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Re: The Town Square II

Postby Ryadian » Jun 17, 2017 12:35 pm

Ah, okay. I think the last time we were talking about it was about... yikes, about a year ago. Life goes by too fast. ;)) And thanks. :)

Shawna wrote:There are just some industries that it's a pain the butt to try to explain to anyone who doesn't work in them.

Agreed. I feel like my last three jobs have been like that. ;)) And my current one only exists because of bureaucracy, so... that makes it extra fun to explain. ;))

My mom, my sister's family, and I went on a 5K walk yesterday to raise money/awareness for a local charity, and... yikes. I am way more out of shape than I would've wanted to admit. ;)) I slept for 12 hours last night (yay weekends!) and I'm still tired. But, I am proud of myself that I at least finished - it was a path where you just turn around at the half-way point rather than make a complete loop, so we could have turned back if we really wanted to, but we stuck to it. ;))

*Debates taking her Chromebook outside and doing some writing* It's getting to be high 70's/early 80's, which is getting a bit warmer than I like, but then again, I want to take advantage before we're in the 90's.... ;))
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Re: The Town Square II

Postby You Will Find Me Bigger » Jul 20, 2017 12:13 pm

*Interrupts Abe Lincoln's extended oratorio to bring you breaking news*

Hey guys, guess what? "Mortereve" has now been added to the Urban Dictionary! :-) This is its big break, a chance for Narniaweb to leave a permanent mark on the English language. Well, ok, maybe. ;)

Anyway, if you think it is a useful word that everyone should use, you can click on this link and upvote it to get more people to see it: ... d=11807138
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Re: The Town Square II

Postby Sonny » Jul 22, 2017 4:46 am

Good mortereve to all! That's... That's... Just, wow! I've been an on-again-off-again member of NWeb since 2005, so that's kinda really awesome! Back when we had the Cup and Platter (I was the C&C Bagel Boy), then the chat room was a hot place to be... This brings back fond memories, when NWeb was a haven I needed to escape from my difficult home life. Thanks for letting us know, Willow!

How's life been, peeps? I'm in the middle of opera rehearsals. We doing Tosca by Puccini this year. I'm disappointed with how few sings the chorus has: only 3! We're on stage for less than 10 minutes in the whole opera! But I love the experience, so I'm still happy.
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