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Choose which of these lucky lads you like the most.

Edmund (LWW/PC/VDT)
Peter (LWW/PC)
Eustace (VDT/SC)
Digory (MN/LWW)
Shasta (HHB)
Corin (HHB)
Caspian (PC/VDT)
Rillian (SC)
Tirian (LB)
Other (please specify)
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Re: Favorite Narnian Male

Postby Ryadian » Jul 12, 2014 11:29 am

Honestly, my favorite character--male or female--varies from book to book. ;)) Admittedly, that's kind of my way of justifying not having to pick a favorite, generally speaking. ;)

In the end, though, I voted for Edmund. I really, really love seeing the maturity Edmund gains after his redemption. :) From being the first character to trust Lucy's judgment in PC to being the one to talk to Eustace on the beach in VDT. Also, I like that he's a practical and level-headed character, but he's not above some snark from time to time. ;)) (I refer you to the infamous "Girls don't carry a map in their heads" scene. ;)) ) Also, as a side benefit, Edmund appears in three of my top 4 favorite Chronicles--in order, The Horse and His Boy, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and of course The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. ;)

After Edmund, though, I think my next favorite character is Eustace, for similar reasons. (Yes, I love a good redemption story. ;) ) I also enjoy that, while his circumstances are similar to Edmund's, he never seems to take certain things for granted the same way that the Pevensies do. Since he didn't live in Narnia for years and years, at the beginning of The Silver Chair, he's still a little uncertain about how to call out to Aslan, relying entirely on what he witnessed in the events of VDT. This has more to do with how the story is told than Eustace himself, but still--I enjoy the opportunity to see Narnia through fresh eyes again, though without the need for the characters to start completely in the dark again. :)

And, if there had been three options, Shasta would have been third. ;)) Like I said before, The Horse and His Boy is my favorite Chronicle, and Shasta's character is a big part of that. Again, I like the opportunity to see the world of Narnia through a different perspective--this time, someone who has lived in the world, but has never known Narnia itself until the end. I also like that he starts the story with a certain degree of honor and courage, even having been raised as little better than a slave by a fisherman--and even without knowing his true identity. Yes, he still does some questionable things (such as all the "raiding"), but I think those are outweighed by both his character development and the moments where he shows great courage (such as, most notably, going back to rescue Aravis and Hwin from a Lion).
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Re: Favorite Narnian Male

Postby Elfiea » Feb 13, 2015 9:34 am

This was a hard choice, to say the least.

But I had to go with Edmund. He grows a lot over the series, becoming a quietly confident young man from an insecure kid. He learns to know what is right and true and learns to say and do those things, without fearing what others think of him or anything else. That's a quality that I wish I had more of.

But I have so many other favorites...

Caspian has always been a favorite. I find him almost funny, because in Prince Caspian he has literally no idea what he's doing and he's trying to muster this whole army that is honestly quite distrustful of him. But he succeeds anyway (with a little help).

Corin. Seriously, he's such an odd choice. But I love that's he's so sassy and so enthusiastic about life.

And finally, Tirian. It's been awhile since I've read The Last Battle (even though it's my favorite Narnia book), but I remember liking him a lot. He holds true to his beliefs even in the darkest of times.
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Re: Favorite Narnian Male

Postby HazyHays » Nov 14, 2016 12:35 pm

Edmund is my choice. He is a risk taker and sure he makes mistakes, but we all do and we have to learn from them as he did. He became a lot stronger because of his mistakes and learning from them. Just look at how much he grew from the first movie to the third movie.
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Re: Favorite Narnian Male

Postby ErlianRain » Dec 11, 2016 7:09 am

It's funny, when I was younger, I really liked Peter. I would've said he was my favorite in a heartbeat. I admired him a lot in the books (the movies really took away a lot of his redeemable qualities, but I understood why those decisions were made). He always protected his siblings, even when he had no clue what was going on, and he was always so strong and valiant in my mind. To the youthful me, he was like a shining knight, and I liked that about him.

However, as I have aged and really spent a lot of time reading each book, I find that Edmund has really become my favorite. I've grown to really like characters that start out pretty rotten but they grow and mature and are redeemed in the end. To me, Edmund is the most relatable character in the Narnia series, and I feel that this is how it should be. In a way, we're all in Edmund's place in the grand scheme of things, if you take into account the religious tones of the story. So yes. Edmund is my favorite. Which is hilarious because looking back to my days watching the animated movie, I can clearly remember how much I despised him haha.
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Re: Favorite Narnian Male

Postby puddleglum32 » Sep 16, 2017 6:59 am

HazyHays wrote:Edmund is my choice. He is a risk taker and sure he makes mistakes, but we all do and we have to learn from them as he did. He became a lot stronger because of his mistakes and learning from them. Just look at how much he grew from the first movie to the third movie.

Could not agree more!! It is so cool to see him mature throughout the books and even glimpses in HHB of how he is as an adult. I think that they did a pretty good job of it in the movies for the most part.

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Re: Favorite Narnian Male

Postby lumosdeus » Feb 17, 2018 4:39 am

Woah, I was surprised to see that Edmund had the most votes. I absolutely love Peter's character, how obnoxious he may be at times :D

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Re: Favorite Narnian Male

Postby King_Erlian » Feb 19, 2018 3:24 am

Can't believe I missed this poll for so long! I voted "off the grid". Technically, he's not a Narnian, he's an Archenlander, but I voted for King Lune. He seems to exude so much joy, as well as courtesy, kindness, courage, strength and a wry sense of humour. If they ever do make a film of The Horse And His Boy, I want to play him!
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