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Re: Video games

Postby fantasia_kitty » Apr 19, 2017 6:44 am

In reply to your spoiler...
For the lizard, once you arrive in the Goron town, visit the armory. They sell a full set of armor that will take care of you while you're there.
Now for some annoying reason, that same armor doesn't work in the desert. /:) I can't remember exactly how I got the stuff for Gerudo, but I know I followed the primary quest line there and got an outfit set and piece of jewelry for desert heat resistance.
There's also the cheaper option of elixirs and food stuffs. I don't remember recipes off the top of my head, but I know I found them when I leading up to the area.

Hope that helps!
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Re: Video games

Postby Sonny » Apr 23, 2017 4:20 am

Thank you so much! I ended up needing only one elixir to get to Goron City because I ended up having enough rupees or things to sell to buy a matched set of Flamebreaker Armor and Flamebreaker Boots as soon as I got there. I left off while trekking up Death Mountain, and am excited to defeat Vah Rudania!.

I also bought The Evil Within the other day, but I have found it tedious and a bit slow. Not as fun as I was hoping, and certainly not as scary as I thought it would be. I'm only on Chapter 3, so we'll see if it improves. But it was probably worth the $14 I spent on it!
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Re: Video games

Postby Ryadian » May 11, 2017 11:28 am

shastastwin wrote:I finished up Child of Light last night (I wasn't far from the end when I posted Saturday). I think I definitely lost something by playing the first few short chapters and then taking a long stretch away before finishing it, because the ending worked really well and tied in a LOT more story than I thought it would. The biggest story complaint I had was that between the beginning and the last third of the game, there's very little of the main story involved. All of the side characters and such in the middle are very nice, but because the game is so brief, it feels like there's a lot more to the world beyond the "page" as it were. While I like to feel that there's more to the story with any tale, this felt a little like we weren't getting *enough* of the story (again, just in the middle section).

When I first played the game about a year (or two? Who can keep track of time? :P), I played it to story completion within a week, and I agree that doing it quickly really helps with the story. ;)) You get through the middle parts where you're just kind of wandering around and keep up your momentum to want to finish the story. ;)) I'll admit, I started a New Game+ recently and have yet to finish, even though I'm fairly near the end of the game. It's a beautiful game and I did enjoy the story, I just wish there had been a bit more to it. ;))

It also would've been nice to have any development for any of your party members after your quest to add them - after that, they pretty much only even have dialogue where everyone has dialogue. Which is too bad, because they were all fun characters. I also kind of want to go through the game again just to see if I can collect all those pages since they seem to tell a really interesting story, but I'm not a fan of scouring every location on the map to find all the collectables, without at least some kind of map or directions. ;))

My recent game obsession has been Horizon Zero Dawn. It kind of flew under the radar - which is a shame, because I loved this game. The visuals were astounding, the story was really well-told, and I felt fully involved in the world. The characters were a bit hit or miss, but the only ones I found grating were the ones where that was the point, and I did like the main character. ;)) I'd heartily recommend it to anyone with a PS4 for the story alone, and I also found the gameplay enjoyable (though I understand it's kind of a mashup of a lot of other open world games like Assassin's Creed - I've never played those games so it didn't bother me ;)) ). I'd still be playing it if I didn't have to justify using the TV for hours on end, and I can no longer claim I'm trying to get to the next story point. ;))
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