My BIG Project! Vlogging and Charity work (Help needed...)

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My BIG Project! Vlogging and Charity work (Help needed...)

Postby CharlotteRose » Feb 27, 2012 10:15 am

Hey Guys, I hope you are all well!

Okay, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, and if its not I'm sorry. :)

Basically, those of you who are/ were involved with Acting Across the Web many know that I am an actress, but recently a friend (Also an actress) and I decided to embark on a mission and we need a lot of help!

We are both involved in fundraising for charity and so we have decided to do some fundraising by setting up our own project (Currently unnamed... ) and putting on shows to raise money at our school and in our local area. (This will happen after we have finished our GCSE's) To help with our schools ongoing charity support funraising...

However, while discussing this we decided that we would quite like to start a vlog!
Not a 'sitting and talking to a camera about your day' type vlog, but one that is similer to the vlogs of the bigger youtubers! So what we would really like to know is what sort of things would you be interested in watching Vlogs (Aimed at a high school/secondary school audience) about?

I know this is very random and not really similar to the things that other people may post on here but we'd really love to know:

-Wether you use youtube often/ wether you have a channel.
-What you usually watch on youtube/ which vloggers if any.
-What you would like to see more videos about (e.g, situations at school, how toos etc)
-Do you support a charity? If so, which one?
-How do you think we should encorperate our charity promoting in our vlogs?

Thank you so, so much for your help, ANY feedback would be great!

Also, if you'd like to watch our vlogs when they are done then you can subscribe here;

This is not the page that the vlogs will be posted onto as it will be a collab project, but I can notify anyone who subscribes about the vids when they are done! Again, support would be really useful!
(Please note that not all vlogs will be charity related... we are hoping to start a vlog that is very 'danisnotonfire' or 'charlieissocoollike' (not that we are expecting an audience as big as theirs!) But updates on our fundraing/ attempts to raise awareness of our chosen charity will be encorperated somehow! :) )

Thanks so much, as I said, I know its random but any help will be really well appreciated... We will also be using the vlogs to talk about our projects and charity work so if you are interested in that then you could also subscribe if you wanted to!

Plus, spreading the word would also be great as my friend and I as well as our school feel that fundraising is really important!

Thank you all so much!

CharlotteRose!!! :D
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