Camping- it's in tents!

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Re: Camping- it's in tents!

Postby stargazer » Apr 25, 2017 11:25 am

Let us know how that new repellent works, Puddleglum!

Despite snow flurries in the forecast, summer is definitely on its way. Mosquitoes have been unwelcome guests at some of our spring fires so camping season can't be too far away.

One of my camping groups has Memorial Day weekend reservations at Itasca State Park, where the Mississippi River begins. It's one of the first places I camped at and have some fond memories of crossing the headwaters with our little dog and seeing some awesome starlit skies there (not to mention a story about helping someone in the next campsite scare away an unruly raccoon during mealtime ;)) ).
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Re: Camping- it's in tents!

Postby Puddleglum » May 20, 2017 3:17 pm

Will let you know about the repellent stargazer. The primary ingredient is eucalyptus . I am itching, ( figuratively speaking ) to try the old smoking sage method as well.
The Mrs., and I were up at Itasca last year. Yep, I walked across the Mississippi. Hope the weather is agreeable for you. But pack for clad, justt in case.
The day trip I made today was in preparation for the Rendezvous season. Unfortunately it proved a washout with only a handful showing. The rain seems to have set the mood as news has spread that a couple of encampments might be coming to an end. Sadly there are many grey hairs in the camps, but few younger folks. Fewer still who want to take over running the show. I guests it's a part of the tomes, with more people looking at screens than looking at God's creation around them.
But I will keep going as long as I can find a place to go. Besides, I've spent too much on all the gear to let it sit and get dusty.
Sorry. Dragging on a bit there.
I hope to make it to the Milacs History Festival near Isle Mn. In June this year. I usually visit for the day, but the schedule permits actual camping.
Clearwater Heritage Days in early August is up in the air due to local politics. Meaning no offence to the talking beasts in the Spar Odom, but squirrels have more sense than some in public service.
Wapato near Elk River is the big one. That's in September. That one I go to just for fun. Very little trading, mostly just to lay back, and shoot, throw hawks, or just visit.
Anyone is welcome, and there is usually room by the fire.
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