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Re: Makeup & Hair

PostPosted: Jan 10, 2017 9:53 am
by RubyGamgee
fantasia_kitty wrote:I have preferred my hair short for quite some time. It's not that I think it looks better that way, but it does look neater. My hair cut is modeled after Ginnifer Goodwin's cute crop. :D

I have cut my hair to a cute bob before, just past my ears, but I have never been brave enough to try a pixie haircut though I really, really want to. ;;)

Question: How often do you have to trim/cut your hair? My hair grows very quickly and the ends stay healthy for a long, long time so I only have it trimmed or cut about once a year. I've always been nervous of maintaining a really short hair style because I'm not sure I could keep up with having it cut every 6-8 weeks. :-\

So I know this thread is about hair + makeup but one of my resolutions this year was to forego applying makeup on a daily basis simply because 1) it takes time to apply every morning and wash off each evening and I'm kind of tired of doing that every single day when I could be eating, sleeping, exercising, etc. 2) it's not the best for my face to have makeup on it every day - i have noticed significantly less breakouts and irritation having not worn makeup for about 2 weeks now and 3) it's a big money saver! Even drugstore products cost a pretty penny when you add it all up. :p

That being said, I still want to take good care of my face and I am curious to know, what products you all use by way of face wash, face lotions, masks, etc? What are some of your favorite brands? What are some brands to avoid? I have been using Albae Botanica recently and I like it for the most part, but their face wash and lotion are a little perfum-ey for my taste and my face is super sensitive to anything and everything, including fragrances. :-\

Ruby xoxo @};-

Re: Makeup & Hair

PostPosted: Jan 10, 2017 10:20 am
by fantasia_kitty
RubyGamgee wrote:Question: How often do you have to trim/cut your hair? My hair grows very quickly and the ends stay healthy for a long, long time so I only have it trimmed or cut about once a year. I've always been nervous of maintaining a really short hair style because I'm not sure I could keep up with having it cut every 6-8 weeks. :-\

That's exactly how often I get it cut. Every 8-10 weeks and by then it's getting pretty shaggy.
My mom has hair down past her shoulderblades and she braids it up into a bun every morning. We have an eternal debate over the upkeep of short hair vs. long hair. ;)) She used to have a pixie cut when I was really little but hated going into the salon to get it trimmed up (and it's pricey too). I would hate spending 20-30 minutes every morning braiding my hair into a bun. :)) To each her own!

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PostPosted: Jan 10, 2017 5:44 pm
by The Rose-Tree Dryad
I finally learned how to french braid my own hair after trying and failing for years, wrose. ;)) I had tried to follow tutorials off and on, but eventually I was just able to figure out how to do it on my own. T'was a joyous day! :P

That crop is such a cute style, fantasia! I can see how it would require some maintenance, though. I'm not sure I could ever make myself cut my hair so short that I couldn't pull it back into a ponytail. I live in those. ;))

I'm glad you like your haircut, SA! And thanks for recommending the charity you used. :) I don't think it's quite long enough, although that would depend on how much I cut off. It's in layers right now as well. It sounds like Scarlet and I must have the same yearning for adventure and daring escapades, because I've cut my own hair for the past couple of years. :P

The first time I tried it, I made sure to go slow and that I had enough length left so that I could get it fixed professionally if I botched it. I used this girl's tutorial. It's a very basic style, but I like low maintenance. In the middle of last year I had an incident with one of those heated straightening brushes ( 8-|) and burned off a little of the hair that frames my face, so I added in a long side-swept bang to hide the mistake. For that leap of faith, I followed this tutorial. I actually really like how it turned out, but I strongly advise people to use caution if they're cutting their own hair. Don't want any bad haircuts on my conscience. ;))

That sounds like a great New Years' resolution, Ruby! :ymapplause: I'm trying to get in the habit of using moisturizer every day. Was the Alba Botanica product you tried one from their Even Advanced line? I tried their daytime moisturizer and I couldn't take the fragrance either; just way too strong. What I've been using recently are products from Andalou Naturals' Brightening collection, and I really like them so far. They don't have any fragrances or parfums listed in the ingredients. They have some trial kits for those who are new to their products; that's how I started with them.

Oh, and to answer your question about how often I cut my hair: I usually cut it once or twice a year. Yay for low maintenance styles. ;))

Re: Makeup & Hair

PostPosted: Jan 11, 2017 9:15 am
by aileth
fantasia_kitty wrote: I would hate spending 20-30 minutes every morning braiding my hair into a bun. :)) To each her own!

How about 2-3 minutes? You do get faster over time. Of course, if you make a mistake and have to start over....
You do look good with that haircut, though having to get it dealt with that often would slay me (currently at one trim a year).

Re: Makeup & Hair

PostPosted: Jan 11, 2017 9:28 am
by fantasia_kitty
When my mom does her single simple braid after her shower, it only takes her 2-3 minutes. I could probably handle that if I learned how to braid properly. But she does two French braids twisted and pinned into a bun, and that's why it takes so much longer.

Re: Makeup & Hair

PostPosted: Jan 22, 2017 7:06 pm
by Lady Arwen
Wow, I can't believe I missed all the talk in here for nearly a month! So, let's no particular order....

Regarding braiding hair, I think the time really depends on what you do. Ordinarily, every time I wash my hair, I put it into microbraids, which, depending on how many I do, takes about 4-6 hours. Since I'm fairly light, and my hair is quite dark, I take the braids around the edges out usually a day or two later (whenever I have to actually leave the house and face people) and then put it all up in a bun. It probably takes me, say, thirty seconds to smooth out the top, twist it up, and put pins in? I'm pretty much the ultimate lazy girl when it comes to hair. ;)) Plus, if I don't braid it, I end up spending hours sitting and detangling, which is absolutely no fun.

Moving from that on to haircuts, congratulations to all of you who have made the jump to a new style! I'd probably never actually sit down and do a short cut on myself--I'd frankly be much more likely to just get frustrated with the entire process, and shave it all. I guess that's where headcoverings and wigs come in handy. :P As I said, ultimate lazy girl over here.

On the no makeup front, Ruby, I think that will be a good rest for your skin. In general, I usually forget when I put stuff on, and then sleep with it on, although in the perfect world I would aim to have looks and style similar to Safiya, who is basically my makeup and clothing spirit animal. Anyway, if you're experimenting with skincare things, I would recommend taking a look at Innisfree. They are one of my favorite companies, and I love their lip care, with this balm and a lip scrub (which now I can't seem to find on their site, but I'm too lazy to unearth myself from my blankets to go find it in the bathroom). Just be careful about buying any "whitening" products from them--the Koreans are very much into having lighter faces, and that can sometimes result in an...interesting result. At least in my opinion. ;)) Other than that, I'm not sure there is much else I would suggest from my bag. I have a couple masks that I like that I picked up from Target, one that is specifically for reducing puffy eyes. I've thrown that one on while traveling before. Yeah. Hmm. I'll think on this one more, and if I find any more masks or anything that I have really liked, I'll post about them. I have a variety of ones I've used, and about half of them I've felt that they didn't do much, but I never remember which ones I didn't like. I should probably keep a list.

Re: Makeup & Hair

PostPosted: Jan 27, 2017 5:47 pm
by The Rose-Tree Dryad
Your mom's hairstyle sounds pretty, fantasia! I'm pretty sure my arms would fall off if I tried to learn how to do it, though. ;))

... Which is why I'm quite impressed that you manage to microbraid your hair, Wren! :-o Your pinned up hairstyle sounds cool.

If the puffiness is due to sodium intake, I usually manage that by reducing the salt in my diet and increasing potassium intake. Potassium helps the body excrete excess sodium. I keep my potassium levels high by eating lots of unsalted or minimally salted vegetables and having tea with blackstrap molasses in it, which is full of minerals and an excellent source of potassium. (Don't go crazy with eating it, though; just a tablespoon is good. Hyperkalemia, i.e. too much potassium in your blood, can keel you.) I know it can be hard to control sodium intake when you're traveling and eating on the go all the time, though. Those masks sound interesting.

Has anyone ever tried henna hair color? I love using non-coloring henna shampoo and conditioner (it brings out the shine), but I've never used coloring products of any kind. I haven't really had a need to do so because I like my brown hair and the few silvery threads that have cropped up over the years are not very noticeable, but premature graying runs on one side of my family and I never know if I'll be next, dun dun dunnn. :P Sophie's hair in Howl's Moving Castle (well, the film anyway) is a comfort, but I'd kind of like to have a game plan, just in case it all decides to go silver suddenly and I don't feel like I can pull the look off. ;)) My mother's hair color is wonderfully stubborn, but I'm not sure I have those genes, darn it. :P

Re: Makeup & Hair

PostPosted: Jan 27, 2017 6:41 pm
by Lady Arwen
I haven't tried henna personally (my hair is rather dark to start with) but the ladies at buzzfeed did do a video of it that I found interesting. ;)) But that's probably not what you're looking for. :P Anyway, from others who have done it, I've heard that it's more of a tint than a proper coloring, but I suppose that would vary based on who you are. And if you're just trying to tint down the silvers, it might be perfect. I'd considered doing the same sort of thing a while ago, but all of my silvers are coming in at the same place, and I figured I could go ahead and rock the Lily Munster look. ;)) If you try henna-ing it, though, let me know how it goes!

...and I just realized I went on youtube to get that link and then spent a half hour watching videos. O_O

Re: Makeup & Hair

PostPosted: Feb 01, 2017 2:03 pm
by The Rose-Tree Dryad
^Oh dear. I knew people said it was messy, but that was a lot worse than I was expecting. ;)) I'll have to poke around Google and see if anybody has come up with some "hacks" to make it easier. Regardless, I think I'll definitely cut my hair before I give it a try... less to wrestle with. :P