DISCUSSION: Ditto Town's Future

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DISCUSSION: Ditto Town's Future

Postby Hugh Hologram » Aug 09, 2017 5:27 pm

Good Mortereve, fellow Dittotopians!

The hosts and moderators recently met to discuss the future of Ditto Town and what improvements might be made, as they do every now and then. However, this meeting was a little different, as there are several things that were proposed that would fundamentally change some aspects of how the town runs. As a result, before any of these proposals are put into action, we felt it would be best to hear from our residents and see what you think.

Proposal #1: The Ditto Story (the current story in The Inn Between) Should End
The story has grown so big and convoluted that it is nearly impossible for newbies to join in, however welcoming the current posters might be. As many of the original Ditto Story writers have had less and less time to work with the story (or have left Nweb entirely), the question of extinction is imminent.

Proposal #2: The Repurposing Of The Inn
Because we all love the dear old Inn and some of us just don’t have time to commit to long, drawn out RPs, we wanted to have some place to post shorter works, and perhaps incorporate a feedback element. Thus, the current idea is to repurpose the Inn to become a home of Flash Fics/Short Stories, perhaps with the incorporations of prompts. A weekly or monthly theme would be announced, and authors could post their finished, self-contained stories. For example, January could have a “Space Australia” theme, February could have a “First Date Gone Wrong” theme, and March could be “Original Pieces”.

Proposal #3: Make the Fountain more Fountain-y
This is perhaps more a retro-fitting to early Fountain days. The Fountain would serve for characters to hang out and meet other characters, but as plots develop, they would be moved to their own separate threads (currently the Featured Roleplays).

The Town Square, the Cavern Tavern, and the Mansion would all remain largely the same, although if interest is given, more limited-time stories might be run in the Mansion (these would be stories that are a limited time commitment: if you sign up for a story, the story will be done in a certain number of weeks).

This is very much open to discussion and is in no way set in stone. It is not even set in air-dry clay, so please make your thoughts known!

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Re: DISCUSSION: Ditto Town's Future

Postby Shawna » Aug 13, 2017 10:23 am

I agree that the Ditto Story has long since grown unwieldy. In the early days (the first few stories), the stories were kept relatively short, and the whole story would be finished in a month or a few months. Then at some point, they started going on for years and involving so many characters that they simply spiraled out of control.

I have some suggestions regarding the Ditto Story:

1. Each story should be allowed to exist within its own universe, so that people can either take what they want from previous stories or ignore those things entirely. It was a bit difficult to try to keep things within a single continuity when there were three or four stories and most of the same writers worked on all of them. It's pretty much impossible at this point. We've even got multiple characters with the same name because people who jumped into the story later didn't read back to see that other characters with that name already existed. I think at this point, even attempting to keep continuity in order is so overwhelming that it's enough to squash any creative inspiration a writer may have.

2. Allow individual writers to write their own single-author stories to post as Ditto Stories, specifying on the first post whether this is a single-author story or whether other writers are invited to join the story. If it's a single author story, other people can comment on the story within the thread, but not start writing their own story bits. You could also have situations where two or three authors get together privately and decide to write a story together, and the story would be limited to those authors, while other people can read and comment.

3. For multi-author stories, allow people to put up a first post with a general idea of the basic plot line and allow a sign-up period (something relatively short, like a week or two) for other writers to sign up to participate in the story. This should help make sure that you don't have fifty different writers each writing two or three scenes about completely different characters/storylines. Basically, from what I've seen, you've got some authors who are really into the co-writing aspect of the Ditto Story, bouncing back and forth off of each other's ideas, and you've got writers who really mostly want to tell their own self-contained story and don't really get involved in the other plot lines. I think having both types of stories be allowed would give people the room to do what they want.

4. We should be allowed to use each other's established characters, but common courtesy should still be that we check with other authors if we want to use their characters and verify that actions/dialogue are in character.
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