long. The first thing that popped into my head when reading that was the song "I'd do Anything"". (and "are you sure? I might just have to take you up on that :p ") And he said "Yeah, I like helping people. it makes me feel good", and then followed it with, ""For, you, dear, Anything!" hahaha" =)) (parts might have been paraphrased... there was much more to the convo, but I forget it all without reading it. ask me about it sometime, if you are really curious. I like talking about it, cause it was the cutest [and sweetest] thing ever!)

5) I wrote a note on Amy's (Mrs. Sowerberry, in the show) wall, and she wrote back THE sweetest thing!!!!!!!!

Andrea, you are such a sweet girl. You did an excellent job as well and I can't tell you how much your work backstage is appreciated. You are always there to help with the kids and to move set pieces and to make sure props go back on the prop table. This takes an amazing type of person, one who thinks of others before herself, and I find that truly inspiring and one of many wonderful things about you. Thank you.

Seriously, what night could compare with all of that?! I had never felt so special and loved by my theatre family! :ymblushing:

Sunday (aka yesterday. aka the only night I didn't have people in the audience)
First things first: I had ice on my foot all through church. It hurt that bad. Mary and me ran through McDonald's, and ate it at the playhouse so we wouldn't be late for call at 1pm. When I was getting ready to put on my makeup, Jordan walked in. He grinned and came over by me (he was heading that way anyway.. as the spot I was at, was right by the entrance to the boys' dressing room).
"How's the foot today?"
"Jordan? I might need you. A LOT! It's really bad today."
"haha! Ok, just tell me when"

Anytime I needed to go on the stairs, it was "Jordan? Stairs!" "Ok!"
*once we get to the stairs* He'd whisper, "Let's do this thing!" and offer me his arm! The first time, I was worried he wouldn't reach his place in time (he's in the first scene). But he assured me he had plenty of time, and he actually was right! I don't know what I woulda done without that boy! I told him he was my hero of the week. haha! (I also told him "I think I walk slower every night." To which he just smiled and chuckled) And he practically ordered me (almost nightly), to "See the doctor, and LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU FIND OUT" ;))

How it went:
We didn't match the orchestra on "Oom Pa Pa". I limped the entire time (even though I'm just in three songs, and one brief scene at the end), and missed helping with almost all of the scene changes because I was in too much pain. (I still helped with two, I think) But other than that, it went very well!

Random other facts
-one lady, Michelle, helps me with my eyeshadow every night. (because it's the one thing I never figured out how to do properly)
-one night, I realised I'd lost two of my lipsticks (one of which, of course, was the one I'd been using!!). and one of the adults, had a bag of unopened and unused ones, that his wife had bought him... and he said "here, take two that are the right shade, and keep them"!
-the kids and teens entertain me CONSTANTLY.
-Zoe rubbing my foot yesterday, when it hurt bad.

And I know there is so much more that I'm forgetting. But I've probably bored you long enough. (besides, I still have another weekend to happen yet, and tell you about!) So, I'll let ya go for now.

We must disappear, we'll be back here. Today, perhaps tomorrow! We'll miss you too. It's sad, but true, that parting is such sweet sorrow! And when we're in the distance, you'll hear this whispered tune! So long, fare thee well! Pip, pip, cheerio! WE'LL BE BACK SOON! :ymhug:

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PostPosted: Sep 27, 2010 11:07 pm
by Faun_Song612
Oh my gosh, that post made me SO happy! Your love of theatre is so contagious and joyful!

I can't comment on everything, but it sounds amazing and wonderful and fun and I'm so jealous-in-a-good-way! :D And it's so wonderful and sweet when people help you out!

And for once (as I can remember anyway), tech week didn't have to be known as it's other, more informal, name. haha. It went that well. Even the first day with lights and orchestra. Weird. I had wondered if we'd entered the Twilight Zone or somethin...

Ah, yeah... that name. ;) I had a similar experience: I was talking to my Liesl just before performances for Sound of Music, and she's been through seven tech weeks with this particular company. She said SoM had one of the lowest-stress tech weeks of any show. Obviously shows like Peter Pan and Wizard of Oz are more stressful, what with flying hazards, then when the company did Oliver!, she said everyone was in a bad mood because it's a rather dark show (you must remember, this is a K-12th group). And when I did Li'l Abner with them.... :-o Um... I went home and cried. NOBODY knew what they were doing. But Sound of Music was just really peaceful... everyone knew what they were doing and was very committed, we didn't get yelled at once... it was very nice. :D But even when tech week is more worthy of its other name, I still love it. Because if I could, I would live in the theatre with my castmates and be blissfully happy. :p

I'm so sorry about your ankle! I hope it's feeling better in time for this weekend's performances! :(

And references to a current show = pathetic and silly, perhaps, but totally awesome. :)

EDIT - Oh, I forgot, I wanted to say: those little "love notes" of appreciation from your cast family are just wonderful, aren't they? :) Theatre people seem to be possessed of ALL the different love languages (can't remember all of them at the moment :P ) but I especially love being TOLD I'm appreciated. Whether it's face-to-face, handwritten or on Facebook (handwritten is a huge bonus :D ) they are so special and encouraging.

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PostPosted: Sep 28, 2010 2:22 am
by sandyentersNarnia
Princess Anna: Thanks! I was young then, I think 5 years or 7 years old? I forgot. But it was hard yet fun. :) I had a fun time acting too as a princess. If you were to choose your own musical Princess Anna, what would it be?

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PostPosted: Sep 28, 2010 10:05 am
by Elanor
sandyentersNarnia wrote
We're doing now a musical play of Sound of Music. I hope I get the part of Liesl. Wishes luck!

Good luck, sandy!! I've always wanted to be in that play!!!!!

I got in the musical Little Women recently, and I'm just loving it!!! I got the part of Amy, which I've always wanted. It's a in between part, but my largest by far. I get one duet with Laurie, which I'm excited and nervous about. I've never really sang any solo's before.
All my lines are down and I still have more than a month to the performances, so - woo!!
Other than this, I've played Lillian in Cheaper by the Dozen, and had minor parts in five childrens plays.


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PostPosted: Sep 28, 2010 11:08 am
by Faun_Song612
"He said he liked the way I siiiing!" That duet? :D I would love to play any of the March sisters in any stage production of LW, musical or non-musical, but Jo and Amy are my favorites. :D I think I'm kind of past the age for Amy, unless it was an adult production (for example, the Broadway Amy was an adult who was dressed to look younger in the first act). But Jo.... oh my lands, that is a huge dream role of mine. :)

Break a leg, sandy! Liesl is a wonderful role. :)

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PostPosted: Sep 28, 2010 11:50 am
by Elanor
Yes, Faun_song612, The most amazing thing is the name of the duet, and it has that line. I know, I've always felt the same, I was so so thrilled to get the role.
Yeah, I actually play Amy as the older and younger part.
btw, I love your avatar!! :)