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Favorite Music: Album Two

PostPosted: Mar 16, 2010 8:41 pm
by Kate
Welcome to the Favorite Music Thread's sophomore effort. After a full 100 pages of musical discussion, it's time for a new thread. As a favorite friend of NarniaWeb Victor Hugo so eloquently says,
Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent.

Well, let's try to put it into words anyway. This is the place to discuss old favorites, upcoming releases and discover a few names you didn't know before.

Re: Favorite Music: Album Two

PostPosted: Mar 16, 2010 11:11 pm
by winterlife
Well, kind of picking up where the last thread left off...
GtG: I have a few RK songs I wouldn't mind having played at my wedding, too.
Am I allowed to feel sad while listening to RK's You'll Always Be My Best Friend?

Re: Favorite Music: Album Two

PostPosted: Mar 17, 2010 6:46 am
by Liberty Hoffman
I am disapointed: Tobymac made a music video for his song "Tonight". it was a good video, but in the song, John Cooper of Skillet is in the song and he's not in the video! ugh! here it is:
yes, it's still a good video, but it's annoying that John Cooper wasn't in the video for the song that he's singing on! :p

Re: Favorite Music: Album Two

PostPosted: Mar 17, 2010 9:18 am
by The Pendragon
^ That's too bad. ;))

I just heard RK's Mood Rings. It's so funny, but true. A lot of girls are so unpredictable. I hope I'm not that kind of girl. ;;) :p I also saw the music video for Must Have Done Something Right, & it was so funny! But, poor Matty, trying to catch that ball the whole time! :p

Re: Favorite Music: Album Two

PostPosted: Mar 17, 2010 9:20 am
by Liberty Hoffman
^^ Mood Rings is one of the very few Relient K songs I will listen pretty good! :D

I just heard Disciple's song "321" and I love it!

Re: Favorite Music: Album Two

PostPosted: Mar 17, 2010 9:35 am
by winterlife
The Pendragon: Oh, I know! It's hilarious, but I still can't watch it without feeling sorry for Matt.
And Mood rings was the third RK song I heard (if I remember correctly), and I couldn't stop laughing. My sister was sitting next to me. I had tell her what they were saying, and then she just sat there shaking her head and asking (repeatedly), "You really like this?" =))

Re: Favorite Music: Album Two

PostPosted: Mar 17, 2010 9:39 am
by Liberty Hoffman
I am listening to a mix of Skillet, Audio Adrenaline, and Jeremy Camp!

are there any Audio Adrenaline fans out there? or any DC Talk fans? I grew up listening to those bands! too bad they aren't around anymore..... :((
:p :D ;)

Re: Favorite Music: Album Two

PostPosted: Mar 17, 2010 9:44 am
by Glenstorm the Great
^I just bougth AA's CD Until My Heart Caves In. I havne't heard much of their stuff before but it was only $2.99 so I just bought it :p

lol I love Mood Rings! I first heard it at the RK concert I went to. Matt's like "this one's for the ladies" and every single girl starts screaming her head off. I was kinda deaf afterwards :p .

I saw that Tonight music video. I didn't expect John to be in it. When they do live music videos and the song has a guest star, the guest star usually isn't in it. Don't ask me why.

winterlife: yeah it's ok. After I first learned of the breakup, I would cry every time I listened to The Best Thing. I still sometimes tear up. So much of that album was written for her :(( .

TP: I ♥ the MHDSR music video! It's so cute and funny :p .

Kate: love that quote :D

Re: Favorite Music: Album Two

PostPosted: Mar 17, 2010 9:50 am
by Liberty Hoffman
Glenstorm the Great wrote:
lol I love Mood Rings! I first heard it at the RK concert I went to. Matt's like "this one's for the ladies" and every single girl starts screaming her head off. I was kinda deaf afterwards :p .

um, being sort of deaf after a loud concert is normal! you weren't at Skillet's Awake And Alive concert! it was SO loud! but it was awesomely loud!!!!!! :D I still remember after seeing Pillar at Soulfest 2007 and I felt mostly deaf in one was awesome! :D :D

Re: Favorite Music: Album Two

PostPosted: Mar 17, 2010 10:10 am
by Glenstorm the Great
^I know it's normal. I'm not stupid. And it was kinda a joke anyways. It's funny how even if concerts are at the same volume, depending on the genre, one will sound louder than the other. Like the MWS concert I sang in was probably just as loud as the RK concert, but it didn't sound half as loud b/c they didn't have 3 guitarists rocking it out on stage and yelling at the crowd. :p

Re: Favorite Music: Album Two

PostPosted: Mar 17, 2010 10:59 am
by Kate
Lark: Yay for liking Copeland! I'm seeing them in concert in a week and a half and I can't wait! It's too bad you found them just as they're breaking up. :(

Glenstorm: Lark is correct in her Ohio Avenue recommendations. The first 4 or 5 songs on their album are by far the best. You can stream the whole thing on their myspace though.
And you shouldn't force yourself to like Anberlin. It's ok if you don't. Not everything is everyone's cup of tea. I tried to force myself to like Muse. I like them, but I don't love them and don't choose to listen to them. I also forced myself to like MuteMath. It worked. It can go both ways; don't apologize for it. I would, however, encourage you to come back to them in a few months since you already own some of their music. Sometimes the time that you check them out can be all important. (It happened to me with both Eisley and Copeland. I just wasn't ready for them when I first tried to listen to them.)

Kat: I agree. I love lyrics like Deas Vail's, especially since Birds & Cages is really relevant lyrically to my life right now. I feel bad disliking cliches, because they are often true and well-meaning, but they often irk me. Maybe it's because, as an English major, I'm constantly in pursuit of finding either new ways to say old things or someone else who knows how to do that. There's this one Mainstay song that makes me want to scream. I always change the station when it comes on. But that's an extreme example.

I hope you can go to at least one of the shows. I love Paper Route, so I'd still be excited for that. And I bet producers love Wes. His voice is born record-ready. That's a great video; thanks for posting.

ThePendragon: Isn't Seabird great? Which is your favorite of the two albums? I think I like the first one better. I might get to see them in May, but I have to find someone else who wants to go; I don't want to go by myself. I'm curious, why do you think TAN is similar to OA? I wouldn't have compared them at all.

Liberty: Yes! DC Talk was my childhood. Well, them and the Beach Boys anyway. I think Supernatural was my favorite album. It's kind of their uncharacteristic one.

Re: Favorite Music: Album Two

PostPosted: Mar 17, 2010 12:54 pm
by Glenstorm the Great
Kate and Kat: I agree with what you guys have been saying about cliche lyrics. Part of the reason I love Deas Vail too. Their lyrics are so amazing. The first time I listened to some of their songs I cried b/c they were just so poetic and beautiful. I love music like that :p . Btw I hate hating the cliches too. But it's so hard. It's hard to tell these different bands apart sometimes b/c they all sing the same thing. My piano teacher and I were talking about this the other day. Almost all praise and worship songs even have the same three chords. Quite unoriginal.

Kate: I listened to Liar, Liar on the other day. Maybe the others will play later today :p

Yeah I think I'll give Anberlin a break. I always thought I would like them but I just don't. Idk.

Re: Favorite Music: Album Two

PostPosted: Mar 17, 2010 2:54 pm
by Liberty Hoffman
Kate: my brothers used to listen to DC Talk night and Day and I became a fan when I was really little because of it! :D I love the song Supernatural! awesome! and of course the all time favorite Jesus Freak! and I love the song Luv Is A Verb! :ymhug: :ymhug:

Re: Favorite Music: Album Two

PostPosted: Mar 18, 2010 2:20 pm
by narnian1
Tenth Avenue North's Healing Begins just debuted in the Billboard charts at #41 :)

Re: Favorite Music: Album Two

PostPosted: Mar 18, 2010 5:35 pm
by Lady_Liln
*re-enters this discussion* I've been having internet problems, otherwise I would have returned sooner then the second thread (wow, that was fast :-o ). I'm just gonna pop around to things that interest me, picking back up at page 84 of the old thread.

Kate, thank you so MUCH for recommending 'Til We See the Shore! I'm very much loving it, and it has that feel that I'll love it for a good while (an important aspect to me). I'm not sure I dislike any of the songs, which is pretty rare for me. Rocks into Rivers is good, but I don't enjoy it nearly as much as TWStS. :D

I've had iTunes forever, just never used it (I accidentally added it with Quicktime once and never uninstalled it). I'm not a fan of Apple (no offense to those who are) and I know my brother had issues with the whole DRM thing, though I think they've changed that a bit. Anyways, I've messed around with it, and it is much more user friendly then WMP, plus it counts the music plays. :p I'm not completely in love with it, but it's better for now.

Hrm, I had been asking about (a)fternoon, but I found a link that says it's coming to Amazon on March 30. It was this review which has had me utterly confused as to how they got ahold of it so early. Eh, oh well.

Oh, and my "impeccable taste" ( ;)) ) comes from stealing a lot of recommendations from you. I forget if it was Deas Vail or Owl City that you first recommended and I actually looked into, but I've been very much interested in your tastes since then. :) I still have to look into several and there's been some I haven't really cared for, but I love most of what you mention.

Kate wrote:Even if you don't care about Fair, listen up if you're a Copeland fan because Aaron Marsh provides guest vocals on the absolutely fabulous Copeland+Fair song "The Worst of Your Wear" that comes out on Fair's new album tomorrow and is available for full streaming here. Awesome song.
Thank you for posting this! I listened to the streaming twice and bought the album and LOVE it. Very comfy album, for lack or a better term.

Kat, thanks for the suggestions about Lights. I've not had a chance to look into them, but I've stashed them in my "Music to Hurry Up and Look Into" file. :p

Re: TobyMac's Tonight. I really like it and think it may be his best yet, but for some reason I can't seem to completely love it. I think it's just the time of life I'm at, the songs just aren't clicking they way some other albums have been for me.

Kate wrote:I'm so happy! I just found out that Copeland (and that means Deas Vail too) added a tour date for my town on the Farewell Tour!!!!!
Yay! I hope you can manage to go (and report back about it, if you do :p ).

HelloHurricane, I got B. Reith's free EP a while back and it's okay, but I'm not a huge fan

Lark (or anybody), what style is Paramore? I keep seeing their name in random, unrelated places, but I've not looked into them yet. Recommendations as to where to start?

greenleaf23 wrote:I love how him [Matt Thiessen (sp?)] a TMac are in such harmony when they sing...their voices just sound so great together, as does his and John Cooper's. It's especially cool considering Matt, John and TMac all have such unique voices.
Ditto. I was impressed with how nicely they both sounded with TobyMac.

winterlife wrote:I finally heard Owl City tonight. I think I'm hooked. ;)
*cheers* :ymparty: Isn't his music just wonderful? :)

Pendragon wrote:I heard a song on the radio that I kind of liked by a band called Mikes Chair.
I've heard of them, but didn't find myself impressed with them. I do find a similarity between their album and TAN's. ;) :p

narnian1 wrote:However it doesn't feel like Newsboys to me. I prefer Peter Furler.
If I had it my way I'd have the group go by a different name now that Michael Tait is the lead, after all the sound isn't the same anymore. :p

Kate wrote:So, I'm really excited because I've been given an awesome opportunity to write music reviews for my favorite music website. As a music-loving English major, this is like a dream chance. A side bonus is that I get to hear music before it's available to the general public because artists send reviewers music so they can review (hopefully positively) and people will buy it.
Hurrah! That's awesome! Congratulations! :ymapplause:

Ooh, thanks for the free download links, Kat. I got "Electric Choir" (which I succeeded in misreading as "electric chair" the first time I saw and was a bit shocked). ;) :ymblushing: ;))

Kate wrote:My music taste is descending more and more into the obscure, so one day I'll probably be listening to some hermit who makes music by pounding rocks in his cave-home. Looking forward to it. ;)
LOL! You have to share when you come across this hermit; this thread might make his obscurity a bit less then it had been before. ;)

Wow, Birds & Cages was on sale for $1.99? :-o I have it and love it (possibly my favorite album at the moment), but I know I payed more then that for it. :p

Kat wrote:I'm pretty much broke now when it comes to iTunes money since I bought the rest of Deas Vail's discography ;)) Maybe this is going out on a limb, but I think Wes might be my favorite voice in contemporary music. I'm just continually blown away by the incredible command he has over his voice when he sings in falsetto.
I kinda blew a good chunk of birthday money doing the same thing. Well, I only got All the Houses Look the Same and White Lights EP. I really like WL, and I've not listened to AtHLtS enough yet (Edit: I'm listening to AtHLtS again now and, yeah, it's pretty wonderful; B&C seems just a tad better overall though). Are either Collapse or This Place Is Painted Red worth getting? Wes's voice is amazing. Absolutely amazing. :D

Kat wrote:Oh man, I was so blown away by this live performance of Shoreline.
Wow. That was pretty sweet. I still find it odd seeing him sing falsetto, it seems like so little effort and sounds so easy, but so beautiful.

GtG wrote:Idk, I just don't really like Anberlin. I've been reading some of the lyrics and they're really good. By that I mean they're well written and clever, but I don't feel any pull to God by listening to them.
That's fine. You're not required to love any of this music raved about here, you know. ;) I like Relient K well enough, but I'm not a fan of FaNSD as many of you here are. And, I've not been chased out yet. ;) :p

Pendragon wrote:I am LOVING Seabird right now! :x They're new CD is amazing!!!! My favorites are The Good King, The Sound Of You & I, & Finally Done Right.
Yay! :D Do you like RiR better then TWStS? Their second album is good, but the first one feels as though it just has more variety and overall beauty on it to me. I need to listen to them both together for once though.

Liberty wrote:are there any Audio Adrenaline fans out there? or any DC Talk fans?
*raises hand* I am! I didn't get into Audio Adrenaline until a year or two ago, but I love DC Talk! Great groups. :)

Liberty wrote:um, being sort of deaf after a loud concert is normal!
That's why I've never been able to be a huge fan of concerts. That and the fact that no one would go to the concerts I'd like to go to. :p

Oh, for anyone who's interested, Anberlin's New Surrender is one of Amazon's March $5 MP3 albums. I don't think I'm gonna get it, but I thought some of you here might be interested.

Also, for anyone who's interested in Lights (who Kat's mentioned several times and they (she?) toured with Owl City), here's a link to "Saviour" for free on Amazon. (Warning: her dress on the album art is cut low). I picked it up from there a while ago and like this song; it's worth a listen.

Anyways, I'm currently mainly listening to Anberlin, Fair (I've only gotten Disappearing World, is any of their other stuff good?), Deas Vail, and Mae. I've buzzed through all my birthday money between several albums and (unrelated to music) books, so I'm on hold for any new purchases at the moment. But, I'm very happy with what I've got now. :D

*shuffles back off to lurkdom, but shall be back soon, hopefully*

Re: Favorite Music: Album Two

PostPosted: Mar 18, 2010 6:28 pm
by narnian1
speaking of free music. Amazon has free MP3s of Chasen and Stellar Kart:

Eyes of A Rescue, Chasen
Everything is Different Now- Stellar Kart