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Spare Oom Bylaws: Section Rules

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Spare Oom Bylaws: Section Rules

Postby wisewoman » Aug 13, 2009 12:38 pm

Welcome to the fair land of Spare Oom! Here you will find discussions on a wide variety of topics not directly related to Narnia. To help you and everyone else enjoy this section, please read and follow the forum rules as well as these guidelines:

1.) Because of the pace at which threads are created and the large number of threads in this section, new threads on individual subjects may quickly be relegated to page two of the Spare Oom. We have a few broad topics to cover books, movies, music, and TV shows.

• We do permit "Special Feature" topics that focus on a single author, book, series, etc. If you have a suggestion for a Special Feature topic, PM one of the Spare Oom moderators with your idea. Each Special Feature will run for a period of at least two weeks. When it’s time for your topic to be opened, the Spare Oom moderators will contact you via PM. You will have the option to open the topic yourself or ask the moderators to do it for you. The Spare Oom moderators reserve the right to close the topic at their discretion after two weeks or later depending on the popularity of the thread.

2.) Do not start a thread for a club of any kind. You may be a member of a club and mention it in your signature, but NarniaWeb does not host threads for individual clubs.

3.) Do not start contests in the Spare Oom without obtaining approval from the moderators.

4.) Due to a small number of members who abuse this privilege, only moderators are able to create polls in the Spare Oom. If you would like to have a poll set up, please PM a Spare Oom moderator.

5.) Should a thread become a place of everyday chat-like conversation, it will be closed and redirected to the Cup and Platter chatroom or the Town Square in Ditto Town.

6.) Some threads in the Spare Oom have particular rules depending on the topic. Please be sure to read the first page of any thread in which you participate, to avoid breaking any rules that might be set for that individual thread.

7.) Any potentially controversial topics will be closely monitored. Any discussion that violates the forum rules will be subject to moderator action, including thread closure. The moderators reserve the right to close any topic that they feel is not consistent with the atmosphere of NarniaWeb.

Please contact any of the Spare Oom moderators if you have a question about this section.

Thanks, and happy posting! :)

— johobbit, master oliver, stargazer, The Black Glove, and wisewoman
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