Your Ideal 'Silver Chair' Teaser Trailer

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Your Ideal 'Silver Chair' Teaser Trailer

Postby Skilletdude » Sep 10, 2017 4:52 pm

Does anyone remember this little teaser for LWW?

I can't exactly recall when it was released. I even combed through the NarniaWeb archives and couldn't spot it. While I think the voice-over is a little cheesy, I still like the simplicity of it.

Rather than an elaborate teaser that gives away major plot points and key scenes, I like the idea of a first-look teaser capturing the "essence" of the story (as Mr. Joe Johnston might put it) and nothing else. Which approach would you prefer for The Silver Chair teaser?

Here's my amateur envisioning of it. Share yours too!

Black screen. Sounds of water droplets. Slowly fade into a puddle of water on rock, slightly rippling.

A deep, solemn voice speaks:
"Far from here, an old King is sad."

Camera slowly pans up from the puddle into stalactites on the cave ceiling, where the water drips from.

"He has no heir, because his son was stolen from him. No one knows if he is still alive."

Camera slowly pans downward again, turns right to reveal a heavy wooden door.

"But he is."

Door creaks and begins to open.

"Your task is to seek this lost Prince until you find him..."

The door reveals a long hallway and a barely lit silver object long in the distance.

"Or died in the attempt."

Quick cut to black, hear a hissing serpent. Sounds of water again, this time a rushing stream.

Fade-in to a young girl standing, nervous and trembling. Jill stammers:


Cut to a lion laying in wildflowers next to the stream. Aslan blares:

"By following the signs."

New fanfare music plays. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair logo appears on-screen. Obligatory studio text follows.
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Re: Your Ideal 'Silver Chair' Teaser Trailer

Postby narnia fan 7 » Sep 11, 2017 8:18 am

Great idea for a thread! I've had an idea for a Silver Chair teaser for a few years now. I once even tried to make one of those 'fan trailers ' out of it, but found my editing skills weren't vary good so I have to on the idea. I don't think I could call this my ideal teaser, but here it is anyway.

Fade from black, to Several slow panning shot of a boarding school. As we see this, we hear voice over.

"What if I told you. I'd been to a place. Where all the sorts of things you find in fairy tales. We're real."

Cut to jill and Eustace sitting together behind the gym. They hear something. "Thier coming!" Jill says panicky

The two run through bushes until they come to a door in a wall. They push it open. There's a blinding light as we cut to the TriStar logo.

Once the logo fades out. We see shots Jill walking alone in in a beautiful forest. She turns a corner, then stops dead in her tracks. Then we see a shot of Aslan. Majestic. Golden. Powerful.

Then we see a series of quick cuts with voice over from Aslan. A wide shot of Cair Paravel. A vary brief shot of Caspian. "Their is an Old King. He has no heir."

A shot of Puddleglum walking in the dark with a lantern. "His son was stolen."

Shots of Jill and Eustace riding on owls. The travelers walking across the moor. "I lay on you this command. That you seek this Prince until l you have found him."

A shot of the Lady of the Green Kirtle and the Black Knight. Followed by shots of Ettensmoor giants. A ship on subterranean sea. The travelers struggling through snow to Harfang. "Or died in the attempt"

Shots of Rilian holding his sword. The travalers crossing the giants bridge. A serpent. And s final split second shot of Rilian in the Chair.

Cue title card. The Chronicle of Narnia: The Silver Chair. In theaters Christmas 2055.
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Re: Your Ideal 'Silver Chair' Teaser Trailer

Postby Anfinwen » Sep 11, 2017 1:59 pm

Great thread! I hope they discuss this (ideal teaser/trailer) on the podcast at some point! I love both of your ideas! narnia fan 7, I especially like yours for the main trailer, and maybe just the part up to the logo for the teaser (without showing much of the children, just their voices and the brief glimpses of them mostly from behind).
My ideal teaser is the actual trailer :D , but since we have to wait for that, I think this would be a great tease that would catch the attention of viewers.

Enchanting music, the camera pans upward slowly on a leg of the silver chair showing its amazing (hopefully) design.

The camera pans across an arm of the chair a white masculine hand grips it convulsively (perhaps a ring on the hand with a green stone just for interest?)

A slightly wider shot of the chair from behind, slowly rotating around it. We see a head of golden curls leaning against the back (still from behind and slightly to the side)

Just as the face is about to come into view the camera cuts to darkness. We hear a tortured, anguished cry, a hiss and then the logo "The Chronicles of Narnia, The Silver Chair"

I think there is great possibility that the chair will be the teaser, but in my ideal there would be something else besides just the chair, something like above, or the green snake curling around the chair, or something!
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