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The Evil and Dark Lair of the LoESRM

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Re: The Evil and Dark Lair of the LoESRM

Postby outlier » Dec 27, 2010 4:28 pm

Hmmmmmmmmmm that's a good question. Well, I regret that I didn't visit this forum enough!

I know that there's no way that I could avoid spoilers, so the Monastary is out. But with this movie it seemed like most of the grand viewing was a slew of spoiler videos. Though I still liked to watch it on the big screen... I'll probably join LoESRM again :)
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Re: The Evil and Dark Lair of the LoESRM

Postby Liberty Hoffman » Dec 27, 2010 7:53 pm

I most likely will come back to The Evil and Dark Lair of the LoESRM for SC! :D
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Re: The Evil and Dark Lair of the LoESRM

Postby stargazer » Jan 26, 2011 10:34 am

*a herald comes bounding into the Evil and Dark Lair, snags some treats, and unfurls a scroll. He bellows out*

Hear ye, hear ye, denizens of the Evil and Dark Lair!

From the land of Ditto Town, to our friends in Spare Oom, greetings.

Whereas the film version of VDT has been in the cinemas for weeks now, and with it the opportunity to evaluate and enjoy all the spoilers already seen, we announce the closing of this thread.

But fear not, for the role-playing and sharing of virtual treats and other benefits goes on, in the Town of Ditto.

War of the Overdoms: Tower of Shadow and Flame is the new home of the Lair and its inhabitants. (Should you wish to visit the other realm, it is now called War of the Overdoms: The Castle of Ivory and Gold).

Lovers of this tradition, fear not, for should The Silver Chair be greenlit, the Spoiler War threads whilst again appear in the land of Spare Oom.
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