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Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

PostPosted: Aug 25, 2009 12:46 pm
by stardf29
Ready for a challenge? Come up with your favorite 10 characters across all of the Narnia books.

Go ahead. We'll wait.

A couple of rules:

BOOK CHARACTERS ONLY! I don't care how much you love those wacky movie-only characters; they don't belong here.

No extreme fandom! Posts with statements that you think "so-and-so is hot!" or "I want to marry this person" will be deleted.

Try to come up with reasons for why those characters are your favorites. While you don't need to come up with a reason for every single character on your list, keep in mind that posts that only contain a list of characters may be deleted.

Just a side note from FK here... For those that are interested, here's the results of the previous thread on the old forum.

1. Aslan - 1224
2. Edmund - 1166
3. Lucy - 1158
4. Reepicheep - 795
5. Peter - 772
6. Puddleglum - 599
7. Jill - 518
8. Caspian - 502
9. Eustace - 448
10. Susan - 433

11. Shasta - 364
12. Aravis - 316
13. Tumnus - 282
14. Digory - 260
15. Tirian - 217
16. The White Witch - 144
17. Trumpkin - 137
18. Polly - 136
19. Bree - 124
20. Hwin - 112

That's out of 196 entries!

Now, here's my list.

10. Gwendolen - Surprise choice! This minor character from Prince Caspian is easily the best one-shot character in the series: a girl who sees a lion outside her school, points it out, sends the rest of the school running for their lives, and joins up with the lion out of pure faith (well, okay, maybe having rescued her from that school had something to do with it). She'd probably be great friends with Lucy.

9. Eustace - This boy goes through some radical changes during his first trip to Narnia, and he comes back the better for it... namely, he uses his snark and "dreadfully-matter-of-fact"-ness for good instead of evil. And who can forget when he tried to face up to that sea serpent with Caspian's second-best sword (albeit breaking it in the process)?

8. Reepicheep - Two words: absolutely hilarious. If this were a "funniest character" poll, he would win hands down. As a poll with more dimensions than that, he'll have to settle for 8th. Still, his wacky adventures make Narnia all the more exciting in the books he is in.

7. Lucy - "What? Lucy is only in 7th? Blasphemy!" Ah well, the girl widely agreed to be the best female character in the books is still a great character. Early on, she is the one with "faith enough for each of us", though admittedly, because of that, she comes off a little too perfect. That was corrected in her future appearances, when it becomes clear she's a bit too concerned with how others think of her. Still, sweet and kind best describe this young lady. Oh, and she's an active archer in HHB. That's awesome, too.[/b]

6. Aravis - If Lucy is the sweet and demure "Betty", Aravis is the feisty, energetic "Veronica". Funny how they become such fast friends at the end of HHB. At any rate, she's not going to let the fact that she's a girl stop her from making her escape into Narnia. Her best trait, though, is her loyalty: note that as much as she disliked Shasta in her early part of the journey, she would never abandon him. Now that's agape love.

5. Jewel - For every great King is a great companion, especially if that companion can run at high speeds and impale enemies on his horn. Jewel would have easily placed in the top 10 just by being a unicorn, but add in his important role in Narnia's final days and he ends up in the top 5.

4. Shasta - This boy went through a lot. Discovering his "father" wasn't really his father and was going to sell him off, learning about Talking Horses, meeting up with a temperamental girl, getting confused by the Narnians for his twin image... and that's just the start! Yet, he somehow makes it through (with the help of Aslan) and ends up king of Archenland. He goes through a lot of growth in his book and is a character that is easy to relate to.

3. Puddleglum - Who knew pessimism could be so awesome? Puddleglum might not be the best being to have around a party, but for a dangerous adventure, nothing quite beats his deadbeat antics. However, his true crowning moment of awesomeness comes from underground, when he breaks free of the Lady of the Green Kirtle's spell by declaring that, maybe, even if it's not the truth, what we want to believe is better than the truth. (Bonus points for stomping onto a fire and getting the room smelling of burnt Marshwiggle.)

2. Edmund - Ah, Edmund. What's to say about him? Starts out as a traitor, becomes repentant, has an awesome moment when he breaks the White Witch's Wand of Petrification, and from then on, is always the one who believes in others, especially in the ability to turn over a new leaf. He's also a great swordfighter, a great strategist, and can settle matters such as the trial at Deathwater. Don't mess with Edmund.

1. Jill - So... how can this girl possibly be #1? Well, let's go over what she goes through. First, she trusts a stranger of a classmate about going over to Narnia (it helps that said classmate somehow turned from prick to nice guy over the holidays). Once there, she finds herself on a dangerous quest, nearly blows the whole thing over inattention to the signs, but saves it all at the last moment. Then she comes back... and she's a resourceful young woman who seriously helps out in those last moments, but not without her emotional trials. Her growth across SC and into LB is really awesome. Oh, and she's an archer. And archers are awesome. That, combined with her character development, makes her what I feel is the best character in the books.

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (Overall)

PostPosted: Sep 04, 2009 1:12 pm
by Pattertwigs Pal
This topic really makes one think.
Top ten favorite characters:
1. Lucy – the first one didn’t take any thinking. I love her strength of character and relationship with Aslan. My goal is to have faith like hers.
2. Edmund – after he changes. I love how he backs Lucy up in PC.
3. Aslan – I kind of feel guilty putting him so low on the list since he is so important to the books, but I have trouble thinking of him like a character in the sense of the others. He almost seems bigger than that. I also would feel that God and Jesus weren’t characters in the Bible in the way others are.
4. Pattertwig – of course :D
5. Reepicheep – Who couldn’t love this noble mouse? He is so funny at times, yet his heart is in the right place.
6. Trufflehunter – I love his unshakable faith.
7. Puddleglum – Despite (or because of) his doom and gloom, he is an enjoyable character. He also has great faith in Aslan.
8. Hwin – She is so sensible and doesn’t care about what others think.
9. Caspian – I like that he believes in old Narnia and Aslan without seeing them and that he tells Aslan that he isn’t ready to rule. :)
10. King Lune – He is a very down to earth king and very merciful. Not many people would consider letting someone go who had attacked them unwarranted.
I had a terrible time deciding on the last one :-\ : Frank and Prof. Kirk were in the running.

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (Overall)

PostPosted: Sep 06, 2009 4:58 am
by IloveFauns
Here is my top 10 and why.

1. Reepicheep- He shows the littlest people can have the strongest heart. Also he is so cute. I wish i could pick him up and :ymhug: him. Even though he would probably hate me for that.

2. Lucy- Lucy other then aslan is the main character in the books. I think lewis wanted her to be the character that believed the most.

3. Caspian- Caspian shows that not everyone has to be like there family. He trys to make things right even though his family is doing wrong.

4. Jadis- she is just the best evil character i have ever read about and also instead of being ugly like most evil characters she is pretty.

5. Edmond- Even though he betrayed the rest in lww he is still a way better king then peter. While peter pretty much stays the same throughout the books Edmond changes and becomes a better person.

6. Lady of green kirtle- I just liek the mystery feeling about this character.

7. peter- Even though he can be a bit stuck up and mean sometimes he still makes my top 10 list.

8. Susan- she might not believe in narnia anymore but one day when she is all alone she will come to her senses.

9. jill- She changes so much through out one story. First she is mean to eutace and is always crying and by the end becomes braver

10. Eustace- because of his transformation throughout VDT.

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (Overall)

PostPosted: Sep 06, 2009 7:36 pm
by NaiadWaker
Here's my list:
1. Edmund- love his redemption.
2. Lucy- child-like faith is a good example to follow.
3. Jill- very relatable
4. Shasta- i just love his personality
5. Aravis- very well developed character
6. Clipsie (i just think she sounds like a nice character from the one time she was mentioned.)
7. Eustace- again, redemption
8. Polly- she does almost exactly what i would do if i were in her situations.
9. Pattertwig- loyal squirrels are the best!
10.the chorus of Dufflepuds- very humorous.

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (Overall)

PostPosted: Sep 07, 2009 1:41 pm
by Lava
1. Aslan- Self-explanatory
2. Lucy-little faithful
3. Peter- not as we last saw him in the movie but the true High King of Narnia
4. Edmund- his redemption is amazing, he gives me hope
5. Reepicheep- he is at times comic relief at others he is the lone driving force behind things that our honorable.
6. Tirian- the last King of Narnia, what is not to love
7. Bree- aside from sharing my nickname, he has always tickled funny bone ever since I read that book
8. Pattertwig- he amuses me
9. Eustace- after he becomes un-dragoned he has some of the best depth of character in the series
10. Farsight- I really love eagles and Farsight is so noble.

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (Overall)

PostPosted: Sep 13, 2009 12:32 pm
by Dernhelm_of_Rohan

1. Aravis - she's a feisty, no-nonsense girl who runs away from her Calormen family life as a Tarkeena to reach Narnia with Hwin. She loves horses, archery and nightingales. Oh, and she becomes Queen of Archenland. Who doesn't love that?
2. Cor/Shasta - Couldn't like Aravis if I didn't like her husband! He's got such a great character journey.
3. Jill - I like her femininity. Without being a sissy-girl, she still shows how I often feel as a girl: uncertain, proud, frightened (especially of small dark places) and grossed out by cleaning dead birds.
4. Rillian - even with the spell on, you can tell that he's really very polite and kind.
5. Edmund - Andrew Adamson once called him "the evil child". But he makes such a cool king and brother later.
6. Tirian - in Aslan's words: "... last of the kings of Narnia, who stood firm at the darkest hour."
7. The Sea-shepherdess - in VDT, Lucy gets a glimpse of this girl for just a second tending her sheep-fish. And yet, in that moment, they became friends. I know that feeling!
8. Emeth - one of two Calormens to enter the "Real Narnia." Pretty cool.
9. The Lady of the Green Kirtle - I had to list my favorite villianess!
10. Puzzle - He's such a sweetheart!]

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (Overall)

PostPosted: Sep 14, 2009 3:27 am
by IloveFauns
10. Puzzle - He's such a sweetheart!

The ape just bosses the poor donkey around. Poor puzzle.

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (Overall)

PostPosted: Sep 23, 2009 10:20 pm
by dantheman
1: Edmond - Always has
2: Reepicheep - Do I have to explain?
3: Lucy - Some one I'd like as a friend when I was in deep trouble
4: Aslan - Kinda necessary don't you think?
5: Peecacheec - Did I spell that right?
6: King Lune - I like a jolly fat guy
7: Aravis - The young lady who never backs down
8: Cor & Corin - Is that right?
9: Peter: High King who I never identified with much.
10:Susan - Fell quite far eh?

Done #:-s (I hope)

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (Overall)

PostPosted: Sep 24, 2009 5:24 pm
by daughter of the King
1. Aslan--He's both good and terrible at the same time. What's cooler than that? He also reminds me of a certain Someone......
2. Lucy--like me, she sometimes thinks too much of what others think of her, but her faith is unwavering.
3. Reepicheep--He is the most noble and valiant creature in all of Narnia(in the book, that is).
4. Puddleglum--Yes, he is a pessimist, but he's also one of the most loyal and brave characters. And the way he stands up to the Lady of the Green Kirtle is simply awesome.
5. Hwin--she's so sweet and sensible.
6. Jewel--if anyone surpasses Reepicheep in nobility, it's Jewel.
7.Caspian--he's a romantic who loves the old days, fairy tales about round worlds, is courageous and a fine king.
8. Tirian--the last King of Narnia, who stood firm in the darkest hour. I think he's my favorite king overall.
9. Edmund--he changes so much from beginning to end. He starts out as a bratty jerk, but turns out to be noble and sensitive. And an awesome big brother.
10. Puzzle--poor thing, it wasn't his fault.

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (Overall)

PostPosted: Sep 26, 2009 3:42 pm
by PeterFan
I would have to say:

10. Reepicheep
9. Centaur
8. Beavers
7. Tummnas
6. Aslan
5. Caspian
4. Edmund
3. Lucy
2. Susan
1. Peter

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

PostPosted: Oct 05, 2009 11:25 am
by Pattertwigs Pal
Just thought I'd pop in to say that currently 34 different characters have made it on to at least one top ten list and Lucy and Edmund are tied for first place. (I gave each person's favorite 10 points, each person's second 9 points, and so forth).

Pattertwig wants to thank NaiadWaker and Lava for putting him on their lists. :ymhug: :ymhug: (He has 12 points which ties him with Puddleglum according to my calculations).


Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

PostPosted: Oct 06, 2009 6:29 am
by Narnia Girl
1. Lucy - how can someone not like Lucy? She's definitely my favorite character, though Edmund came close. :D

2. Edmund - he turns from a traitor into a just king.

3. Jill - she's totally awesome! I love how she has changed and grown up so much in LB.

4. Eustace - he's a lot like Edmund, and I just love his character!

5. Ramandu's Daughter - she's such an interesting character, even if she isn't in the Chronicles much. I love how no one knew her name.

6. Aravis - she's totally brave and never backs down from her duty. She has a lot of courage.

7. Jewel - he's a sweet, noble, and loyal creature.

8. Reepicheep - he's a Talking Mouse, he'd die to save the life of anyone, and he's amazingly cute.

9. Puddleglum - ah, the things he say are so funny. He may be as pessimistic as a rain cloud, but he will stick up for what he believes in.

10. Puzzle - even if he isn't the brightest creature, he's incredibly sweet!

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

PostPosted: Oct 23, 2009 1:40 pm
by TheGeneral
This took me FOREVER to come up with, and I'm not even sure I'm happy with it even now, lol. Oh well. Here's my 10, to the best of my ability (in no significant order):

1) Caspian - admirable, adventurous, brave, and I like how he appears a lot in multiple books.
2) Rilian - just always thought his story and experiences were interesting, seemed very human, can relate to him in some ways
3) Emeth - I like how he was actually serving Aslan with his love and devotion, he just had the name wrong
4) Reepicheep - the bravest character of all, not afraid of a fight, very courageous and faithful
5) Bree - can't help but like him, his pride is funny ;), and I desparately wanted a horse friend like him after reading HHB the first time lol
6) Puddleglum - very funny and simple, but I really like how he was the only one to not totally come under the power of the lady of the green kirtle
7) White Witch - very memorable villain, she was a truely evil threat
8) Shasta - had a really rough life but it ended well, can relate to him in my darkest moments, I think his relationship with Aslan is the most memorable
9) The Emperor-Over-the-Sea - mysterious, unknown, must be very powerful
10) Dawn Treader - does this count as a character? VDT is my favorite book, always wished I could jump into the picture on the book cover and be on the ship :)

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

PostPosted: Nov 05, 2009 8:30 pm
by narnian1
I've been putting off giving my top 10 until I had finished re-reading the books. I was in the middle of the series and just finished last week. I haven't read anybody's top 10, (except for #10 in the first post). I don't want to be influenced by anyone's list. I love many characters and limiting it to just ten is a very hard thing to do. I simply love all the Pevensie children but sadly only two make the cut. Though The Last Battle is my least favorite book, Tirian is among my favorite characters in the series, yet even he missed the top 10. Most people probably just placed good characters but I have one villain in mine and though it may be surprising to some Caspian also missed my list.

10: Eustace Clarence Scrubb
From my favorite Narnia book comes this character. Awfully bad at first. I honestly can't even stand him at first for how much better he thinks he is than the rest. But the moment he is transformed into a dragon and changes I love him. He turns into a great person, though never perfect. His character arc is what I love about him. In The Silver Chair we see him again, this time with Jill, in it I love how he holds his tongue at times when he wants to snap. Finally in The Last Battle it is a very sad thing to "see" him being flung into the stable to his death. But to see him enter Aslan's Country brings great joy, as past troubles are forgotten.

9: Digory Kirke
Just a little boy in The Magician's Nephew, or so it seems. When his uncle tricks Polly into taking the ring and disappearing he shows courage in actually going off to her rescue, not knowing what might happen or where he might end up.
Of course it is his fault that Jadis comes to life as he pretended to be enchanted and rung the bell in the court. Still it is he who goes for the fruit to save Narnia from present trouble. All the while in his heart the longing to ask Aslan for help for his sick/dying mother. In the end he helps Narnia and received the help he so longed for throughout the whole book. I enjoy that final scene with his mother being well again thanks to the apple he was given for her. Then to see him all grown up in the mansion: Professor Kirke,
he turned into a great man that one can't help but simply love.

8: Jadis
Why put her on the list? She is a villain but she makes a very powerful character. A character that I love to hate. In LWW she's an enchantress whom we really don't know. Where did she come from? and how did she come to rule Narnia? and why does she cast a never ending winter over it? We meet her for the first time when she meets Edmund, making him feel that she would really one day make him king over the land. Pretending to be a good person, only to then show her true colors to him. She claims his blood and then renounces, only because she has better blood to spill: Aslan's. Cruel as they come, but there is no denying she is powerful. And then we go to The Magician's Nephew which was published later and we see her origin. From the beginning we see how cruel she is, destroying a whole world and its people because they we hers in the first place. Not caring who they were at all, after all hers is a high and lonely road. She eventually enters Narnia, and even from the beginning she tried killing Aslan. Later she tried tricking Digory but he was able to come out victorious.

7: Puddleglum
Oh Puddleglum! As pessimistic as they come alright, but then again when it's time to show courage he shows it. When meeting the Lady of the Green Kyrtle for the first time he refuses to give any info of his doings, smart thing to do. Among the giants, though he thought it foolish to actually go there, he was the first to walk in, unafraid for what might come. And there are many other moments I can say, but I want to get the the best one: while in the Lady's own palace. They had messed up all the signs up to now, and only one was left. In a state of madness, the man calls in the name of Aslan for them to release him. A moment which totally moves me because the man was telling them that he was enchanted and only at that hour was he able to think straight, and they were losing what might be the only chance to rescue him. Though the others didn't know what to do, he knew: Aslan never told them what would happen when they listened to the first person to call in His name. It might have been to their death, but that didn't let them off from obeying. It was none other than Rilian himself of course. And what about when the Lady tried making them forget the real world? He chose to believe in a "lie" and "make believe" rather than to allow her to rule over him. It was he who came to the rescue, allowing for the others to ultimately kill her. I love him for these last two things most of all.

6: Lucy Pevensie
Good child, honest child, truthful child. She is just amazing. The first of her siblings to enter Narnia, taunted for her games. But she knew what she saw wasn't a dream, and she knew she wasn't lying. Oh Lucy, not many words can describe how wonderful a character she is. In Prince Caspian she is the first to see Aslan, and I love her moment with the trees. She had an opportunity for saying "I told you so" but being wiser beyond her years, she takes the proper road and just suggests once again what she had done from the start. In Voyage of the Dawn Treader she tries to make things nice for Eustace to avail, until the proper time. She goes to the Dufflepods' aide, here she does something she shouldn't have and Aslan rebukes her. She's in The Horse and His Boy and finally in The Last Battle as she enters Aslan's Country.

5: Mr. Tumnus
Sure he doesn't have many parts but what he does have I love. We first meet him during Lucy's first visit to Narnia, (one of my favorite moments in all the series), when he friends her, but only pretending. He was under Jadis' order to turn in any human child he found. He lulled her to sleep but eventually helped her escape. This eventually took him to Jadis' castle and the fate of being turned into a statue. Later Aslan comes and sets him to right again. In HHB we meet him again but not for a long moment. Still, I nearly cried when I was reading The Last Battle, to find that he was in Aslan's Country, and to see him re-united with Lucy, BEAUTIFUL moment. :x

4: Shasta
Poor orphan boy. His beginnings was brutal, and down right unfair I admit but it resulted for good in the end. He left with Bree for Narnia and the North. Along the way, by Aslan's providence, he was united with Hwin and Aravis. Though he was looked down upon by Bree and Aravis he remained true. Unfortunately they became separated and he fell in with the Narnians. In the tombs he waited faithfully for the others. When the time came, he dared face a lion to try and rescue Aravis, though Bree fled. Then he had to run... run... and run some more to get to King Lune. With this is true identity comes: he is the king's son and his name is Cor. A prophecy which had been made came true as he saved Archenland from its darkest moment. The revelation of his true identity is what gives him an extra push, but he showed courage and strength when it seemed he'd fail. facing a lion, what was he thinking? running, how did he manage? Aslan.

3: Aslan
Some may probably put him first, and I admit he is the most important thing of the books as with him nothing would have been. Still, for me to put him in first would feel forced and cliche. He is the reason for the story, and he is "above" the story, he's more than just another character. LWW: His sacrifice for Edmund, truly an act of love for someone who deserved to die, but he gave him life. In PC, he comes again and sets things to right. VDT, I'll just skip ahead to the lion/lamb moment, if this is not an amazing moment than I just don't know what is. The most significant moment in the book IMO, and I love that we get a hint of his country above and beyond. In SC he gives the instructions which needed to be met to rescue Rilian. HHB, He was the cat at watched over Shasta in the tombs, he was the lion that united him with Aravis, he was the lion that gave them all the extra push to arrive ahead of Rabadash in Archenland, he was the lion that taught Aravis and Bree a lesson, he was the lion that rescued Shasta back when he was just a baby. MN, the creator of Narnia, and one can't help but tear when Digory sees in his eyes that He loves his mother more than he would have thought. TLB, the door. the way to the Real Narnia. Definitely an excellent character in the series.

2: Edmund Pevensie
The original trouble maker in the series, cruel to his brother and mean to his sisters. Though he knew deep down that Jadis was evil, he chose to pretend that she was good and go after her. What he found was not pleasing and he longed to be back with the good. Aslan rescued him and told him something that was never revealed but obviously life transforming for he never went back to his old ways. For him, Aslan died. In PC when they get their treasures, he gets one more reminder of his past sin. Though he doesn't see Aslan he was the first to believe Lucy, he learned from his past mistake. In VDT he showed kindness to Eustace, having been to first to meet him after his transformation back to normal after all: "Eustace was an ass but he was a traitor". A traitor!! he recognized just how bad he was. We see him in HHB as well where he wanted to show mercy to Rabadash since he knew of one who was able to mend his ways, himself. Then we have him once more in Aslan's country.

1: Reepicheep
The first time through I thought he was arrogant. After understanding him better I grew to love him more and more with each read. First introduced in Prince Caspian, he from the get-go was a valiant mouse who vowed loyalty to Caspian and also to Peter- Kings of Narnia. I love him even more in VDT, though he and Eustace didn't get along at all when he disappeared Drinian, I believe said something he shouldn't have, Reepicheep rebuked him- for though they didn't get along Eustace was still part of the crew and needed to be avenged if need be. One of Reep's best moments right there IMO.

Where sky and water meet,
Where the waves grow sweet,
Doubt not, Reepicheep,
To find all you seek,
There is the utter East.

Lovely, Amazing moment when he departs and is lifted to Aslan's country. Just thinking about it and writing it now brings chills and tears. I love it so much! and in TLB when it is he who opens the gates to greet the new comers into Aslan's Country.

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

PostPosted: Nov 15, 2009 12:47 pm
by jlppr
in no particular here is the list of my ten favorite characters:

1. Aslan
2. Edmund
3. Reepicheep
4. Puddleglum
5. Caspian
6. Eustace
7. Shasta
8. Tumnus
9. Tirian
10. Jadis

Re: Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)

PostPosted: Dec 08, 2009 5:10 pm
by Lucy P.
So glad to see this thread back.

I'm retiring Peter and Lucy as my top two favorites. Why? They're disappearing from the movies, and though I love the books best it's a new era (don't worry, I'm still arranging these characters according the books in case that wasn't clear).

So here goes:

1- Eustace Clarence Scrubb- from authentic prig to real friend, but not in a flash.
2- Jill Pole- a spitfire with a few lessons to learn.
3- Lucy Pevensie- valiant and innocent.
4- Peter Pevensie- loyal and responsible.
5- Puddleglum- our funny, steadfast stick-in-the-mud.
6- Digory Kirke- impulsive at first, logical at last.
7- Edmund Pevensie- from traitor to hero in a moment.
8- Corin Thunderfist- pugnacious, adventurous, young.
9- Fledge (a.k.a. Strawberry)- Likes sugar, loves Aslan.
10-Aslan. It's not that he's my least favorite; in fact he should probably be #1, but I couldn't end without Him.